beyond the big day: valentine’s day decorating

[image credits: Baker’s twine, Yellow Flowers, Heart Couple, Heart Garland, Confetti Couple , Heart Card]

The inspiration for this shoot came about from a mixture of some of our favorite details and an inspiration board that was recently put together by the always lovely Snippet and Ink. We love the weddings of Dusty + Ashley and Cassie + Paul who incorporated hearts and confetti into their big day and decided to mix those ideas together. Building upon the garland idea, we created a banner that can be a charming decor focal point. Add in a little yellow acacia and the colors can brighten up any room. -Emily

This Valentine’s Day project is easy to put together and can be created over a table, on the wall, outside, or even in the bedroom. Simply go to your local Sam Flax or Michael’s, vintage stores, and bakeries or pick from your stash of already loved Valentine cards. Pick your favorites among the paper goods, find some vintage Valentines, and pick up a sweet treat. Spray painting close-pins can add a whole new look to your banner and make it easy to hang all your incredible finds.

For the guys out there, adding that perfect ring (we love Sarah Perlis) tied with a simple string can be the perfect way to propose on this special day. Instead of “be my Valentine,” you can cut out “will you marry me?”

CLICK HERE for the full post and more great valentine’s day decorating ideas from Emily and the Once Wed team after the jump!

We found these great vintage blocks at Star Provisions , but you could make your own with a little kraft box, paint, glue, and vintage Valentine cards.

Styling by Ashley Meaders of Dolci Odille

“You Have My…Heart” paper goods by Bird and Banner

Wooden Bicycle picture by Yellow Owl Workshop via the Reform School

Vintage paper boxes and mini chocolate cake from Star Provisions


Oh how I wish I had this all on a wall in my house. and that button- “I love you more than BACON!” perfect sentiment for what should be just a fun day to come up with a creative way to say I love you.



I ADOOOOOOOORE THIS! After Christmas & Thanksgiving… Valentines is my next favorite Holiday!!! I can’t wait to have a home of my own, so I can go crazy with decorating with HEARTS!!! YAY!! :[)

DC Sarah

Well, I know what I am doing Saturday night after my sweetie goes to bed!! So glad you mentioned Sarah Perlis. She made my engagement ring and it is so lovely and different. SUCH a talent!


such a lovely idea!! i can see this being adapted for so many other occasions, too.
i do have a question — how is this all hanging on the wall? i see the round red objects at the ends, but no details around it — are they push pins / tacks or nails?

ashley meaders

For the purposes of the shoot, we used double sided tape to hang the bakers twine and then we spray painted little wooden circles and pushed them on top of the double sided tape. Of course for a more permanent solution you can use red push pins.


Wow I love it! I especially love that cute bag that says “You have my…” and in the bag there’s a heart. What a brilliant idea!

love it!


We got a custom designed ring from Sarah Perlis, and she was so delightful to work with. My ring is Perfect!!! FYI her name is spelled incorrectly in the post….


very, very pretty. but i don’t think it’s just for the guys to propose!


Happy Valentine’s day to you Grace! I made chocolate and raspberry tarte for this special and romantic day.

heather Bulmer

simply beautiful ideas.
very inspirational.
I might try an adaptation of your beautiful interpretation of the ‘clothes line’ idea in my studio.


Happy Valentine’s day to you! I made red heart in a beautiful vintage frame for this romantic day. It now hangs above our bed!!

Love, Betsy.


It would be so easy to customize this idea for a theme wedding! I posted a bunch of Disney valentines for my brides, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to display them at a wedding reception. These ideas are perfect!