darker details + TAF architects

i’m not normally one to decorate with black detailing. i tend to always want something lighter, or with more color. but lately i’ve been falling for patterns that mix in dark grey-blues and inky dark blacks. so this new arabella bedding and towel duo from anthroplogie are calling my name. thankfully my patterned headboard restricts me from going too crazy with new patterns, but those towels might have to be added to my wishlist. until then, you can check out the new bedding at anthro right here. their spring patterns are really bold and refreshing after what felt like an entire year of sweet pastel designs.

over at the d*s guest blog, emma has a wonderful post on TAF architects. i’m loving their amazing stairs and package-inspired seating. click here to check out more of their work at the guest blog.


Those stairs are to die for, I love them!! and the packaging furniture is so cool! Looks kinda comfy too!!


Stairs are beautiful, but would work for slow moving adults ages 10-50 only! Little doggies are completely out of luck! Those stairs definitely belong in one of your recent movie posts, “The Labyrinth!”


Those stairs are downright dangerous – no banister, I’m not even sure the width of each step meet standard. No, this is a case of design over common sense.

Design Fixation

The stairs are just brilliant as a piece of art. Functional, no. Beautiful, YES. Innovative thinking doesn’t necessarily have to produce functional pieces.


I love those towels-beautiful! And the packaging furniture is really cool. Thanks for the inspiration!


The package chairs are outstanding! They would be perfect for the front office of a shipping business.


Those stairs are actually not an original concept. Carlos Scarpa did them at the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, Italy. I have walked up and down them and they are actually quite functional and easy to use. You just have to start on the right foot!

Nicole Hannah

Is it possible to find out where the bed frame in the first picture comes from? I think it is quite lovely and would like more info.


Can you imagine the first time the doorbell rings and you try to dash down the stairs? At least there will be someone to hear your cries and call 911!