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sneak peek: raina kattelson

by Amy Azzarito

when stylist and designer raina kattelson shared her experiments with colored chalkboard paints this summer, we all knew that we wanted a closer look into the beautiful hudson valley home that she shares with architect husband robert butscher and two daughters. (if you’re planning a visit to the hudson valley, be sure to check out raina’s guide to the area!) with two such aesthetic-minded people, the home is all about compromise! robert loves saturated color while raina gravitates more towards whites. the resulting palette of white with pops of color definitely works. however, the couple’s eight-year old is beginning to express her own aesthetic sensibility – she requested a panton chair for her eighth birthday! i guess that’s what happens when you have two stylish parents! watch out mom and dad! {thanks raina and family! and many thanks to john gruen for the lovely photographs} amy a.

[The house,which is in Tivoli – a village on the Hudson River in upstate NY – is about 150 years old.  When we bought it, it had been gutted and then abandoned for 15 years.  My husband, Robert Butscher, is an architect.  Together we essentially rebuilt the house.  We tried to keep the overall look in keeping with the age and style of the house while adding some modern touches, doing most of the work ourselves.]

[photo above: The lounge in the living room corner I found at the town yard sale day. It is supposed to be upholstered but I love the raw quality of it so I left the stripped frame and just made a wool felt cushion and marimekko pillows.  We like to travel and bring back interesting pieces from the various places we have been, the living room rug is from Marrakech, the black basket from our recent trip to Istanbul.  My father is fine art photographer Sy Kattelson and in addition to many of his photo’s we have work by Lewis Hine, (over the lounge), Tanya Marcuse, (the large tree over the couch) , and others.]

[photo above: I collect pottery, both old and new and use it both for styling gigs as well as our daily use.  The Emeco chairs at the dining table had vinyl seats and I replaced them with industrial felt pads.The table is an Ikea table that I sanded down and then whitewashed.  The orange chairs are vintage Herman Miller. The light fixture is from Ikea. The picture is vintage NY by my dad.]

[photo above: We have raised platform in the kitchen that was left over from the original house that is now our sunny breakfast nook. I love the graphic quality of old signs and have collections of them throughout the house. I also have a weakness for chairs, the green thonet chairs in the kitchen are the first I ever owned and have been painted various colors over the years and now look great with the Saarinen table which at the moment has a chalkboard oilcloth cover on it – the base is original but has a temporary top which at some point I am planning on replacing with a white marble one. The light is a vintage shade originally used in a dentist office.]

CLICK HERE for Raina’s full peek (and all the photos on one page) after the jump!


[photo above: My office is the only all white room in the house but is so filled with books, magazines and craft projects and props it is sometimes hard to tell! I am a magazine junky, so in addition to shelves of them I have them piled in vintage, industrial metal boxes. I have lot’s of collections; vintage knitting needles, old camera’s, tray’s, bottles-all stuff that will end up on my work at some point. The chair is one of a pair that I found at the Brooklyn Flea and reupholstered. . The sign is an Anthony Burrill print- shouldn’t we all!!]



[photo above: I love Tord Boontje’s work and own several of his lights, for our daughter’s room i did my own version of his style on her floor. She is a future style junky in the making as she requested the Panton chair for her 8th birthday. She also asked that her dresser be silver. She loves to draw on the chalkboard paint wall (Hudson Paint).]

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  • Hard to decide what I like the most, but I am really can’t get enough of that temporary chalk table top, colorful bottles, and the sign above your desk! Really nice!

  • i love these old upstate farmhouses that get ‘modernised’ by eclectic city folk — what a beautiful home, cheery and bright for a HV winter!

  • Wow, I love the paint in your living room! It’s stunning. What colour is it? Oh, and the silver dresser is gorgeous too. What paint is that? Thanks : )

  • Total gorgeousness! Love the bright walls and the vintage mix of furniture. Totally jealous of your pottery collection too! This is very inspirational!

  • I love the use of really bright colors. It really makes a room light up. I have such a hard time with the discipline it requires to keep to a scheme, though!

  • I love the use of that green and yellow color that makes a room light up. I have such a hard time with the discipline it requires to keep to a scheme, though!

