before & after: ryan’s bowling table + pei’s headboard

i’ve been trying to convince my friends to go to brooklyn bowl with me, so i’ve got bowling on the brain. so when i saw ryan brown‘s reclaimed maple bowling lane top table, i was instantly hooked. a bowling table turned table? so fun. click here to read more about ryan’s bowling table project.

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CLICK HERE for pei’s headboard makeover after the jump!

this next project makes the most of an awkward cut-out in a bedroom. sue lister sent over images of how blogger pei transformed that awkward space into a grand, over-sized headboard. thanks for sharing, sue! read more about the project here


that bowling alley table is divine! i had a similar idea but using an old door for the table top. i have yet to find the right door. i’m too picky. i’ll have one of those instead! :)


He lucked out getting the end of the lane! We made a table similar to that a few years ago, but could only find a center section. Looks great!


Where did they find the reclaimed bowling lane? That is a great find – but seriously I am never that lucky!

Sasha K.

Love the bowling lane table. I just saw something similar at Mile End—a tiny little restaurant in Brooklyn. If only I had carpentry skills and knew where to find reclaimed bowling lanes.


As a bowling lover (we had our wedding reception at a vintage bowling alley and had ppl sign a bowling pin instead of a guest book) I have to say I absolutely LOVE that table. What a great idea!


I have seen a bowling ball table before in this small shop near me. Ever since my eyes met that table .. I cant stop thinking about it! I want one. Lovely job!

Betty Mac

OH, that table is beautiful. I was walking by Brooklyn Bowl last weekend after I rummaged through Beacon’s Closet (I got the cutest green dress with gold filigree screen printed on it!) and I thought, wow how fun. I am terrible at bowling, but I’d go with you.



The venue Littlefield in Gowanus also has a reclaimed bowling alley as their bar, very gorgeous. In fact, the whole venue/artspace is and worth the trip. The Brooklyn Bowl is my favorite new venue though. Make sure to check out the amazing ladies room!

Ryan Brown

Thanks for posting and the compliments! The table was a really fun project, really came through on the leg design and fabrication. On BB – We were in NY over Christmas and made a special trip to Brooklyn Bowl. It is an amazing venue – so many neat design details, great food, and Brooklyn Brewery beers on tap (plus bowling and live music). If only I lived a bit closer.

Patricia Fitch

One of our local taverns made a bar top out of a shuffleboard table and I’ve seen many items made from gym flooring. Bowling lanes never crossed my mind til now.


I love both of these projects. The craftsmanship and connection to the personality of the home owner is apparent and that’s what makes them fun! This site has been great for encouraging my creativity and playfulness in my own spaces!

DH Hunter

Well I have to say the photos of the peonies makes me feel that spring is just around the corner and the lemon tart- we are going to try our luck with our own home grown, tonight with friends, bring in the 1st of March in style. Thank you.
I found a couple of great articles on your site to share with my readers, (11/12/08 & 01/11/10)
a little bit of green for March :)