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sneak peek: sanna annukka and jasper goodall

by anne

i’ve always loved the work of illustrator sanna annukka for the way that it weaves her finnish roots and interest in nature and folklore into her style.  today we’re so pleased to share with you a look into her 3-story victorian house that is a 15-minute walk from the brighton seafront, which she shares with her equally as talented graphic designer husband, jasper goodall. don’t miss all the images after the jump, and click here for additional, full-sized images. {thanks sanna!}anne

[above: Vintage wallhanging above bed is made by Kainuun Pirttu. It was made in the region of Finland (Kainuu) where I spent most my childhood summers. African mask bought during recent travels to South Africa. The little woven rug is from Sweden, purchased on ebay.]

Victorian marble fireplace with original tiles. Above the fire place is an old Whiskey advertising mirror that would have originally been situated in an Irish pub. The scary mask is from our travels to South Africa.

Walls are covered with framed vintage travel posters. A mexican rug with Aztec motifs covers the sofa. Reindeer rugs we pick up from the harbour market in Helsinki.

The kitchen is awaiting a complete renovation. Plan is to build a double story height glass roof to bring extra light into that part of the house. Jasper and I want to custom design all the cupboards and work surfaces too. Currently the kitchen is an eclectic mix of free standing kitchen furniture.

CLICK HERE for the rest of sanna and jasper’s peek after the jump!

Some more Finel items on display.

More vintage prints cover the walls. Above fireplace is my Maidens of the Midnight Sun print. Reindeer seat pads are from Lapland.

Jasper and I love this copper boiler, the hot bath water spurts out of it’s nozzle and is quite a novelty feature! The penguin we bought from an antique shop in Brighton. It used to be part of a fountain at a zoo.

I have a strange marble basin in the bedroom. It was there before Jasper and I moved in. I tiled it with a mix of different vintage tiles to bring color to that corner of the room. The lampshade is vintage enamel made by Finel. I like to collect decorative tins/canisters and stick houseplants in them which is what you can see on the table.

The lampshade is made entirely of corrugated cardboard by talented designer Tabatha Bargh.

My studio has a mezzanine floor which i’m supposed to use as a relaxing reading area but it currently filled with boxes! The chest of drawers was bought from ebay, perfect to hide lots of bits and bobs in although I can never remember what drawer I put what in and so end up having to open a dozen of them before I find what i’m looking for :D I like to keep visual moodboards so I pin anything up that triggers some inspiration. The print behind my computer is one of my latest screen prints ‘Spirits of the North.’

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  • Love love love it, of course. I have the Owl Keeper print in my dining room!

    The plants in decorative tins idea is a great one!

  • Boo to the fur! I think it makes a space/people/etc. look archaic. Plus, it’s really cruel. Animals are skinned alive, anally electrocuted, or strangled for their fur. From a design perspective, the texture of fur maybe beautiful, but please go faux! The coat looks much better on the original owner!

  • I love this. The place looks cosy but so cool at the same time. They seem like great people!

  • ha, it’s wonderful, it’s amazing, i’m completely smitten. many many things to love, the copper boiler, the reindeer skins, the Finel everythings, the vintage travel posters, ALL of it really.

  • Love Anna so it’s no surprise that she lives in such a wonderful home, I like that it’s achievable too, not filled with crazy pieces I could never afford. LOVE it.

  • What a beautiful, inspirational place!

    I may be missing something, but how do you keep plants in tins and avoid the tin getting all rusty? I would love to do this but am worried about ruining my vintage tins! Any suggestions?

  • Reindeer skins/furs are a traditional Finnish item. Please stop imposing your assumptions re: means of production and cultural place (unless you happen to have observed the Finnish reindeer industry personally).

  • This place is ace on using great travel decor and colorful metal accessories to accent basic furniture (see nightstand and tv stand, shelving in bath). I also collect colorful enamel objects, I love to see it integrated throughout the home. I am officially inspired!

  • those look like camping style tin cups in the kitchen! the variety of designs is so kewl!! i wonder where these were purchased..

  • I know that Finnish and Swedish Sami people use the reindeer the same way that Inuit use the seal. That is, the animals are the main source of meat, income, warmth and tradition within the culture. That’s not to say I agree with it, however. Aside from that, the house is BEAUTIFUL! Love the brilliant prints on the walls, tins and kitchenware. Very lovely.

  • Adorable little yellow chairs, I’m sure they’re from some lovely little antique shop, but I’m coveting them a bit over here in DC!

  • Oh my word! You just rocked my world. Sanna is one of m favorite illustrators and her husband is Jasper Goodall! What an amazing duo!

  • That fireplace has such a cool look. We have the same pub mirror in my parents basement. Kinda makes me want to steal it away from them!

  • I would love to have all of those colorful worldly accessories for my home. I am going to start looking for things now, because this home completely inspired me!

