past & present: tartan (part 2) shopping roundup!

Tartan Round-Up

With all this tartan talk, I’ve begun noticing tartan everywhere! And although a little plaid goes a long way, here are a few of my favorites!

[image above: long plaid chain necklace $19.99, tartan tape shade $128, audrey wallpaper £35. antique tartan print $120, henning sofa $3,998, ralph lauren chair $649, set of 6 coasters $14. 95, converse sneakers $44.80, brockhampton knob $2.95, laugharne blanket £71.00]

[image above: vintage plaid stamp sign $75]

[image above: tartan dessert plates $48, computer case $107.50, plates memo tray $9.99, tartan baubles bracelet $28 matteo scarf $60, tartan playing cards £5.99, plaid steamer truck $84.59, plaid locket $26.00 throw blanket $70]

[image above: throw pillows £34.00]


Nice price on the Macy’s/Ralph chair — altho I’ve gone to Macy’s twice thinking I’ll buy some advertised furniture only to find out the quality isn’t up to snuff when I get there. I wonder if Ralph’s stuff is any good


Love this post! If you’re in Chicago and love some plaid, you must stop by Brimfield in Andersonville. You’ll be amazed by their selection.


I just spotted an affordable and lovely tartan throw in Muji – can’t see it online but it’s new and is yellow, green and brown – really lovely.

mari anne

ok– I’m gonna go out on a limb here— I think I’m gonna pass on the plaid– especially the big, stuffed plaid chairs. But you all go ahead…..I wore plaid for 12 years from1st grade to 12th and I swore then, and I’ll swear now, I ain’t EVAH touchin’ the stuff again! Certainly not on my furniture.


Oh yeah! I”m a tartan girl, myself. Love it, although I don’t have any around the house at all.


Great Post. On January 25th Scotland celebrates its national poet, Robbie Burns.


I got those tartan dessert plates for the holidays and haven’t been able to bring myself to put them away yet. I love them!


I love all of this tartan…does anyone know of anyone that sells online get tartan/plaid rugs?


Love this tartan roundup. And the orange chair on the light blue wall (I’ve the same color combination in my living room)


this series has inspired my new sofa line! thank you so much for constantly giving me inspiration!


I second the rec for Brimfield in Chicago. Meegan, you might call Julie and ask her about rugs. If anyone would know where to find a plaid rug, she would. Her specialty is upholstering vintage furniture in vintage Pendelton wool. Lots and lots of creative works–like covering every button on a tufted armchair in a different plaid. Here’s a review of her store in a plaid-lovers blog: