make your own chandelier

i’m a huge fan of lindsey adelman‘s work, and count myself among the group of people out there that are slowly saving up money to buy one. until that day comes, i was so thrilled to hear from kate that lindsey has posted a link to a step-by-step guide to creating your own industrial-style chandelier. this made a small run on the blog circuit last week, but i couldn’t resist re-posting because it’s such a great project (and a rarity to see a designer share how-to instructions for something similar their work). just download the instructions here, pick up some parts and create a custom piece to fit your home. awesome. thanks to kate for the tip and to lindsey for sharing.

image via morgan at the brick house



thanks for the link- i found it on lindsey’s site and missed the credit. so happy to find it’s morgan! we ran her house last year- it’s a favorite of mine :)



Morgan gives some great details on her DIY approach–she tweaked the instructions a bit and her results are superb.


I’ve been looking for an alternative to “the usual” for my living room. Now I have it. Thank you!
(I had a vintage blown glass but I like this better!)

Kevin Derrick

Great project for sure, but- thinking solely from a business perspective- I question why she didn’t develop it as a budget version of her line. Any thoughts?


I looked at the cost from the first vendor and it was running over$100 are there any alternatives for a smaller version or any different tutorials?


Wonderful to read about a layman’s experience (re Morgan) on making this. Gives me confidence to go for it this year!


Thanks. I make glass like forms from plastic bottles. Have made a chandelier-like hanging. Want to try this for my dining room!