sneak peek: brad dufton & kendra amin-dufton pt. 2

brad dufton of color theory and his wife kendra amin-dufton, woman’s dept. manager for urban outfitters, were kind enough to share a peek into their boston home last march, and today they’re sharing an updated peek into their new apartment in boston’s south end! brad shared his insight into their decorating process below, so i hope you’ll enjoy his guided tour through their new apartment. thanks so much to brad and kendra for sharing their home with us! click here for additional, full-sized photos on flickr!

[Our new home is a 740 sq ft, 1 bedroom apt., located in Boston’s South End neighborhood. The building was designed and built in 2009 by Hacin + Associates, a reputable and exploding local Architecture firm, known for their modern design aesthetic and ability to blend their facades naturally within historic neighborhoods. When we knew that we would be moving into our new “Open Living” apt, we began our design process immediately. Inspired by art & culture from the 1930’s and the 1970’s, my wife Kendra, (Woman’s Dept. Mgr. for Urban Outfitters, Harvard Sq.) coined the description for our new home, as “deco/disco”. Now that we had a vision for our new home, the detailing process became focused and efficient.]

[Inspired by Tropical Asian islands and interiors, Kendra and I wanted to create our own oasis, and feel our bedroom offers us both warmth and relaxation, during Boston’s 7 months of winter. Most of the decorative items in our bedroom are antiques or vintage finds and we especially adore the hanging Sculptures of the Man and Woman w/ the orange background, because we like to think they look like us, even though they were made in
Thailand 50 years ago.]

[I am proud to say that we used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Paint line, for our entire residence. Aura takes just 1 coat of paint, so long as the walls were white prior, which ours were, saving me hours of work. Our chosen paint colors are also ALL from Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Color collection; the idea is that no matter how many and which colors you select from the Affinty Color Wheel,that all the colors will compliment perfectly. Living Room: “Cinder”, Kitchen: “Azores”, Bathroom: “Batik”, Bedroom: “Tranquility”,
All Doors: “Silhouette”.]

[We found the perfect wallpaper, from the Ink Collection by Brewster, which runs along a 26′ long wall, connecting our dining room to our living room, on for a total of $280 !!! That’s a steal.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of Brad and Kendra’s sneak peek after the jump!

[We also reupholstered our 2 dining chairs in a designer fabric, made out of Teflon, which essentially makes the chairs indestructible against all moisture and food stains. The chairs’ new fabric was also purchased from, 3 yards for $18. We have plans to reupholster our sectional sofa in the coming weeks, we’re just still searching for the perfect fabric. I LOVE, but you have to be willing to sift through 100’s of junk fabrics to find the diamond in the rough, and I encourage anyone to do it twice a month, for the best results.]

[And probably our favorite room in our new home, would have to be our kitchen. In the 11+ years of living in Boston, never before have we had such a large kitchen, and especially one with brand new full msize appliances. We both love kitch items and diners from the golden era, and we decided to choose a classic pale green/blue for the walls, w/ pops of playful decorative items, such as the red birdcage, gold mirrors, and mounted longhorns above the stove.]

[It’s a blessing to have such a talented upholsterer, John Vasquez, on our colorTHEORY team, because he reupholstered our formerly all white microfiber living room chair, to a graphic patterned fabric by Henry Calvin. But I purchased the fabric from my “top secret” website for significantly discounted designer fabrics, This Henry Calvin fabric, available through U.S. Design Centers, retails for $145/yd as we speak, and yet I paid a total of $45 for the needed 4 yards!]

[In the entry way, I experimented with a painting technique referred to as “Shadow Striping”. Using painter’s tape, I free styled a geometric pattern, and simply applied the same color paint in a Semi Gloss finish over the Matte Finish. Once you peel the tape from the wall, you are then left with a pattern that takes on a life of its’ own, depending upon where you stand and how the light shines on it.]


Wow that is gorgeous! They have done such a great job making a small space seem huge. I love the colors they picked.


Love the wallpaper and the over all glam-retro-moder mix. Not so sure about the light switch in the middle of the clocks. Hmmmmm?

