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sneak peek: nina gotlieb

by Amy Azzarito

when designing this take- your-breath-away clinton corners, ny country house nina gotlieb strove to create a relationship between the house and its forest setting. a residential and hospitality designer, nina finds that she works best when she thinks about telling a story in a space rather than sticking closely to a particular style. the house was built from the ground up, and nina used the simple barn structures in the area for inspiration. she wanted the home to be open, airy and simple with modern, crisp detailing. but so that everything didn’t look too new, nina choose her materials carefully. Everything needed to have character and soul. for example, the siding is a knotty western red cedar, which was stained rather than painted so that the knots and grain showed through. and inside – it’s all about objects with history – industrial antiques and warm leathers and wood.  {thanks nina! and many thanks to miha matei for the lovely photographs!}amy a

[photo above: the dining room table was made by my millworker – jay brennan, who i wish had a website, but is too much of a luddite.  he did all the millwork in the house, including the fireplace cabinetry (you can see a peek of it behind the couch), and did such an amazing job.  i had found a similar antique farm table that was insanely expensive, so i asked jay if he could build something similar but cheaper.  he had a pile of reclaimed oak in his shop that i think had just been sitting around since the 70’s, which he burnished and fumed and “aged” to the point where he had made almost an exact replica of the antique table.  there’s even spots of old red overspray from other projects on the legs that he just left there, and i love.  the sheepskin is from ikea, and i have it all over the house.  i had just returned from visiting friends in copenhagen, and loved how they just threw sheepskin all over everything as instant coziness.]

[photo above: the strategy for the layout of the house was pretty simple – we spend most of the time entertaining on the main floor, and bedrooms are just for sleeping, so they were all upstairs, and relatively small.  the kitchen / dining room / living room is one large space.  oddly enough, we still hardly ever hung out in the living room – always around the kitchen!  it ended up just being a place to read when you need some alone time by the fireplace.  the awesome rose pillow is from a détacher on mott street.]

[photo above: this is one of the two guest rooms.  the composition on the wall is actually woodblock prints of plants from an old french botanical dictionary that i found on ebay.  the smaller frames are shadow boxes that i filled with moss, sticks and stones i gathered from the property.  the beds are actually children’s beds from notNeutral. the metal cart is from a company in ohio called american furnishings.  and of course, more sheepskin.]

[photo above: this is the same guest room.  i just like the idea of using crates here as shelves.  and i was obsessed with the idea of suitcase racks in a guest room.  the books are all about dutchess county, the hudson valley, or barn architecture.  i scoured ebay and other bookstores for these, but ran out of steam before all the crates were filled, which had been the original goal.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of Nina’s post! (and all 19 images on one page!)

[photo above: this is the other proper guest room.  there is also a den downstairs that could be closed off from the rest of the main floor and used as an extra room if need be.  this is the more zen of the two guestrooms – decor-wise.  all of the bedrooms have exposed collar ties and a cathedral ceiling clad in painted pine planks.  the ceiling fan is the artemis from minka aire.  this might be the only ceiling fan i have ever found that even comes close to good-looking, in my opinion – they’re mostly so awkward, but i do love this one.]

[photo above: same zen guestroom, with eames rocker and cowskin rug.  the rocker is from modernica, so i’m not sure it’s a licensed reproduction, but we liked the fiberglass shell so much better than the plastic ones they’re making now on the licensed rockers.  the photo in the room was a gift from my brilliant friend chris, who lives in copenhagen and is an amazing photographer.  i think that photo was from a trip to the fjords in norway.]

[photo above: this is the master bedroom.  the bed was custom made by my millworker (jay brennan) to go on that wall, behind which is the walk-in closet.  the wall was a bit narrow, so instead of side tables, we just made the bed into one giant platform where we could keep books and water and whatever else one might need to put on a bedside table.  the face pillows are from k studio, and the installation above the bed was just something we made out of hanging glass bud vases on clearance from cb2, filled with copper bb’s.]

[photo above: this is the stair up to the second floor, with a view from the mudroom down the hall into the main living space.  the wallpaper is a pattern from florence broadhurst that i’m so in love with.  i actually used it in a sushi bar that i completed around the same time down in miami, but used a different colorway.]

