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sneak peek: thomas wold

by anne

when i first saw thomas wold‘s work in a diy project for readymade magazine, my interest was piqued and i knew we had to invite him for a sneak peek.  thomas runs a multidisciplinary design/fabrication studio offering a wide range of bespoke furniture and designs, which are often the product of collaboration (check out his latest creations on his blog). today we have a look into his 2-bedroom berkeley home he shares with his wife, daughter, and kitty.  the goal was to create an environment that is uplifting yet calm through the use of  bright, soothing colors.  thomas believes, “you don’t need to have matching furniture and colors in a home. instead, it’s the collecting and curating of what you really like that binds everything together.”  he also notes that to keep things interesting and new he is constantly moving furniture and rotating objects around the home.  enjoy the rest of the peek below, and click here for additional, full-sized images. {thanks, thomas!} anne

[above: Living Room.  I made this couch in super-light modular sections so it’s really easy to move when needed. Eight people can sit on it comfortably. (I’ve also seen two big men sleeping on it.) The ottoman is Todd Oldham’s, with a Charley Harper print of lady bugs. I really like it (and so does my cat, whom I’m chasing off it all the time. Bad kitty.) The credenza is a very simple form that I built to capture our speakers and stereo. I framed the front of the plywood with random laminate scraps. The fireplace has a faux fire lamp that we keep on around the clock to give off a comforting glow. I also like to keep my bike of the moment close by, since I use it to commute to my studio every day.]

Dining Area. Our kitchen table is a piece I made a long time ago. At that time I imagined it to be a combination of a table and go-kart. (It has sporty wheels to make it easy to move around.) I got our dining chairs from a project where I remodeled an older Chinese restaurant into a modern lounge space. The art on the right is a stack of three of my pieces into a totem shape.

This is a design called “Family Affair” that is in our living room. It’s a project I did for Readymade Magazine, which was made entirely from found items. There is a post about it on my blog if you want to read more.

Bedroom: I made our headboard from two doors and one table that I cut in half to create two nightstands. The collaged images are from old nature books and the sidelights are vintage exterior sconces. The lanterns on the ceilings were decorations at our wedding, and they give the room a bright and cozy feel. The bed cover is the back of a vintage quilt that I acquired on my travels.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Thomas’ sneak peek after the jump!

Bedroom dresser: I found this old dresser and completely refinished it to give it a moss-covered look. I applied these colors with a spray gun and various spray paints, and then covered the piece with a thick resin pour so it would permanently look wet.

Daughter’s room: The bookcase is called “Jimmy’s Cabinet.” I made it based on the book, Jimmy Jinks The Fix It Man. I really liked the illustrations, so I wanted to make a piece of furniture inspired by Jimmy’s home in the book. The height is kid-sized so it works perfectly for my daughter’s bookcase. She loves the push-latch “chocolate” door opening and she calls the cabinet inside her “secret space.” The table is my Mushroom Forest Side Table. The lamp is a Jonathan Alder base and my grandmother’s old shade. The deer art is by Sita Rupe.

Office: This is a side-by-side design I made for my wife and me. I wanted the colors to feel very upbeat and soothing at the same time.

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