before & after: kate’s office + cassidi’s table

this lovely home office makeover comes from kate at centsational girl. tired of closing the door to her office when company came, kate decided to spend a few months making over the entire space from top to bottom. her budget-friendly renovation involved paint and some great $20 clearance bookcases and the final result is a room that definitely doesn’t need to be hidden from visitors. great work, kate! click here to read more about kate’s project.

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CLICK HERE for cassidi’s DIY houndstooth table makeover after the jump!

this clever table makeover comes from d*s reader cassidi in tulsa, oklahoma. cassidi found this small table on caster at a local shop for $12 and decided to bring it home for a facelift. after sanding it down, cassidi painted a houndstooth pattern on the top to give the old table new life. great work, cassidi!


I think I’ve seen those curtains on and I have to say, I really wasn’t too excited about them. But looking at them in this space, they look great!


What a beautiful transformation! Everything is so light and airy, having an office like that would make me want to get up every morning. Thanks for the inspiration!


I love it all! I can’t tell if the walls, the beautiful grey walls, are wallpapered or are painted. Any ideas?


I am loving the table makeover! It’s amazing how much potential so many ordinary items carry. My workspace is made from an ugly old door and kitchen cabinets, but, add creativity and vision, and WALLAH… ;-)

Rachel Louws

Love the fresh colors on the small space. My office is a whole 8 feet wide so this gives me a ton of inspiration. Cassidi, can you tell me where you got your chandelier?


always a fan of the houndstooth, but I’m really digging that neon deer lamp. Where ever did you find that?


The deer lamp is from Urban Outfitters. I saw it is Chicago in November, didn’t buy it, and haven’t been able to find it since. So jealous!


love the first makeover, except it seems like a lot of furniture for a very narrow space

Lindsay Nansel

Uuugh, that office! and that table! I do love a good houndstooth. It really makes me want to search the streets for a good abandoned piece to make over…

very nice


I love the diy-before-and-after’s! So inspirational…my boyfriend hates it because it makes him realise that we have to move soon, so that I can start decorating from scratch : )


i love the table, and am curious as to how you got the design on there? i’ve been trying to stencil a similarly-large design on a table for several weeks now, but am unable to get a crisp line with my mylar stencil, flat stenciling brush, and thick acrylic paint :( if you have any tips i’d be very grateful!


I am interested in that white couch/daybed/chaise…anyone have an idea where it is from?


I love the rug. I have to do a living room makeover and in truth I’m not looking forward to. Lots of sanding, priming and painting.

The “before and afters” are motivating


Keri- the only tips I have are PATIENCE and tape. I taped of some of the straight lines after I put the first coat of paint down. That helped in getting the crisp lines. Good luck.


Kate’s office make-over has to be one of my favs! I love the white shelf in the corner, super cute!

Mary Anne

Keri, I like to use the stencil spray adhesive to make sure the stencil is held tight to the surface. Also, make sure to use just a little bit of paint on your brush – load brush then swirl around on a paper towel to remove most of the paint.