nature-inspired gifts

when it comes to shops, i tend to get mildly obsessed with new favorites until i’ve window-shopped them to death. my latest window-shop-till-i-drop obsession is terrain, and i was excited to check out their new jewelry collection online. i don’t normally post jewelry, but with valentine’s day on the horizon, it never hurts to drop a few hints. so i thought i’d post a little roundup of my favorites in their “for her” section. i love this time of year- it’s the only time i relish in seeing red and pink together.

[image above, clockwise from top left: bird card $3.50, cotton field earrings $48, wild rose soap $10, twig bangle $38, howlite necklace $118, pink long stems $34, rose petal jam $12, woodgrain pitcher (ok, maybe this is more a housewarming than vday gift, but i love it), red and white striped napkin $8 (wrapped around chocolates), orchids under glass $148, leaf bracelet $148, moss garden terrarium $98]

*click here and here to watch the diy videos i filmed at terrain last month.


my eye usually goes right to the most expensive item, without fail, but that bird card is the loveliest* it’s so classic yet folk inspired at the same time – really beautiful.


oh my… loving the faux bois pitcher! (of course, I’m partial to most everything here…) :)

The PeachPost

I have to say the Rose Petal Jam doesn’t even sound right. However, I am loving the bird card and the leaf bracelet. The woodgrain pitcher is nice but I do agree that it might not make the best v-day gift.

I also like the idea of using a cloth napkin to wrap a gift. It’s so green!!!!


Grace! This is fantastic, as always! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that terrarium — it would be a perfect non traditional valentine’s day bouquet!


I too LOVE that pitcher. I’d love to know where you found it!


This is such a great collection of items! I love the nature theme.

I think the flower earrings are my fave :)


I like the woodgrain pitcher. And since Valentine’s Day is more about appreciating the one your with and getting him/her something that they’d like just to make them smile, why not a woodgrain pitcher? And you could always use it as a vase, if you’re worried about it not being Valentine-y enough.