Heavy Petal

Nice! I love the geometric wallpaper, and the contrast of the red birdcase with the blue-gray kitchen walls.


brad and kendra, you have made your mother so proud again. beautiful place. I have 3300 sq. ft. just think what you could accomplish here.
love you both. stay beautiful.

Piper aka one sydney road

oh the bedroom looks so relaxing. and i’m loving the wallpaper – just gorgeous. and the pop of red in the kitchen…i think i’m going to have to steal that idea!

i’m a huge fan of grey – can’t get enough of it in our house – thanks for the ideas!


gorgeous start to the new year! Love the sectional is it custom?


Know what will kick the winter blues? Giant palm fronds. I need to get me some giant palm fronds.


i LOVE your bed. where is it from?
lovely space brad and kendra.


:O i LOVE that idea of shadow striping! will definitely do that in the future!!

and that red birdcage is so cute. i wish it were mine heehee

beautiful home. ^_^


LOVE that idea of shadow striping! i will definitely do that in the future.. and that red birdcage is cute! wish it were mine :)


ok i posted similar comments cause i thought the first one didn’t go through… hmmm


Hi there,

Can you please tell me where you got your bathroom wallpaper?

We moved into a home with the same paper in the living room. Unfortunately, the guys we hired to refinish the wood floors ripped it. We love it and have looked everywhere in hopes of replacing the parts that were destroyed. The home was a foreclosure so asking the previous owner where they got it really isn’t an option.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated

Thank you!

You can reach me at


Fabulous! you have a great sense of color, space and style!
The text didn’t mention anything about the adorable little cuckoo clocks. Where are those from?

Caroline in NC

Love everything about your space…especially the eclectic mix of vintage and modern. Just my style!!

Cindy Jacobs

So nice! Where did you find the red birdcage in the kitchen?


Love the cuckoo clocks, and curious as to what an ‘exploding’ architecture firm is…!


Wow…what a gorgeous and inspiring space!

I’d like to know if I could print out any of these photos for my inspiration wall. Is there someone specific I need to ask!

Thank you for sharing your space with us!


Beautiful. I love the wall color in your bedroom. I’ve been searching for something similar. Do you happen to know what paint color that is?


Beautiful home. Where did you get the entry table. I have been looking for a narrow one for my entry way. I noticed the bottle of aquardiente ; )


I’m loving the bed too. Does anyone know where it’s from?


I never comment on anything in the two years I’ve been reading this blog but HOLY CRAP; this is SO incredibly gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic & very inspiring :)))

CC McCullough

Where did you get the cuckoo clocks? they’re GREAT! Thx!

Brad of colorTHEORY

Thank you to everyone who has left such positive comments about our home!

To answer a couple of questions, the Koo Koo Clock are by Kikkerland, but I believe have been discontinued?
The bed is called the “Limo” and is from BoConcept.
And the name of our bedroom color is called Tranquility by Ben Moore.


for some reason, everytime I comment it says Its a duplicate comment…
but I know its not, and then I rewrite it, add something extra and then two comments show up…hmm


Hi Brad:
What a beautiful place–and I love your website also. But I’m writing because I especially love your sectional couch–can you tell me where you bought it?


Love your apartment, enough to prompt me to comment for the very first time on site! I didn’t see another comment about your beautiful teapot with the bird on it. Could you please tell me where you found it?

Brieta Allison

I have also not ever commented before, but this home is absolutely stunning!

I would also like to know where they purchased the wallpaper for their bathroom. I have done my bathroom in all black and white and would LOVE to copy them in their choice of wallpaper! (And just about everything else, too!)


I love everything about your designs! The house looks beautiful and calm. May I ask where the sofa if from? I have been looking everywhere for one very similar. thank you!


so the bed in the photo doesn’t look like walnut veneer- did you do a custom finish? Love it!!!!

Ana Mendes

Hi, I really liked the sofa, where I can find it out to buy, or what is the name of this model? thanks
looooove it!


Thank you for sharing. I have blue paint in my room as well with southeast asian/hawaiian accent pieces and I always thought of putting in a splash of red, but thought it wouldn’t match. thank you for showing me that it does work. It looks beautiful!!!