before & after: marianne’s suitcase + hayley’s fan

last but not least, we’re wrapping up today’s before & after selections with gorgeous suitcase and fan makeovers (stay tuned for a new we like it wild at 1pm!). first is marianne from the netherlands and her lovely suitcase transformation. her old suitcase was given new life as a wintery white bedside table. so beautiful. well done, marianne!

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CLICK HERE for hayley’s fan makeover after the jump!

today’s final before & after belongs to hayley and eric of the gardiner’s dirt. they updated their great vintage westinghouse fan with a new coat of green paint and a good cleaning. it’s a subtle change, but one that makes an older fan feel new again. great job, guys!


the suitcase-table, so beautiful and creative, it makes you rethink any old junk that you’re about to throw away, it seems like with a little imagination you can give it new life,
well done!!! very inspiring!!!


Gosh, I really prefer the before suitcase. The fan is cool, though.


tho the finished product is lovely; I’m afraid I’m with Ellen & Andrea, i prefer the before suitcase. The fan is an excellent! update, i know purists are always going on about “not” refinishing things because it could damage their value, but, if you’re going to live with something i say “go for it!”.


I’ve been looking for a blue vintage suitcase for ages and I loved this one, so I prefer the ‘before’ version too. However it’s a brilliant idea and one I would use if I came across a case that was really badly marked or scuffed.


thanks for publishing the fan! we had a hard time deciding whether to repaint it or not, but are totally happy with the green – plus it puts out some good air for our AZ summers. :)


I have been using a suitcase as my night stand for many years. But I have it sitting on a folding luggage rack, which seems more appropriate to me… Very cute in white! Good job!


I prefer the suitcase before the whitewash, but I like it used as an endtable. Maybe if the suitcase hadn’t been so cute to begin with I’d feel better about it being painted.

Or maybe if they’d just left the hardware unpainted….


I really like that fan, it looks great. I would have been more inclined to paint the side table blue to match the original look of the suitcase.
I like Allison’s idea of having just left the hardware unpainted- that would have added a nice contrast.

Jan - queenofkaos

I LOVE the fan. There is something magical about paint!

I liked the before suitcase because I liked the colour, but I do like the way it was used after, very unique with a ton of character. Great stuff!!


what a fabulous idea to paint a suitcase entirely in white! it unifies that night stand perfectly. love it!


I wonder what material that suitcase is made of. I have a lovely 40s suitcase that would make a cute nightstand, but it’s made of some sort of cardboard, so I worry about it getting damaged.


I have a couple of old suitcases that are in pretty good condition, but aren’t the prettiest color, I think they would look nice a different color. What type of paint did Marianne use?


I think I like the before pics better today. Both afters are fine, but I prefer the blue suitcase and the silver fan. The ideas are nice though, and I can see them working for other items.


I’m so sad to see such a lovely blue vintage suitcase ruined:( The side table is a nice idea, but maybe a different suitcase could of been used. If I had found that in a thrift I would have been sooo very happy.

The fan looks great!!!


I really love the suitcase idea but that fan has me inspired to try the same thing! So creative.


Looks like the comments are about half and half on the scuitcase. I like the suitcase much more before, it had charm and lovely color. The white paint looks chalky and flat. I do not like the hardware painted at all. To each his own though!

Nick Heywood

I hate to be disparaging, but am I missing something with the white suitcase? I like that it’s being used, but I can’t see how this is something to look at as good design.


What a shame, the fan and suitcase were perfect before the makeovers


I loved the before suitcase, too. :(

LOVE the fan though! Nice and subtle.


Oh no – loved the suitcase and fan before! I’m particularly saddened by the loss of that blue suitcase. In the before picture it looks like it could tell a thousand stories.

I definately don’t belong the the school that believes that white paint glorifies everything. I like to see a bit of character. I think that’s what using old stuff is all about. Painting it makes it look like everything else.


I loved that before suitcase – it was so…notebook cover-y. Like old stationery. I really, really, really do not like white. But cute idea in theory – I have an old suitcase and and a hatbox as my bedside table. :)


the white color enhance the accent of the suit case and also the jennifer’s home look so cool.

Carrie @ CarrieCan

The suitcase bedside table is a really lovely idea. I love old suitcases and this is a nice way to be able to still use a slightly battered or discoloured piece.


thank you for all these posts about before/after, I love them… even so I rarely realise them :( :)
enjoy your week-end ;)


LOL! I’m laughing because I am always painting Everything white! (Even my dog is white, but he was born that way!) I think I might have left the hardware unpainted but I still think it looks very cool and modern!


mmm, yes the suitcase is beautiful, but I effectively agree with Susan. The original version of it has got a touch of vintage allure that reveal its real value.


Great olive green on the fan! Colour please?
I am also very much liking the font used for the BEFORE and AFTER – makes them stand out more in a official vintage kind of way.


Oh what a shame, I loved the vintage suitcase. It went from piece of character to prop.


I have to admit that I readily paint most things that I come across and I usually paint them white. (Here’s the but) But, I like both of the befores better.
I agree with Laura, that before suitcase had stories to tell and now they’ve been silenced.


I’ve lost count of the hours spent removing paint from a beautiful object underneath. Really think it through before you paint anything.


why do we feel the need to make over everything? I’m with the “before” crowd…although I love white painted furniture.


How can you not LOVE the suitcase makeover?! In its original condition, she would have had to get rid of it because it just didn’t fit in her home. Now, she has an absolutely beautiful keepsake. It’s still “vintage”, just improved! GREAT job!! :)


I really like the painted suitcase as well and I am inspired to do something similar. Can anyone recommend a type of paint to use?


Paint can really define and bring stuff together. I just love the white, its a breath of fresh air.


Fantastic suitcase makeover. I actually loved the suitcase as it was but to re-use it as part of a side table is such a great idea.


The before suitcase had so much more personality. I know that it “works” now for the room, but I like the original much better. The fan worked out well though.


Oh, a perfectly good old suitcase ruined for a fad that will turn around before the white paint starts to crack, ie: any minute now.


that poor, beautiful suitcase SHUT DOWN with a thick coat of boring old-ipod-wannabe paint. stop covering things in paint, people!!


The before pics were so much better. Less is more people!


i also enjoyed the before suitcase. as a suitcase. but she’s using it as a table. it is no less a prop painted, as unpainted. and suitcases as tables are totally a fad, no matter their color. and sometimes fads, good or bad (e.g. ugg boots) last a long time.

michelle Stokkers

I just wanted to know what kind of paint marianne songbird used to paint her suitcase white. If you could tell me how she did it that would be great too. Thanks. Sincerely Michelle