under $100: bookends (and a few splurges!)

lately i’ve been spending more time with books, as part of an attempt to back myself away from all of the screens i seem to live in front of 24/7. now that i’m picking up more things to read, i’ve found myself looking for better ways to store my “currently reading” books. i always get about a third of the way through something and decide to dive into something else, so my collection of “need to finish reading” is pretty extensive, so i thought perhaps displaying my books on my desk or spare counter space would inspire me to pick them back up (rather than getting lost in our sea of books on the shelf). i’ve got plenty of room on my desk, so i decided to find the perfect set of bookends to keep things tidy- and during my search i came across so many i thought i’d turn them into a roundup. so here are my favorite designs, all under $100. if you’re willing to up the budget a bit, i included a small splurge section after the jump, for beautiful designs that might warrant an extra trip to the atm. enjoy!

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[image above, clockwise from top left: alpha bookends $29.95, fishbowl bookends $59.99, brass bear bookends $49.95, standard issue bookends (fit onto shelves) $55, pear bookend $35.95 each, owl bookends $100, scissor bookends $45, gold brick bookends $75, fu dog bookends $49.95, klaus hackl bookends $87, fleur de lis bookends $35, agate bookends $99.95, quote/unquote bookends $89, owl bookends $79.91, birds on branches bookend $49.95]

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[images above, clockwise from top left: salvaged wood bookends $31, hand-stamped bookend $34, pig bookends $98, “book end” bookends $30]

[images above, clockwise from top left: silver apple bookend $20, vise bookends $69, corbel bookend $69, recycled wood bookends $52.80]

[images above, clockwise from top left: patio bookends $39, jax bookend $25, sparrow bookends $100, blob bookends $29.95]

SPLURGES: Bookends $100+

[images above, clockwise from top left: roost carved wood bookends $150-$170, bull bookends $120, fornasetti bookend $277]

[images above, clockwise from top left: dachshund bookends $150, fornasetti bookends $277, acrylic dachshund bookends $265, owl bookends $112, fornasetti bookends $277]


these are all beautiful, and now I’ve got DIY on the brain. thanks, DS!


I do think the fishbowl bookends are a terrible and inhumane idea.

alyssa aka BROOKLYNrehab

i love the scissor(s) one.

s or no s? what is the correct way to refer to a pair of book ends made from scissors? time to go back to school. i’m forgetting grammar + spelling.

Karl T.

Wow! Thanks for including my bookends! I think the links may be a bit messed up though–the Love “hand-stamped” is missing a jump link, and the ones to the left (my bookends) are missing a link title. However, the current “hand-stamped” link jumps to my shop. Hope that makes sense…thanks again!!


Love the little sparrows! FYI, I think the bookends shown just after the jump got a bit jumbled?? There is no link for the first pair (the vintage/salvaged bookends from halfpintsalvage), but the’hand-stamped bookend’ link takes you to them rather than to the actual hand-stamped pair ;)


I though the fish tanks were great until I realized that those are real fish in there! Perhaps a more humane and practical alternative would be to get plastic fish and fill the bookends with some sort of clear liquid-turned-solid substance. Any ideas for what could work?


I just love the little birds on the branches- how cute! And I also like the quirkiness of the scissors!


I’ve been trying to find the perfect bookend (within my price range) for ages. I’d seen the jax on eBay but they always go too high–good to know they’re being remade!

I’m also thinking that it wouldn’t be too hard to get a similar effect to the fornasetti bookends with some standard plain ones, paper, and mod podge. Hmm.


these are all freaking amazing bookends. I am in need of two sets and I’m sure I’ll be choosing from one of these! Thanks for the post!


Love all the options for this often-neglected home accessory. My favorite are the gold brick ones.

Amy Cox

I need the apple ones – they go with my name. Cox. The pears and the scissors are lush as well!


Thanks for this Grace! So many good ideas!

I was considering Jonathan Adler’s dachshund set, but the idea of doing little terrariums in those Target bookends is genius/adorable and perfect for my house!


Friendly tip:
I’ve seen geode bookends at Marshall’s Home Goods from between $12-30 (or so). Check out your local store before hitting up Anthro! :)


The “fishbowl” bookends would be awesome terrariums, or even vases or filled with little things, like tiny origami cranes or old buttons. Just please don’t use these for fish! 10 gallons per goldfish, if you would like them to stick around for any length of time.


whoa!! What an amazing selection!! I’m in love with the bear bookends… and then the vise bookends… and then the sparrows… oh my. I may have to start a new collection…


I’ve been looking for bookends, too. What a fantastic selection; how will I choose?! (When I clicked through to Target for the fishbowl bookends, I had a better time reading the comments than looking at the product. I see the discussion continues here.)

Kelli Doussan

Thanks for including the sparrows I suggested! I just fell in love with them when I saw them!


I was absolutely ecstatic to see my handstamped “love” bookend included among all your beautiful finds. Many thanks!

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