before & after: riley’s striped entryway

lord knows i love a stripe, so i was happy to see d*s reader riley’s stripey entryway makeover. deciding that her entry hallway “lacked personality”, riley decided to make a statement with gray stripes and a chandelier she decided to paint red. the rug was handed down from riley’s mom and added the final touch. i personally love the little nook by the door with the table- i would love to have a little nook like that for keys and such. great work, riley! click here to read more about her makeover.

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I love this makeover. The after is so chic and inviting. I don’t have as much of an entry but I’m going to do something similar!! Thanks for sharing, Riley.


What a wonderful before & after to start my morning. I have been dreaming about painting our 25′ foot long hallway ever since my sister and I moved into our apt four years ago and this is definitely an incentive. Simply gorgeous!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Holy crud this is amazing! Every time I visit D*S I grumble more and more about renting instead of owning…one day I will have a run-down little house that I can buy with the sole purpose of making it a before/after! ;)


was the chandelier recently purchased? if so from where? what color was it before.


Not normally a lover of stripes but these work totally! Must be the depth of the strips making the space look so much bigger?

Nita Stacy

Love this striped entry. The red chandelier, perfect. But my favorite is the mirror and the mercury glass that. Great work!


Hmm. There is something about the colors used for the stripes that really reminds me of concentration camps. I can’t get over that. I really like the concept, and even all the colors together, but I would prefer to see the stripes in different colors, or these colors but not as stripes.

Sweetchic Events

So sophisticated, I love it! I painted vertical aqua and white stripes in my office b/c I thought it would look sophisticated. Unfortunately it now looks like a baby boys room, HAHA


Entryways are tough and set the tone for the rest of the living space – this is adorable, Riley!

Amy Cox

I’m doing my hallway this week – well clearing it anyway – maybe I need to think about a facelift as well…..Love these stripes


I love that these stripes are bolder than some I’ve seen – it looks so warm! This sounds weird, but it reminds me a bit of a really classic sweater…maybe it’s the warmth, maybe it’s the way it envelops the space, either way, I mean it in a good way. :)


I love that the entryway has personality now, but I don’t love the stripes! I think the greys were taken from the rug, but there isn’t enough burgundy in the room for me to feel that the rug belongs.

I would have painted it the lighter gray but a thick thick stripe of burgundy (or another color from the rug) around the room, to base all the new hooks. Or red like the chandelier with a darker burgundy stripe. Oh well, different stripes for different folks!

Great job though on taking really a horribly blah entry and making a strong design choice that is also functional!

Amanda (CasaBrasi)

Oh snap! I love a horizontal stripe! Unfortunately, my husband does not. I have tried to explain it’s wonderfulness, but he’s so uncool he can’t grasp it’s power. :-)


Holy Moly- LOVE! Makes me want to hit the garage sales this weekend to find an old side table to refurbish. Can that chartreuse number be any cooler?


Gosh, I love stripes. I LOVE stripes–on clothing, furniture, walls, it’s all good. If I wasn’t so lazy about taping off the lines I’d try it myself.


victoria schwartz

love all of it! the stripes, the mirrored nook, the red chandelier – of course! You may want to update the rug…maybe something that covers more floor surface. Everything else is so clean and relaxing! great job!!


Love it! The grey stripes are so elegant and the red chandelier looks great and completes the overall look


This is completely gorgeous! I am so in love with grey lately and mixed with the stripes…oh it’s love. beautiful.

Harp Lounge

I love that effect! Wow. My mum has a Jocasta Innes interior design book from about 1980 that features a whole tiny studio apartment that was transformed with horizontal stripes like that. (I used to read it a lot.) They’re wizard in the right hands.


Imagine if these doors were painted black…what a difference that would make.