before & after: ana’s bookcase + briana’s table

today is before & after day so i thought i’d start us out nice and easy with some fun and simple paint + fabric makeovers. first up is ana’s bookcase makeover. orange is probably my favorite accent color for almost anything, so i loved seeing this simple makeover on a piece of furniture that just needed a little love. for another great orange bookcase look, check out this gorgeous piece in bonnee of studio bon’s home. thanks to ana for sharing!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your images (low res, please).]

CLICK HERE for briana’s telephone table makeover after the jump!

briana in vancouver turned this fun polka-dotted telephone table (a $20 craigslist find) makeover. lord knows i love a good dot, so i couldn’t resist this piece for a little bit of morning eye candy. great work, briana!


Oh! really great b&a!
I just don’t like much the second! The wood tile is so wonderfull and looks well, don’t need a painting, only a modern fabric could transform this furniture in a modern retro piece :)

i’m from brazil and i love d*s! <3


Both of these makeovers are great! Love the orange, white and turquoise color combination. And the telephone table is so cute.


I, personally, LOVE Hermes orange painting the interior of bookcases and have done this very thing myself…bravo! it’s perfect with the turquoise!




Love both of them, especially the bookcase! That interior paint really makes it stand out. I’m going to have to try something like that with my bookcases. Y’know, someday…


I love the bookcase so much! Even more because of the Jonathan Adler pieces placed on it!


i just bought a telephone table/chair on craigslist and have been really stumped as to whether to paint it or stain it. thanks for the inspiration!


Luckily for her, she got a hold of that bird bowl by Jonathan Adler before it went poof! I’ve been trying to buy it for 2 months now! :( Looks lovely in that bookcase though!


Love the first makeover. The second one makes me sad. The wood (veneer or not) was lovely and looked in good condition. I think the fabric would have been lovely with the wood.


Both these makeovers are gorgeous! The results look clean and bright, love the splash of colors.


so impressed by both of these!

briana – i’m also wondering where you found your polka-dot fabric? i’m on the hunt for upholstery fabric myself.

great work both of you!!!


I’m loving Ana’s ceramics! They look beautiful in her newly painted bookcase.


It continues to amaze me how white paint, featured in several before & afters today, can so powerfully update and modernize older pieces. It’s really incredible. Love the B & As!


love how the inside of the white shelf is painted a bright orange! displaying the turquoise and white pieces on the shelf ties the entire look together so nicely.

the telephone table is so unique. its great!

St. Cristopher

Both pieces are nice, but…it’s hard to say why the book case gives me that little tingle and the telephone table makes me shrug.

Both are wood (I assume) painted white with splashes of color, but while I wouldn’t give the table a second look, I’d snatch that book case up with extreme prejudice!

Anybody got any ideas what the subtle difference is? Maybe it’s that the splash of color seems to be the meat of the dish where the book case is concerned, where as the color seems an afterthought with the tele-table. Whatchya think?


Yep…Eye candy.!!!..Stepping out of the box again!! Love it! Peeps just be brave and you will be glad you did…just think all the compliments you will receive…… You just made my day!!


This inspired me! I found a telephone table on Craigslist not two hours after reading this post, and picked it up today! I won’t be painting it, though… I’m grateful that Briana did, so I could see that I would want to keep the solid wood of mine exposed and clean!


I love that telephone table like crazy! Such a fun little piece of furniture, now I want one. :)


ooh gorgeous bright orange inside the clean white… ! just bookmarked this for future project…yay!


I wish I had my own house to buy old furniture and to make them as nice as these … one day it’ll happen


Thank you for all the kind words! The bookcase was a fun project and I am so pleased and proud of the outcome.

yeahyeahgirl- I did this project in my basement, I just moved and it is the first time I’ve ever had a space to do projects in, in the past I’ve used, stoops, fire escapes, bathtubs and friend’s backyards. So I feel your pain.


Wouldn’t you know it….I bought the EXACT phone table this past summer in a charity flea market for $3. Same ugly green fabric and everything!! I haven’t gotten around to painting it yet but I’ve reupholstered it in a beautiful black and white fabric from Better Home and Garden. It turned out lovely but I’m stuck on the choice of paint color. I love the fabric you chose! :)