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sneak peek: heather frazier of frazier and wing

by Amy Azzarito

photo above: jon jensen photography

here at design*sponge, we’ve been following the work of heather frazier since 2007, when we became completely captivated by her ethereal mobiles. four years ago – after 20 years in san francisco – heather and gallery owner husband charles hartman moved to portland. daughter elizabeth was just about to head off to college, and the couple felt ready to pull up stakes and make their own move. they settled in this light-filled craftsman home where heather now spend her time making gorgeous paper arts! (i have to admit to a little envy looking at all that built-in storage!) {thanks heather and charles! and many thanks to jon jensen for the lovely photographs!}amy a.

[Our home is a 1923 craftsman bungalow located in a lovely Northeast neighborhood of Portland. One of the things we love the most about our house are the high ceilings, large rooms and lots of closet and storage space. The original built in bookshelves and cupboards are pretty great too. The huge picture windows in the dining and living rooms are a daily source of pleasure. We try to spend a little time everyday just watching the world go by – neighbors, animals, kids and nature.

The photo above is one of the 4 bedrooms in the home. We use it as a sitting room. The sofa is from Mitchell Gold, the gold branch is a vintage piece from one of my old haunts in San Francisco. The lamps are also vintage – found at a Portland antique mall.]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: We bought the Knoll Womb chair many years ago when Knoll used to have their amazing 40% off sales. The sofa is the Neo from Bensen.]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: I started collecting vintage colored glass quite a few years ago. I used to go to the Alameda flea market in the Bay Area regularly and that is where I found some of the first pieces in my collection. It is one of the few things I miss about living in San Francisco.]

photos above: jon jensen photography

[photo above left: The kitchen was the only room in the house that we had to renovate. The previous owners had put in Home Depot cherry wood cabinets which I felt were completely wrong for the house. I have always loved open shelves and simplicity in a kitchen so we had open shelving made and refaced all of the bottom cabinets and painted them white, which makes a nice backdrop for more of my vintage colored glass.

photo above right: The dining room table is a well-loved (and well-used!) spot in our home. Charles and I spend a good deal of our time together here, reading and eating, talking and watching the day unfold. The table is a marble Saarinen that we purchased from Hive in Portland. The chairs are Eames Eiffel chairs.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of Heather’s peek (and all the images on one page)!

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: I bought these vintage country Thai doors many years ago from an antique dealer in San Francisco. I just love carved motifs and the colors revealed by the peeling paint.]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: Love these tree trunk side tables from West Elm!]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: These lacquered shelves lining the hallway are also from West Elm. I use them to display some of my little vintage treasures.]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: This is Charles’s office. He worked from home for a couple of years while his gallery was being built. He started his career as a rare photography book dealer. As the bookshelves hint, he is an avid reader and book lover. We built these shelves to house his collection]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: Hanging behind the bed is a vintage Japanese obi. I like to use them as wall hangings. (I made the pillows.)]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: This is Elizabeth’s room when she is visiting. The Parsons desk is from West Elm. The mirror is vintage. The mobile is one of my designs: frazier & wing. And the bedding is Chinoiserie from DwellStudio.]

photo above: jon jensen photography

[photo above: The green and white mobile is part of my current collection. It is hanging in front of a collage by Rex Ray, which was a birthday gift form Charles.

The mobile on the right is from my debut collection of magazine mobiles, which are no longer in production. Rex Ray’s use of cut paper in his collage work was an influence when I first started making mobiles and garlands. That was in 2000 (well before the current trend! ) when I was making mobiles and garlands to use in my window displays in my retail shop.]

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The living room reminds me so much of the Grandmothers 1800’s home, it is just the same- down to the little widows over bookcases surrounding the fireplace. The ancestor photos are a nice touch… and LOVE the Bensen sofa.

  • I love the paint colors!!! I wish you would have posted some. I’ve been looking for the perfect green shade for my kitchen for months!