  • i too support those who are anti-fur! jessica said it: it’s a cruel, cruel industry! those furs are very bad, bad energy in your home!! i live in canada and sealskins are a traditional hunt and home accessory, but it doesn’t make it ethical and right! if you didn’t do slaughter and skin it yourself, then don’t support this dark, evil industry by buying furs and skins!!!!

  • the yellow kitchen towel is by Marimekko. Most of the colourful enamel thingies and printed items are from 60s- 70s, and are Finnish made.

  • I love this house. All of it! The enamelware and all it’s bold color and shapes gives this home such a wonderful feel. Nicely done!!!

  • This is a beautiful home. I hope all the naysayers would have the balls to rip apart a stranger who invited them into their home or showed them hospitality. Treat people nicely, too.

  • Shut up! I cannot believe Sanna is married to Jasper. That’s too much talent in one couple. Far, far, too much. I want the orange chairs in their kitchen. Bad.

  • While I love most of the decorating in this home but I have to agree with Tara. The dead animal skins definitely bring a bad energy into your home. If it wasn’t for those, the home would be perfect.

  • what a beautiful home! such nice touches of bright color about, with a deep sense of serenity. very joyous.

    i was wondering where you found the little parisian cafe table and chairs in the kitchen? they are so charming and i see them everywhere, but never the place of procurement! any direction would be most appreciated. merci!

  • very cute home. Nice vintage finds and details, i love the sink and the tiles and the curved hallway. My kind of place!

  • I love it – I have been coveting those enamel Kaj Franck lamps, and am so happy to see one in such a beautiful home. You display your collections and integrate them into your home so effortlessly, and the result is a beautiful home that feels really loved.

    NB: I am a little surprised at some of the comments about the pelts, since there have been a lot of other sneak peeks featuring sheepskins, and no one has made a peep. At least the skins featured in this home carry cultural significance, and weren’t just purchased out of a bin at Ikea.

  • Loved everything about it. The colors, the combinations. every nook and corner of the house gives such a cozy look. The bold colors really do make a definitive impact.

  • My husband and I are huge fans of Sanna’s work… and her home is lovely to boot. Cozy, personal, and full of wonderful things to look at!

  • i love the shoes in the first picture. does anyone know where to find something similar?

  • Bar far my favorite sneak peak to date!
    I love the way there is so much color playing off of the white backdrop so that everything is both light and cozy.

    LOVE all the prints on the pots, tins and tiles around your home.

    When can I come visit?

  • Sanna is one of my ALL time favorite artists/illustrators. It’s wonderful to see Scandinavian heritage, craft and folk traditions reflected in her home as well. THANK YOU Sanna! I’m so inspired, and would like to bring more of my home country Sweden into my home as well.

  • I know I am very late but I would love to know about the big gray tiles in the bathroom and where you got them. Beautiful home…love all the patterns and tile.

  • This is a gorgeous home with a huge exception of the fur/skins. It is disturbing. I could not agree with Jessica more in her original posting. Many people have gorgeous homes without incorporating and supporting the very dark industry of buying furs/skins. It does bring a negative energy into the home. I love everything else about it though.

  • Yet another wonderful sneak peek. Love the colors in the top photo, love the enamel pots in the kitchen, love the vintage bathroom tiles, love, love love! :)

  • i LOVE sanna annuka’s designs! i am a huge fan. i have her marimekko towels in my kitchen too :)

  • I want to lend my support to this beautiful home and the couple who have shared their home with us. I am surprised and a bit shocked how harsh people are being. How petty. I too have seen lots of cow hides and sheep skins all over the place, no one objected those. I can’t stand people politicking and getting legalistic regarding their own personal values when someone has been very generous and shown their home.
    All the haters should be deleted. I live in a cold climate. Sheepskins are a must in our home. I love this website. I can travel and view beautiful homes and dream about mine one day. Thank you.

  • The bathroom! Oh, the bathroom!

    I have the world smallest,scariest, dampest bathroom. The house didn’t have one originally,its an afterthought on a Vicky terrace. I’m hugely envious of nice bathrooms..one day!!

  • Beautiful home! – minus the deer skins!! As for some people’s comments re sheep skins/cow hides, and how no one ever complains about them- I personally don’t see any reason, culturally or climatically, in this day and age that the use of animal skins/furs for floor embellishments is necessary or even warranted. That being said it is a gorgeous home in every other way.

  • Let’s remember that furs and leathers may last many generations. Inheriting or even buying them second-hand doesn’t directly support the fur industry and investing in them first-hand often eliminates the need to consume future replacement items. Considering the fact that the plastics industry, as well as others, are arguably dark and “evil” (I bet the fur-sensitive have plenty of plastic in their homes), it seems silly and easy to evangelize about fur versus the many dark energies we come across every day inside and outside our homes. I’m not saying there are no lines to be drawn, but such lines are personal, subjective, and it comes off as tactless and/or needlessly confrontational to phrase your preference in any way other than strictly personal.

  • How did you hang the Vintage wallhanging above your bed? I’m looking for an option other than thumb tacks to hang a blanket of mine above my bed… Something with not a lot of hardware involved. I’m a renter ;)