  • thanks everyone for all the great comments.
    wish i could tell you the lr wall color. you won’t beleive the quantity of paint cans i have in my basement. pretty sure it was a ben moore though. the silver is modern masters mettalic paint-silver

  • The colors here absolutely take my breath away! As a color junkie, I am constantly trying to remind myself to hold back and bring in neutrals and whites– so this is quite an inspiration for me to remember the importance of these things. I love this column so much, although it makes me ache with desire to get out of the roommate–rental situation asap.

  • What a beautiful house! I love your floors — both the white and the bare wood. Lovely.

    Also, hello from a Hudson Valley neighbor & fellow old-house lover! I grew up in Rhinebeck, and now own a house in Newburgh. I was sad to see Newburgh excluded from your HV tour, but maybe next time. :)

    p.s. Where did you find that chalkboard oilcloth?

  • D*S, I love you. This is the BEST. SNEAK. PEEK. DAY. EVER. <3 I want to live in all of these homes. My husband and I just got our first home together and these inspire me so much.

  • I’m in love with all of this! What are the red and white bowls on the top shelf? I’ve never seen the and they look great with the cathrineholm.

  • LOOOOVE the mix of modern and vintage. Totally what I want to do with my home one day! My parents have those green chairs (in original white from ikea right?). Love the green.

  • Stunning!!! About your letters, I too collect store front letters but haven’t figured out how to hang them. Some hollow letters will easily hang on a nail but others are solid. How did you hang yours?

  • This might be my favorite sneak peak ever. What the hell is that light fixture in the 3rd picture? It is so rad. The green chairs are perfect. This is further reinforcement that I need to paint all my hardwood floors white, oh and buy colored chalkboard paint.

  • This might be my favorite sneak peak ever. What the hell is that light fixture in the 3rd picture? It is so rad. The green chairs are perfect. This is further reinforcement that I need to paint all my hardwood floors white, oh and buy colored chalkboard paint.

  • I can’t believe I just found this website today – where have I been?! Anyway, Love this post. Love the color scheme and the “whimsical” or “artsy” touches that don’t look overly done. Noticed that there has been a request for paint color references – put my vote for this in too!

  • Wow! I used to have that giant orange jack when I was a kid. It was made out of solid metal. I used to love that thing … I suppose it was a doorstop. I wonder if it’s still at my mom’s place, or if it made it’s way to this home through a long series of yard sales.

  • Oh, what a great space. Love the wall color (reminds me of Ben. Moore “Wales Green”) and everything else, too! I’ve always wanted that blue Mikasa coffee pot… Could you tell us where you got your desk/table?

  • oh my goodness, that is some bright and fun goodness, indeed! a bit too daring and not my color palette but so fun, fresh and lovely for sure!!

  • The dining table light and my desk are both from Ikea.
    The letters- I glued nails on the back with epoxy, pre-made the holes in the wall and gently pushed the letters onto the wall. My brilliant husband came up with that one.

  • sorry for being soooo late with this- I was looking for a gallon container and it was in a quart in my basement. The wall color is ben moore 2027 grape green I used the aquavelvet finish.

  • i love the bright colour as a background to black and white decó. very nice.
    love the big print “work hard and be nice to people”. i’m printing the photo to put it on my life moodboard. thanks for sharing

  • your home is absolutely lovey! a whimsical yet sophisticated mix of both old and new. love it

  • just seeing this fun house now! i’ve been looking for felt pads for my bertoia chairs, and am wondering where you purchased the felt for your emeco chairs? would love to do the same. thanks!

  • Just thought I would comment on your pics, since it was my great Grandfather Pietro Ritrovato built your house. I remember living in the home from 8 to 10 years old. My mother, Lorraine Adele Ritrovato was born in America in the house in 1940. Unfortunately, when I lived there, my mother was newly divorced and could not afford to heat it in the winters. We had to leave. We were all ver sad about that. Mygreat aunts, Helena & Theresa owned it at that time. I really feel blessed that you and your Husband are taking excellent care of my Great Grandfathers home. I wonder if you still hear him in the house like we did when we lived there and if you can still smell his pipe.