  • Love this Sneak Peek! I’d seen the dining room photo a couple of years ago but it’s great to see into some of the other rooms. Great style.

  • I have perhaps, an odd question… As a fellow bay area transplant to Portland I have painted my tiny bungalow’s living room nearly the same color as your (totally charming) living room. During the day, the color looks bright and cheery, but in the evening, it looks cold, cold, cold! Okay, returning to the question- what sort of lighting/light bulbs do you use? (I told you it was an odd question)
    Thank you for sharing your really lovely home.

  • this is just second time for me to write a comment though a daily visitor here. WOW!!!!!
    too~~~ perfect to believe!!
    keeping calm and peaceful AND lively, colorful and attractive.
    well balanced with everything in the house…. exactly MY DREAM house.REally appreciate for sharing this~.

  • This is a beautiful house. I think it needs some older touches though to pay homage to the period the house was built in and its style.

  • that subway tile fireplace is gorgeous! i’ve seen them before, but it works perfectly with the colors and mood of the space. i totally agree with ashley whiting: “reminds of so much of the grandmother’s 1800s home”. it has that old charm. thanks for posting! xo

  • Wow! I would love to know what that paint color is in the living room. I love the way it changes in the different light! It looks like sea glass.

  • I always love the house tours that are beautiful and still look liveable. And this is definitely a house where I think I could feel comfy and cozy.

    And how funny that this house tour is from the owner of Frazier and Wing, as I had just been checking out their mobiles right before looking at Design Sponge.

  • Stunning!!! I’m swooning over this home!!! It’s perfect. And I, too, would love to know the paint colors (for the trim too!)

  • I too would LOVE to know what paint color is used in the sitting room and the living room with the Knoll chair!

  • Oh no, the paint color question! I am sorry to say I have no idea what the colors are. I should, but I don’t! But I can tell you that we used 4 different shades of green in the house. Oh, I do remember the trim is Benjamin Moore Navajo White. Thank you Grace and Amy for the post!

  • What a beautiful home. Just looking at the pictures makes me happy. I especially like the coloured glass collection.

  • I have had an unidentified photo of their dining room in my inspiration file for a few years. Now I know the source! Of course, I love this whole set of images.

  • What a beautiful home. I love the colors she has chosen for the walls. I love the bones of this gorgeous bungalow. I love the rugs, the accessories, everything.

  • Love your home. We also have a craftsmen bungalow from the early 1900’s and also used the Navajo White on our trim.

  • I love the collection of colored glass, the earthy natural use of wood and the paper art.

  • Oh my goodness!!! I love her style!! And the mobiles and garlands are completely gorgeous. I love how whimsical they are while still remaining so classic. Thank you for posting all of these! Amazing!!

  • Wow! The interior of this home is fabulous. The colors are great and everything is so unique. So very inspiring!

  • this is my idea of heaven. Perfectly homey and uncluttered, feels lived in in a good way. Great light.

  • ohhh, can I just start with the big furry rug? and then that gold flowery piece on the wall, and then the glass collection…mmm, this is gorgeous!


  • This home is so inspiring! I’m thinking the fireplace in our living room could use some sweet bookshelves on either side like this place.

    Thanks for sharing this classy space! *sigh*

  • The paint colors are beautiful. If you like the blue-green color Restoration Hardware has a color called Silver Sage this is awesome. Depending on the light in the room it goes from blue to green and is beautiful in any light.

  • that’s a really lovely deployment of a cb2 coffee table, heather (is that what it is?) – it’s halfway convinced me that a clear piece might work in front of our sectional. thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Love the mix of purple glass vases.. Seems like were seeing lots purple AND lots of of little groupings of pretty vases on various home decorating sights.. very nice!

  • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for your beautiful home! It gave me so many ideas. I have been saving glass vases in all colors for many years in hopes of display them similarly as you have done. I also have a Obi I found at a thrift store for $2.00 (what a steal right?) and I hadn’t figured out how to use it my decor. Thanks you are brilliant! Also that first picture of with the sun coming in on the furry furry rug just made me sigh for warmth and sunshine. Looks divine!