[photo above: looking back down the same stairway.  the frames you see on the wall downstairs are part of a series i printed out from the construction of the house. each week i took a photo of the house from the same location.  it was built from the ground-up, on a raw plot of land, so the photo series starts right after we cleared trees from the homesite, goes through foundation forms, framing, and ends as a house with a yard and pool! (the process was long, but i had an amazing general contractor – walter heitmann of heitmann + heitmann. he doesn’t have a website, but he does such amazing work and was an absolute pleasure to work with.]

[photo above: this is the guest bathroom.  the tile is a really rough-cut tile that had this beautiful handmade quality about it.  i am not a huge fan of grout, so i like to keep it as minimal as possible, but the tile was (according to the installer) so uneven and rough that the only way to keep even courses was to have 3/8″ spaces between the tiles!  i freaked out when i first saw it, but it eventually grew on me.  i think it has a funny comic-book quality to it.  or maybe that’s just how i justified not having the time or money to rip it out and redo it.]

the kitchen is henrybuilt with cesarstone countertops, and the backsplash is one of the murals from ann sacks

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  • Love the (jute?) rug in the guest room and would love to know where it came from!

  • HOLY S*** this is gorgeous. everything is just too gorgeous. it feels so natural and warm but also clean and minimalistic which i LOVE

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  • Wow, I had crate shelves in my bedroom growing up. Guess my mom was ahead of her time.

    Beautiful Home.

  • Breathtaking! I love the unique headboard installation of the vases – I love that it makes use of the height of the space. I also am for once loving the ruffled shower curtain – the rough cut tiles and chunky grout lines are a great counterpoint to the feminine ruffles. Amazing. Love the sense of light.

  • Amazing place!!! Just to see the pictures i can imagine how can it be calming to stay there.
    Where did you get the fox printed pillow? Thanks!

  • LOVE THE SHELVES!!!! Thank you for DIY link! We are looking for your house and I am planning to decorate it myself, so will be often guest here:)

  • oh those windows! wow! what an amazing home . . . thanks for sharing. this one is going in my inspiration files.

  • Love the ruffled shower curtain! Anyone know where that is from or where you can find something similar??

  • thanks for all your kind words! gwhiz – the jute rug is from roost, but they sell it at velocity art + design. carrie – the ceiling fans are the artemis from minka aire – not sure where my g.c. purchased them exactly. hexstatic – the fox pillow was from west elm, but i’m not sure they sell it anymore. tessa – the shower curtain is from india rose, and i got it at anthropologie.

  • I have to say this is the most 100% spot-on (with my tastes) sneak peek ever! Thanks!

  • Loving the fox and stag pillows! They look sort of familiar. Who makes them?

  • Love this space. The flying ducks are by Roost, as is the little Jute rug. I think that the grouping of little tables are Roost as well. We have had those in the store and they are fun in a grouping. What a beautiful finished project.

  • Amazing! I would love to know where you purchased the pendant lights (above the dining table).

  • What a fantastic and beautifully designed home!
    I love the details. Where are the various hanging light fixtures from? They’re great!

    PS Hi Nina!

  • these guys clearly need to start a hotel so i can go and stay. love everything about it. can they adopt me?

    don’t you dare rip out the kooky tile in the bathroom. it’s wicked awesome. and i love the lighting fixtures in the bathrooms. if you have a chance would love to know where you got them.

  • This house is gorgeous: so open, airy, and clam. The windows in the first photo are especially stunning.

  • amazing! i would love to know how you hung the shower curtain…i want to do that in my bathroom that i am remodeling!

  • Rustic dining table with more streamlined, yet charming and rustic in their own way, chairs. I love.

  • Oh WOW! If I had the money… my house would look like THIS! I am with Ashley, 100% my taste! Modern and eclectic. Warm and natural. Beautiful! Totally awesome sneak peek.

  • I’m in love with the living room rug–stunning! And I really appreciate the way you worked with the setting—keeping things simple and letting the lovely view take center stage. Really nicely done!

  • WOW, this is an amazing home! smart and thought out but so comfortable too. this is such a great example of a holistic space, the architecture and interior informing one another. thanks d*s!

