before & after: lauren’s table + meg’s bathroom

today’s final before & afters (stay tuned for a great “black heart” themed floral post from studio choo at 1!) come from d*s readers lauren, nick, and meg. lauren and nick run second coat design in boston and recently had one of their projects featured in the globe! they walked globe readers through the step-by-step how-to and i couldn’t resist sharing the before & after shots here. i’d be proud to have that little mustard yellow beauty in my home. great work, you two!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your images (low res, please).]

next up is meg from elsie marley who decided to makeover her home’s bathroom. the previous owners had removed the bathroom tile, leaving an ugly peach plastic behind and a layer of glue. so meg managed to plaster and sand (and plaster and sand again) until the surface was smooth. after repainting the walls, meg replaced the pedestal sink and storage units. vintage boxes and an old first aid kit were used to store toiletries and magazines. i love the redo and beautiful wall color- great work, meg!


that bathroom makeover is gorgeous. I would have never thought of a deep teal color for a bathroom. The result is simply stunning.


The table makeover is gorgeous! I don’t *love* the bathroom one. The sink is cool, but looks as though it’d be awkward to actually use. The wooden carton is too big for the toilet tank, and the mirror and painting look crooked. Sorry!


What’s the bathroom color source!!

also, great find on that table. Some pieces, it is hard to see their potential, but not this one. I do wonder, who the heck painted it the first time??!

Is it two colors I see on the table, a lighter edging or is it just the lighting?


I ADORE that teal! This may be my favourite bathroom of all time. I second the calls for the paint colour!

cubic dreams

Wow wow wow! I love both of these. That mustard yellow really accentuates the delicate detailing on the legs, and what a wonderful colour for a bathroom. I would never have thought of this but it works so well!


yes yes, bathroom paint color please! it is such a rich hue. i feel so calm and peaceful just looking at it!


ahhh I have a few old crates knocking around and didnt know what to do with them – never thought about the bathroom! Really loving the bathroom, although, those sinks dont seem to be a match for my splashy face washing i’m afraid to say :((

saer ~the cravenmaven


I love the colors of the table and the final details like the outline and clear handles.

The bathroom is a gorgeous combination of old and new! But the link to elsie marley isn’t working, please fix!


omg I actually love the before of that table, but the after is even better!!!!

And that shade of blue in the bathroom is gorgeous!


oh please tell us the colour of the bathroom! I’m getting my paintbrushes ready…

Nicole C.

can anyone tell me about the brown leather bag sitting on the yellow table?


I, too, sort of love the before table, though finding the right room for it might be a challenge.


hey meg here. thanks for all the compliments on our bathroom! As for the color, I slopped paint all over the name (argh!) sorry. It was behr brand paint from home depot and I plan to take a trip there this weekend to get the name for all of you! If you’d like to know more about the redo, you can click over to my blog:
thanks again!


Love the color of the walls off the wood. Reminds me of a romantic color combo between the Titanic and the ocean,


Fantastic color on the side board.

I was a bit worried when I saw the “before” shot as I liked the way it looks there. But that mustard color had me straight away.


I love your blog and the “before/after” section!
I’m doing some works in my apartment and I hope I’ll be able to send you some photos! :)

The Design Notebook

I absolutely love the table makeover. The new knobs really make a difference! I loke the blue colour in the bathroom as well although I think that a round mirror would look better.

Sara Walk

Oh I just love that the mustard color table….amazing!!! and oh how I love before and afters, what more could I ask for??


Thanks to everyone for the kind words on the table transformation! As someone else already noted, the paint color we chose was glidden’s mustard seed. To get the lighter yellow trim, we simply added some white paint to the mix. Also, that bathroom looks terrific, Meg!

Stacy Stanfield

Wow = I love the bathroom, with the dark turquoise wall. It’s not a color I normally resonate with, but in this setting it’s beautiful!

Katie (australia)

Lauren, I love your table. Great use of yellow, the result is very classy.


I am deeply envious of both makeovers. They’re absolutely stunning; wonderful use of rich color!


oh I’m redoing my tiny bathroom and this looks lovely. its so hard to pick color and worry about making it feel too small.


That little tabe is absolutely sublime in that mustard yellow colour. Was a pretty neat looking thing before the transformation though. Love the teal blue in that bathroom too. I’ll be grabbing that colour for my own bathroom, if I can find it. Thanks


Wow, I love the vintage charm with that wicked teal/blue. And the knobs on the little table, eee! Wonder if its real glass or replicas?


It never ceases to amaze me what some elbow grease and a few coats of paint will do. I love both of them.


I sn’t it amazing how in that bathroom the whole scale is changed? The way they’ve cut through the room with the white and teal creates so much interest; exactly what I like to see in any room!


UPDATE! I found the paint color: it’s called Realm and it’s by Behr. Thanks everyone, for all the kind words.


once again, the makeovers were astounding–the little mustard table looks so *designer” and the bathroom
is crisp and much larger now! Great job!


Wow I just bought this color from home depot… and I mean WOW great color find… and I was buried in color swatches! I am also using it for a stripes pattern behind my headboard!


Just found “Realm” in my Behr paint deck! All the colors in that chip are gorgeous, thanks for sharing and great work!


I can’t thank you enough for finding that paint color Meg! I have been searching for the right blue for days!! It’s perfect, perfect!