  • Big Kudos on the glass selection. I consider myself a bit of a glass snob and I was very impressed. Of course it helps that her paint color selections were superb.

  • I love the colours as it’s a palette I’ve been toying with, this is so inspirational.
    Gorgeous home, thank you for sharing.

  • BIG fuzzy rugs on hardwood floors are my favorite! We have one in our (recently moved into..) bedroom:

    But not as big and luxurious. :)

  • wow! this is so beautiful! i love portland, sometimes when i’m walking around i try to (discreetly) peek in the windows, hoping each home holds as much inspiration as this one…i’m rarely disappointed :)

  • me like this alot…me like lime green, white and blue…I want to go to there….

    I love this alot…

  • We’re such huge fans of her work and what a privilege it is now to envision where she’s doing it all. What a beautiful home. We only dream of the day when our kids allow us to have such place!

  • I love this house! The aqua color is excellent, and the glass pieces are so beautiful! I want to add them to my collection :)

  • What a great home to wake up to…An inspiring place to create ..And a soothing place to live….Thanks for the peek inside your home….Enjoyed it!

  • The lacquered shelves are the best part of this home. I will check out West Elm to see if they have them in different colors.

    I’ve just set up a studio space that could benefit from a visually engaging piece like this.

  • This is an amazing home. I love all of the colors, and am so jealous of the glass collection! I aspire to have a home like this some day.

  • Your paper art is beautiful and your collections are wonderfully shown. I was sad to see all of that beautiful Craftsman wood trim painted. Sorry, I’m a Craftsman home purist.

  • Wow! I am so envious of all the space you have! And of course it probably looks so big because you have everything organized. (Books take up so much room, but how could a book lover live without them?) Anyway, I bet you relish the space yourself, having come from living 20 years in San Francisco.

    • thanks mona,

      i’ll send this to our google ads contact and let them know. we had this happen during the VA race, too unfortunately. stupid political campaigns (on both sides) lied when categorizing their ads, so instead of being IDed as political, they were categorized as something else non-political. so annoying.


  • Sandy, painted trim became more common in bungalow homes in the 1920s, many had fir trim never meant to be stained. I can’t pretend to know what was original to this lovely home but it isn’t in any way out of context. I almost drove myself mad with our bungalow until I learned the wood had been painted from the beginning! It took quite a bit of digging to learn so I thought I’d pass it on.

  • It’s refreshing to know that Interior Designers/ Decorators need not to be limited to a particular design concept when working on the whole house. This house is a perfect example of incorporating different design touches and color schemes on diff areas of the house. Beautiful!

  • The gold wall sculpture in the first pic appears nearly identical to a white one currently being sold on the Urban Outfitters website (the UO one might be a little smaller, and image is reversed). Just grab some gold spray paint and you’d be good to go!

  • You have a lovely home Heather, and some wonderful collections. It’s nice to get a glimpse of the inside of your studio, to see you working on those pretty mobiles.

  • I’m so sad you don’t know the paint colors! If you ever come across them, please post them! I’ve only seen this shade of green in the living used a couple times and can never find the color.

    I love every room in this house! I am so glad you tore out the cherry cabinets, ick. Why do people just stick those in any home without a thought as to if they fit the style of the home. I despise cherry cabinets and I love what I can see of your kitchen.

  • I usually just like things ‘here and there’ in the sneak peaks, but every once in a while, there’s a featured home that I would happily just move into tomorrow. This is one of them. It’s simply gorgeous!

  • This is one of the most beautifully curated houses I’ve ever seen. I love everything about. I look at all of these beautiful places and wonder how I can make it happen in my home.

  • I have a house whose living room looks exactly like this with a gas fireplace that has no chimney. Does the fireplace work here? How does it vent? Thanks!