  • the light fixtures above the dining table were from pottery barn, and the ones shown in the master bath (above the double sink vanity) are from sundance catalog. the ones in the stair hall are these: https://www.shadesoflight.com/product.php?productid=414405&cat=0&page=1

    meagan – the shower curtain in the guest bath was hung with a regular ceiling curtain track they use for hospitals and offices, but we had the gc recess it into the ceiling.

    kaarina – i’d die to have my own groovy little b+b in the country. will let you know if it ever happens!

  • This house is just amazing. The colors and the warmth of it are just awesome. Might be my favorite posting yet. Would love to know where you purchased the tables that are behind the couch in the living room.

  • what a stunning house. Beautiful wood windows and doors — great base for a wonderfully decorated home.

  • I love almost everything about this house. It reminds me of a lot of Scandinavian homes I have seen in design books.

    The only thing missing here are some exterior shots, to establish the style and give a better idea of the views out those amazing windows.

  • This house is my dream! Can I ask, what brand/shade of stain was used on the exterior wood siding? My husband and I have scraped our siding with the intention of painting it black, but have found beautiful cedar wood underneath. Now he wants to leave it natural, but it would be too woodsy/rustic for me. The dark stain on this house is so sophisticated and polished, I love it and have to have it! Thanks!

  • So many beautiful features. You can tell there is a great designer behind this interior…. and that Florence Broadhurst wallpaper is also one of my favourite prints.

  • okay i think i just died and went to design heaven… how beautiful is your house… such great taste in everything… what a lovely place to live… great job

  • Goodness, what a beautiful home! I love how thoughtfully each room was put together. Scoured the article to find out where the wooden birds (in one of the bedrooms, behind headboard) are from. Please give a shout if you know. Thanks, gave my monday a great lift!

  • the wooden ducks in the bedroom are by Roost and Velocity Art and Design carries them. I love everything about the bathroom-especially the dark grout!

  • Can I have this house, right now, pretty please!? I just love how it is designed and so bright and open!!

  • Stupendous Nina! Sculptural fan and jute rug simple perfection. As are the bed cushions with minimal but expressive faces and the pieces that hang above the bed-heads. Good one Grace!

  • Nina is a friend of mine, and I would love this house even if she wasn’t! It’s so beautiful! The kitchen might be my favorite. Great job Nina! xx Sarah

  • Just love love this house! It’s so beautiful and simple and clean. The timber is so nice and those fans are really elegant.

  • Where did you get those rugs!!! They are so cool :) I kinda want to try and crochet one or two!

  • Amazing home and decor. I’m in LOVE with the sofa in the living room. Where can I find one of my own? Thanks d*s

  • I, too, LOVE the shower curtain — if anyone knows where to buy, please add the link!

  • Great, great, great job! I LOVE the suitcase racks! Where are they from? The contrast between the light wood and the dark straps – divine!

  • Hi Grace – just thought I’d let you know that photo 18 did not load; also I only got the first twelve on a full page…went to the remaining images one by one.

    Great house – love the mix of old and new. I especially love the bathrooms – the horizontal driftwood panelling and that great printer’s tray on the wall – I have one and am inspired to put it to work. Would love the source on that double vanity…we’ve been looking everywhere for something like that but the prices are crazy expensive. Could this be a deal?

  • Nice surprise to open my daily Design Sponge page and find a home in Clinton Corners–my new residence. I’m intrigued by the danglers hanging over the bed. Can’t quite make out what they are but the idea of non-static decoration works. Love the blend of old and new throughout.

  • the wood in this home is exquisite- specifically the master bed frame, the exposed ceiling beams, the bathroom vanity, the hall closets in the entry…drool.

  • Hello! I have a dining table just like yours and need chairs for it, where are your chairs from? thank you so much!!!

  • The floors are just beautiful. Would love to know how they were done. Will soon be installing the floors in new house and am having a hard time getting the look I want. And the staircase is amazing! Where are those light fixtures from? Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi all… I am obsessed with the tree-trunk nesting tables/ stools. Can you direct me to where they are from? They are stunning. (As is your house as a whole, beautiful eye!)

  • I cannot tell you how much I envy the owners of this home! That was always the dream of my wife and me–to have something like that. Like most of us, I suspect, we ended up in a tract home, but we love it all the same. The one thing that helps is that I’m a cabinetmaker, and over the years I have been customizing every room in the house.

