before & after: miriam’s dresser + jasmine’s entryway

i’m in love this with makeover from miriam of madmim. she and her husband were getting married and trying to scrounge up furniture, so they decided to go with these two $10 pieces from a college apt sale. the “cheap laminate wood” wasn’t doing much for miriam and, as she put it, “planned on replacing them ASAP, but ASAP turned into As Soon As I-get-around-to-it, and then…IDRSMOMIT (I’d Rather Spend Money On More Important Things).” using a stencil from ed roth’s stencil 101 decor and a few coats of poly for durability, miriam created her own custom pattern that, to me, looks remarkably like inlay from afar. i love the color she chose and think it works perfectly with these pieces. miriam explained, “i wouldn’t do this to a solid wood piece of furniture, but i don’t feel any remorse for painting veneer”. and what a great paint job it was. well done, miriam!

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CLICK HERE for Jasmine’s black, white, and red makeover (and the cutest chihuahua/french bulldog puppy, peanut!) after the jump!

next up is d*s reader jasmine, who decided to remake a mission-style entry table she found in a local shop. with a black, white and red theme in mind, jasmine repainted her table with a black and white pattern and redid her entryway in bold black and white stripes. i love the pops of red (especially the chandelier) in the room- and it looks her puppy peanut approves of the new look, too. thanks for sharing, jasmine!


Adorable puppy on a silver platter! Doesn’t get much cuter.

Both of the before and after sets are GREAT!

Dane @ 2 Hounds Design

Both are fabulous!

I particularily like Miriam’s dressers. Such small investment for UBER impact.

The puppy completes the entrance…imagine coming home to that face and no doubt wiggly bum!

Can’t wait to see more updates.


i really liked those dressers before better. maybe i would like that stencil pattern a little more if it were evenly spaced. it’s throwing my off a little. it just doesn’t look very well thought out. sorry just my opinion!

Amy Cox

IDRSMOMIT… I like it – very funny. I love the painted chests $10 is a steal and they look really effective.


the teal on miriam’s dressers totally improves the look of the veneer too. and the entryway is so dramatic! makes me curious about the rest of jasmine’s place…


The dressers are really nice and everything but what i really want are about a hundred more photos of that PUPPY!! :)


those dressers! today is an extra inspirational day on DS before/after! who new you could make cheap veneer look amazing? i am really, really impressed.


Before and After day is the BEST! Love the entry it is nothing like my personal style, but it tells you so much about the lady of the house. Wonderful as always!


Thanks so much for featuring my dressers! I love hearing the feedback–it’s completely exciting to be on DS! As a sidenote, I forgot to mention that I sawed off the lips of either dresser and put them together to make it one piece. You know, FYI! Thanks Again!!


Both makeovers are AWESOME. I love the black, white and red combo in the second. I used to have that color combo in my bedroom and bath. It makes such a great statement I may have to revisit it!

andrea k

The dressers look cool, but i think that weird “shabby chic” white mirror thing on top of them makes them look bad. Maybe paint that thing the same teal as the pattern on the dressers? and maybe center it over the 2 dressers?


Thank you for the kind comments! Being on Design*Sponge is SUCH a huge honor! Thank you Grace!

Sara – yes, the rest of my house is quite bold and colorful, so I wanted to set the tone with a equally bold entryway!

Peanut thanks you for all the love!
Here’s a link to his flickr set, which features Peanut and our other chihuahua, Don Julio….taken by my best friend and photographer, Ryan Eaves…

Stephanie B.

Wow! Great designs all around. I especially loved Jasmine’s entryway. So modern and chic – quite a talented lady. Thanks for sharing!


I agree with andrea k, the mirror really throws the whole thing off… maybe you could find a cool mod mirror to coordinate better… I did a quick search and found these two.

I realize that these are probably out of your price range, they are def. out of mine!, but something along that vibe painted the teal would look fantastic!

Also, I agree with everyone, that is one adorable chihuahua!


The Mrs. and I especially liked the touches of red! We are anxious to see more ideas from this talented lady, and her little dog Peanut too!