before and after

before & after: elizabeth’s bedroom + jane’s speakers

by Grace Bonney

this next before & after has one of my favorite collection themes ever- vintage globes. d*s reader liz of the lovely mabel’s house blog sent over this gorgeous makeover she did on her guest bedroom. i love the new clean, simple color palette and the mix of vintage accessories. the bold bit of pattern on the bed’s duvet and pillows is just perfect. great work, liz!

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CLICK HERE for jane’s speaker-to-side-table makeover after the jump!

next up is a project that’s near and dear to my heart, as the wife of a speaker-addict. jane covered her living room’s speakers with a really sweet pattern and turned them from generic looking speakers to a dual purpose speaker/sidetable. thanks for sharing, jane! click here for more info on jane’s makeover…

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  • The bedroom? I love them both. You could have not labeled them with “before” and “after” and I wouldn’t have known how to choose. LOVE the “before” quilt.

  • I love the Before and Afters…but this time I have to say I really loved Liz’s BEFORE bedroom. Please tell me you didn’t get rid of that beautiful colorful quilt?!? If you’re giving it away… send it my way!

  • Stupid question – are the fabric covered speakers still used as speakers? If so, how is the sound thru the fabric? I love it.

    • lindsey

      on her site it says they’re not currently used as speakers. but it sounds like this may still work as speakers..


  • Although I like the bedroom After, I like the Before better. I’m a bright, cheery colors person :)

  • the quilt jumped out at me as well…making a honeycomb quilt is on my list of things to do….it’s a pretty long list, but one day… :)

  • I adore that guest room! The bookshelves are great–I would be in there myself since it would make a cozy little library.

  • I really like both the “before” and “after” bedrooms…….both are fantastic! The “before” looks more welcoming & inviting to me, but the “after” is more gender-neutral.

    I too wonder what happened to the quilt — really great. I think the “after” would be improved by restoring that quilt!

  • I agree that the Before bedroom looks better!
    &very clever speaker idea. I hope they still work, I might try it.

  • Love the before and after but the before is a little more my style so I think that one’s just a bit sweeter. It doesn’t even look like the same room! Both mix vintage and new but it’s a totally different feel. And those speakers are genius. We have these really old giant hideous speakers and they are *such* an eyesore.

  • I would like to know where she found the Faygo carton. Its not something you find often or in many places.

  • Hi there its Jane here. We don’t use them as speakers at the moment but actually I think you could easily hinge the front panel so it comes down or off when you want to listen to music. The point was mainly to hide their ugliness for all the times you are not listening to music. !!!

  • great idea on the speakers. we have 2 very large and not very attractive speakers sitting in our living room and i would love to make them actually look good. this idea is absolutely perfect! can’t wait to make it happen.

  • I love the before bedroom, too. In fact, I’ve had the before picture saved to my computer for a year now. It’s adorable! The quilt is AMAZING. I like the after picture, but not quite as well.

  • I recently had a discussion with my boyfriend about his massive black speakers that really don’t fit in our interior any more. This would be a nice way to cover the speakers up until we have saved up enough to buy nicer ones. Thanks for the tip!

  • Could you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where you got the black-and-white bedding? It’s gorgeous and is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

  • yeah, sorry but I agree….
    loved that quilt AND the blue frame and the curtains…maybe not the gold blanket.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved the before bedroom (both before and after are great). My great-grandmother handed down a quilt she made that is very similiar to that one. I cherish it both for the sentament and the design.

  • Thanks, I’ll be using your idea on my husbands giant KHLs. They really are great speakers, just kinda homely.

  • after my Mother in Law passed away, I inherited a similar Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt TOP (un-quilted) that was made by her, her sister and her mother. I spent close to 5 years hand quilting it. I sure hope the one in the before photo found a good home. I do love the after room, but the first one makes my heart sing…..

  • Before was so much better…light and airy…while the after seems heavy on one side and cluttered. I do hope she reused the quilt somewhere else.

  • I love the “before” room! The “after” room is nice, but the “before” says “Welcome, so happy you’re here!”

  • Both rooms are cute, I think it makes it a little chaotic in such a small space with open shelving in the after pic. Too much clutter for me! But love the color schemes of before AND after!

    As for the speaker…. if they’re just lying around and u need a table, good idea. If you plan on using them, DON’T make them a table.. learned the hard way and speaker got fried… bass spilled someone’s cup… lol