    Right now I’m working on a home theater, then it’s a kitchen. The one thing I most want to do, though, is to make a kitchen that is more than just a bunch of boxes with a “choice of doors and drawer fronts.” Boring!!!!!

    So, what am I going to do? Truthfully, I haven’t a clue at the moment. I just want something that is different and yet timeless and practical and stimulating to make for a cabinetmaker. And if I ever figure this out, I mean to make it for us and splash that baby all over the Internet!

    What you’ve written, though, has given me quite a bit to think about, and I thank you for sharing your concepts.

  • Just like Kimberly, I am in love with the charcoal cherry blossom rug! Does anyone know where it came from?

  • Oh what a lovely and inviting home!!
    I’m curious about the blue floor in the mudroom. Is that small tiles or another style of flooring? It’s fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I am looking for an upholstery fabric like the heather gray sofa. Anyone have any recommendations?

    This house is just gorgeous, one of my absolute favorites!

  • Still waiting to see where the neat dining room chairs are from…anyone know? I would like to get some like that!

  • This house is phenomenal! Exactly where I want to live. I actually really like the tile and wide grout in the bathroom – feels rustic but modern. Well done!! Will be bookmarking this one for future reference.

  • The design of this home are a-mazing! Love everything about it, including the jute rug though, unfortunately, it has been discountinued. Boo!

  • thank you ALL so much for your kind words. i’m really blown away by the response. so amazing. here goes with some responses to sourcing questions:

    laura – the tables behind the sofa are antiques from http://www.factory20.com/

    kimberly, megan – the rug in the living room is from http://www.rugstudio.com/

    erin – the stain on the exterior siding was a black from benjamin moore, i THINK it was one coat, and we also had some of the blue taken out of it b/c on the sample it looked too purple. just have as many samples done as possible so you get it right – this is something that is difficult to do over.

    paprika – the small round wood tables are from roost, but i’m not sure exactly where they’re available retail.

    mel, jessica – the living room sofa was from room + board, with one of their non-stocked upholstery fabrics, but i don’t remember which one.

    susan – the vanity was custom made by our very talented millworker, jay brennan. send me an email if you’d like his info. the sinks are kohler, and the countertop was custom cast concrete.

    elizabeth – the dining chairs are tolix, and you can get them from conran, dwr, sundance catalog, or you can find the originals here: http://www.antiquaireonline.com/?cat=620 – they also have new tolix chairs in a huge range of colors. ours were plain clear-coated metal.

    anna – the hex tile in the mudroom was actually a deep charcoaly black. it was just a cheap mosaic hex tile with black grout.

  • love the bathroom vanity. where can get one of those? i’m about to rip out my bathroom… perfect timing!

  • becoming a big fan of yours! Where did you get the geese that are show on the wall in the guest room I LOVE them – would you mind sharing if they arnt one of a kind?

  • Simply lovely.

    We are in the process of renovating a house we purchased this summer in the Catskills. Your millworker, jay brennan’s work is phenomenal! Would you mind sharing his business details?

    Thanks for the post!

  • nicolle – thanks! the geese are from velocity art + design.

    citymouse – please click on my name to send me an email, and i’d be happy to forward jay’s info on to you.

  • Love the house! I’m wondering about the paint colors. We have that same wood trim and I’m trying to use greys that work with that wood. Thanks!

  • Gorgeous!! Where did you get the ceiling fan above the bed? Is it a ceiling fan?

  • The older I get, the more I like clean, contemporary design. “Stuff” can just overwhelm you, and I am enjoying the sorting, pitching stage of my life. I could move in here with just my toothbrush….., except I would have to change the platform bed in the master bedroom. I would forever be sporting black & blue shins……..

  • Unfortunately, Velocity Art & Design no longer has the jute rugs. Anyone else know who might carry them? They are made by Roost.

  • this is one of the lovliest, most peaceful homes i have ever seen.
    would you mind telling me where you got the crates for the crate wall shelf?

  • I’m usually all about color, BRIGHT color, but this is truly wonderful. A perfect blend of warmth and clean-ness. There are so many wonderful textures in this home, which I think really balances out the somewhat-minimalist quality of the rest of it. Really well done.

  • never commented on a sneak peak but this house is so amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • This might have already been mentioned, but I didn’t see it. Where are the crates hung on the wall from? I love them!