before & after: dan’s home exterior + kara’s guest room

i don’t think about home exteriors so much, being an apartment-dweller. but when i see a cool home front, i instantly imagine what i’d like my home’s exterior to look like one day. this home exterior makeover comes from dan at dan davis design in michigan. he did the front and back of this beautiful home and i’m seriously loving the wavy siding on the front. it’s not for everyone, but it looks so lovely tucked into this woodland site. be sure to check out the back makeover after the jump. thanks, dan!

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CLICK HERE for the back of dan’s home makeover and a gorgeous guest room makeover (check out the AMAZING corrugated steel headboard!) from kara after the jump!

[exterior home makeover by dan davis. i think the matisse look is really lovely at night.]

this beautiful makeover comes from d*s reader kara, who recently finished a 3 year renovation of her 1936 cottage. i couldn’t resist this lovely guest bedroom makeover- her metal headboard is to die for. such a great idea! click here for more information (and images) on the makeover.


i love the headboard but i love the wood paneling behind the headboard even more! great job!


The wavy siding is absolutely gorgeous, he gave the home new life, moderned it up while keeping the old charm, quite lovely.


I walking in suburban neighborhoods and finding unique looking houses like these! It makes me feel like the people inside are happy people.


It’s the tin headboard when contrasted with the wood paneling that is just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Samantha Lewis

I love the headboard idea but I don’t know about getting rid of that bubble window…I can see how maybe it didn’t fit the style of the house but it was pretty cool.


it’s not often that we see home exterior makeovers here. i love how this new house has so much personality! and as for the guest room, the new headboard is amazing.


Beautiful house, however I think it was a mistake to get rid of that bubble window. That thing is just plain awesome! They should have kept it and added the patio.


Everything in this is gorgeous… I really like the new landscaping. ;)


Also, I wish that you guys would do a post like this on the costs of remodeling. I always wonder.



not everyone is willing to share the costs of remodeling, but we share them whenever possible.



Whoa – seriously – that spherical bubble window on the rear of the house! Crazy.

Love the metal headboard and the log night stand as well.


What I dearly love about that home exterior is that he actually returned the house to something more like what must have been its original appearance. So many of these homes had those kinds of Arts & Crafts detailing–until the scourge of aluminum and vinyl siding afflicted America’s neighborhoods.


Dan -that is the most inspired siding I have ever seen – AMAZING! I have two cedar sided(?) houses and I want to do this to both of them! Can I ask how it’s done? Also the pergola/porch adds so much- absolutely enchanting. Bravo.


I love your transformations. That yard has turned into a gorgeous garden. Excellent curb appeal.


That first home exterior amazes me–I look at the before picture and see nothing wrong. I would have never thought to make the changes they made. It looks awesome with a “wow” factor that doesn’t take away from the loveliness of the home.


I can’t take my eyes off the wall. This room is very well balanced.

Hannah Inman

I would love to know where he bought the wavy siding. I love it. I agree with a previous post that the bubble window was pretty awesome!


Wow- these guys really busted out a great remodel… the before pictures look like a nice house, but really boring, and they transformed it into something really special. Who did the landscaping? Those boxwoods in the front are awesome! Give the whole front of the house a lot of structure. Super Duper good job.


that exterior is gorgeous, truly. the remodel really unified the exterior, which i thought looked kind of like three seperate homes (with the before shot) ….amazing eye on how you pulled it all together. beautifully done! the landscape is gorgeous too…so talented.

and the headboard…i piggy back on all comments, so clever – i love its medieval/modern look. gor-gggeous!!


I love exterior makeovers. They always bowl me over. The back looks fantastic! Good choice with the french doors instead of the bubble window. Probably makes the interior room even lovelier, too.

Jayme Ludwig

Is it possible to find out where in Michigan this home makeover is? I would bet my life that that house is in my neighborhood. Beautiful, nonetheless.

Sara L.

Gorgeous exterior remodel! Love that wavy siding. Oh, and to those complaining about the removal of that bubble window, just imagine living with it for a moment. You can’t open it, and you can’t sit in it, and it doesn’t actually let in that much light. Now imagine living with the french doors he put in. Ahhh, that’s better.

Great job!


Oh, wow! I love the outside remodel. It’s just amazing what you can do to a boring exterior with a little vision! Bravo!


What a welcoming home! I love the way the new wavy siding, tapered round columns, graceful arbor and walkway and that beautiful garden soften the lines of the formerly boxy house. Who needs the bubble window?


Both of these makeovers are beautiful and inspiring! Would love to hear more about the creation of the headboard. I’ve wondered for awhile about working with corrugated panels.


the front of the house has teeth! and scary eyes… great garden though.


Congrats on having the vision and the bravery to see it through. Inspiring. Proves that any house can become a home.


The arbor across the front of the home is beautiful and very unique looking. I would love to know what happened with the round window removed from the back of the home. I bet you had a line of people wanting to get their hands on it. Beautiful home!


I have to agree that it would be beneficial to know the costs of the renovations if people would be interested in sharing. It gives people more insight on just how much they should be paying for materials.


I like the makeover of that house! I really wish they could’ve found a way to incorporate that bubble window though, it was pretty cool.

Dan Davis

The feedback has been great, thank you! To answer a few questions, the wavy cedar shakes were custom & finding a contractor to execute them was nearly impossible. The bubble window was not only an oddity, but crazed and milky. Many toyed with the idea of taking it but nobody was really willing to take it home with them..

Dan Davis

To answer a few more of your questions, the landscaping and the mural were both done by Dan Davis Design. The house is in Ferndale, Michigan.

Janet Kenealy

Any chance you’d share how you cut the headboard? Torch, perhaps?

Love the exterior siding.


My gosh, what a fantastic house!

The before photo of the exterior of the home would have tempted me into buying it. The traditional, handsome, yet modest facade on the front and the juxtaposition of the bubble window in the back would have done it for me!

I can’t believe that this house is 1936! I would have thought it’d be newer than that. Huh.

I really like the wall in the bedroom in the after photos. Any links on how that was achieved?

Love the painting in the room overlooking the back deck.

Can we see more photos of this place?

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Really this is the Gorgeous exterior remodel. i think the matisse look is really lovely at night. Beacuse its effect by the lighting. This is look awesome. I see the first one pictur, Its look amazing after the renovation. Thanks for nice posting.

Hiren Modi

Speechless! I’m going to make over my bedroom and eager to make similar to last one. Thanks for sharing!