Asshoff & Brogård

Asshoff & Brogård is a freelance, Stockholm based design studio focused on functional products that tell a story and creates a poetic and dramatic everyday scenery. A shared interest in construction and magic brings life to their works.

Johanna Asshoff and Hanna Brogård met while they undertook their Bachelor in furniture and product design at Malmstens, Stockholm. Both are originally trained cabinet makers and has performed prize winning design and exhibitions together. I would like to start with showing you some of their exhibitions, and then move over to the furniture designs.

A Beautiful Farewell is an office concept for funeral directors. The environment is comfortable caring with a magic feeling and symbolic elements inspired by traditional mourning costumes and ceremonies. It is a place for meetings and paper work, great sadness when you just lost someone, but at the same time attracting people to a visit out of curiosity. A place where you organize the final farewell. Grief is painful but can yet be beautiful.
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The Design Bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009. “This is not just a temporary designed bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair. This is also an up-coming cafe and meeting point in one of Stockholm’s suburbs, run by the Red Cross. When the fair is over, this room will revive as the brand new and much longed for interior in a meeting point for people of different ages and with different backgrounds.”

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This is Drop, a wall hook that has materialized many of my latest obsessions; the drop shape, the colour black, wood, and invisible mounting.

The two stools Truffle and Ribbon are brand new, presented at the Furniture Fair last week! Clad with a beautifully arranged and pleated stretchy fabric, these stools are closer to works of art than functional furniture, but who cares when the outcome looks like this?

Above are some of Asshoff & Brogård’s previous designs, all produced between 2007 and 2009.
I want to finish this post by giving a huge thanks to Grace for inviting me, it has been so much fun doing these posts! Thank you for having me!

Amanda Chenevert

yes!!! I did a piece on raindrops recently and found that beautiful hook on flickr but couldn’t for the life of me find out who made it of if it was indeed a real product.

I love it too. SO surreal and pretty.

Manu Mitre

Emma, I just loved the concept of “A Beautiful Farewell” and starred to talk about it on the future at my blog, then I realized it was you that had written about it. Love your analysis and the way you see things. Bravo!

Amparo Alvarez Romero

Qué creatividad tan desbordadora!!!
es hermoso!!


Hi Emma,
As a DS regular who just moved to Copenhagen..I LOVE seeing your blog and you have done such a good job of capturing all of the wonderful design going on here!


I just HAD to re-blog this! Thank you so much for sharing! I didn’t realize those “vases” on the shelf were actually urns. Beautiful.


Those raindrops are awesome! It looks like they’re still in prototype form, but I can’t wait til they’re available for sale. I’ve never seen anything like that.