before and after

before & after: lauren’s table + meg’s bathroom

by Grace Bonney

today’s final before & afters (stay tuned for a great “black heart” themed floral post from studio choo at 1!) come from d*s readers lauren, nick, and meg. lauren and nick run second coat design in boston and recently had one of their projects featured in the globe! they walked globe readers through the step-by-step how-to and i couldn’t resist sharing the before & after shots here. i’d be proud to have that little mustard yellow beauty in my home. great work, you two!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your images (low res, please).]

next up is meg from elsie marley who decided to makeover her home’s bathroom. the previous owners had removed the bathroom tile, leaving an ugly peach plastic behind and a layer of glue. so meg managed to plaster and sand (and plaster and sand again) until the surface was smooth. after repainting the walls, meg replaced the pedestal sink and storage units. vintage boxes and an old first aid kit were used to store toiletries and magazines. i love the redo and beautiful wall color- great work, meg!

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