parliament portland

well hello, office of my dreams. scot at parliament sent over a link to his company’s amazing portland, oregon office and i have been trying to find my jaw on the ground ever since. not only does the parliament office seem to be jam-packed with beautiful things to look at, but it is also clearly full of some seriously talented people.

parliament is a full service design studio offering a huge range of services in the fields of print, retail, marketing and digital design. i really enjoyed checking out their portfolio, but i found myself drawn back to their actual office design over and over. one of my favorite west coast photographers took these shots- lincoln barbour- and they are as inspiring to me as any home tour. i love all of the rough cut firewood on the walls, the gorgeous work tables and the open, but warm, feel of the space. throw in a tad more girly-ness and it would be my ideal design*sponge headquarters. i’m hoping to visit these guys in person soon, but in the meantime you can check out their work, and where they work, right here. thanks, scot! [all images via the parliament site, photographed by lincoln barbour]

ps: i found the pentagram “what type are you” quiz through the parliament blog. check it out here! (password: character). i’m archer hairline.

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tara - scoutie girl

how manly!! it is so inspirational to see great design that is so clearly built for xy eyes.

and in all its rustic, masculine charm, its so refined!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest

Wow, how could you work there and not be inspired? What an amazing space! I think Candice Olson did a similar firewood wall on one of her episodes….so unique.


that was so relaxing in a rainy-day NPR sort of way. I’m Archer Hairline, too! It’s really a lovely font- I want to use it all the time now!


I’m Archer Hairline too, which is just as well, because I’m saving up for that! What a stunning office they have.


Fantastic! As I sit in my sad little cubicle, this was total eye candy!


I’d move to Portland to work for Parliament. I would love to work in such a raw, inspiring space.

(On their website, they also post excellent photographs of how they designed each room and each piece of furniture.)


I love this workspace!! the super manly feeling, and the walls are amazing! I’d love to work in a space like this!!

Kate Z.

Not sure if I should share it with my husband or not, lest I find him hacking up firewood for our office!


daaaaaang PDX! lookin good. nice inspiration right there. that city is full of goodness.


What a great space – where do I sign up to work there? I love the Pentagram quiz btw – I had found & blogged about that last week – I was Pistilli Roman.


That would be really cool if you came to Portland! Be sure to let us know before you come so that we Portlanders can inundate you with suggestions of places you should go.

Love this workspace. I hope they have some sheepskin throws for those Eames chairs, though. Those tend to be fairly chilly to sit in – even in summer here in Portland.


y’all got the sass and style it takes to keep the creativity on a roll. someday we’ll have to compare notes, cause we got it too!


I used to work in the same building as Parliament and on my way into our offices every day, I would swoon at their space. There are other parts of it that aren’t shown and those are amazing as well. Awesome office :)

Chris Erickson

Howdy, I’m the Principal at Parliament and I spearheaded our office design. Thanks for all the great comments, much appreciated.

I wanted to briefly address all the “manly” comments. They are all right on, the office definitely has a masculine bend to it. While many of the elements that lend to that aesthetic where intended to do so, I originally envisioned a softer execution. If I did it all over again I think it would probably be more balanced. That said, there aren’t a lot of spaces like it, and perhaps the skew towards office-lodge makes it more successful. Who knows?

Again, thanks for all the love. Got to get back to work…


Love, love, love the firewood wall!

I’m Van Doesburg, what a fun little quiz. Thanks for posting!

Susan Gist Taylor

Hmmm…I was Dot Matrix, which happens to be a font i’ve never really cared for…interesting.

Lovely space! so jealous of the gorgeousness.


I am quite taken their studio—especially the mustache hanging on the wall. Not only that, but I prefer the masculine look. I don’t think anything would be gained from random feminine touches.


awesome quiz – I’m archer hairline too! also, love that wall made out of logs, so cool.


ooooh i wish i worked in such an amazing space.
how are the prints in the pool table room hung? on the parliament website, it appears that then have be plaqued somehow. i don’t see any clips or tacks.


Gorgeous space! Can anyone tell me where the (red ) winged horse is from? I’ve seen it in magazines and deeply covet it….

Chris Erickson

We hung the prints by cutting 1/8″ non-glare acrylic to the exact size of the print, drilling a tiny hole in each corner, and then driving little straight pins through each hole and into the wall. It is very minimal and barely noticeable, the only drawback being that you have to pierce the artwork.


Wow, who’d want to go home when your workplace looks like that!!

I did that quiz a few days ago, I got Lettres Ornees. I’m not too impressed


wow! this is great! like an awesome combo of The Doug Fir and the Stumptown at The Ace. Portland Perfection!! :)

Angie Erickson Brionez

Ooh, ooh! So proud of my brother’s talent… so glad you all get to see his amazing office space. I am continually blown away by his ideas and execution.


Love it!! Where can I find the horse on the door in the 2nd pic?


This is my husband Scot’s office. It is as lovely in real life as it looks in every picture. It’s depressing coming from there back to my corner desk that faces two off-white walls. Good work Chris you truly are a design genius!


such a beautiful work environment !
and a fun little quiz. I’m really glad to be a Dot Matrix type I love it :)

Lindsay Nansel

So awesome to see a familiar place on one of my favorite blogs! I was just visiting my fiance yesterday who works there and was able to give a few friends a tour. They were also very impressed!


I love all the different woods used throughout…looks like such a creative and fun place to work!


Ah, I love the work environment so typical of agencies.. This one is particularly gorgeous though! Great for feeding the creative spirit!

Lynn Byrne

I don’t really like the office decor (sorry), but the quiz is a hoot! I tweeted a link to your site to encourage people to hop over and take the quiz. Best, Lynn

Noel Wiggins

Beautiful space, unfortunately with the pool table and so many things to look at and treasure, i’m not sure how much work would get done if worked there ;-P


the font quiz keeps telling me I entered the wrong password – what am I doing wrong? I want to know what font I am!


Also Archer Hairline, and it’s definitely my favorite. Beautiful office, beautiful work.


Portland rocks and so does this office! Very inspirational. Not sure about the flying horse/pegasus (old Mobil Oil logo) unless you are planning a coup against the oil regime. ;-)


Thanks so much for the info on the red horse, I never realized it was a logo!

Dana Downer

That untreated wood screams ‘bugs’ to me, and the monitors are positioned for glare.


i’m archer hairline too – a little late to this party, but i loved this post and that test!


What kind of pins are being used to hold up the prints on the wall? On a few of the larger pieces, I can’t even picture what I’d use to hold up that much acrylic.


It did turn out beautiful . . .

I definitely missed my boyfriend, Kyle Sharp, for the several months he worked fabricating the wall installations and desks (out of of old pizza ovens). He loved working for Parliament for their sense of design and style. Can’t wait to see it in person and meet you, Chris!

Andrew John_am

I absolutely like this kind of office, must be sincere i like vivid colours and would change the black but the mostly “wood style”, some details of big Words, the chairs, the old desk, posters, the silver tubes, the lights, and the wall made with pieces of trunks makes altogether warm and unique, great.

Andrés _from_argentina