made with love: miniature champagne bistro chair


This new years my cup runneth over and now my house is littered with corks and cages from a few too many bottles of bubbly. In honor of the dawning of a new year and decade, I’m bringing you my favorite dorky party trick- making an miniature wire chair from a champagne cage. Just want you’ve always needed, right? We here at Made with Love bear no responsibility for accidents arisen from attempting this project under the influence. Please craft responsibly. -Amy M.

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What you’ll need:
– a wire cage from a bottle of champagne.
– wire cutters or heavy duty scissors

Picture 2

– Cut the center back of the lower loop on you cage.

Picture 3

– Remove bottom wire fully and straight as much as possible. This is pretty heavy gauge wire, but you’re tough, you can handle it.

Picture 4

– Twist your straight piece of wire to form a back. Remove the seat.

Picture 5

– Twist the back of the chair onto the legs and trim excess.

Picture 6

– Replace seat and bow the legs slightly so the seat remains in place.


omgosh this is so so so so adorable and would make a perfect addition to a gift! thank you for the instructions!!

Nicole B

This is such a neat idea for dollhouse patios or a collection of them on the fireplace mantle would look lovely!

Nicole B

This is a neat idea for dollhouses or a collection of these little chairs would look cute over the fireplace


I’ve been doing this for years and have a fun little collection of champagne and Belgian beer chairs in my china cupboard. Having pliers or at least a Leatherman on hand helps. I’m sure you’ve seen the DWR chairs in years past which had some really innovative designs.


I second that, Brittany. Place holders at a wedding or dinner party would be pretty cute.


Very cute! I always love to see what people come up with during DWR’s champagne chair contest. Anyone know if the contest is happening this year? I haven’t seen any word on their website.


haha Amy- you are too funny! I love that this is what you do when you drink. Very cute.


Well, I think this is positively genius. So charming. I’m going to have to give this a try very soon.


I loooved to do this when I was a little kid for my dollhouse — the corks made great footstools — I guess once a home decor junkie, always a hom decor junkie.


We’ve got a little champagne cage living room set on the kitchen window sill complete with footstools and coffee tables!


those are lovely. i saw them for the first time in a french boutique for showroom decoration.


Heheh, I didn’t know other people did this too.

I never thought about the place card idea though, very cute!


OK…this is way too cute! Must run to the store for champagne!! And….I need more than one chair! ;)

Katrina Lynn

This is my boyfriend’s favorite party trick! He leaves a trail of them wherever we go! It’s especially good on New Years and weddings were there is plenty of champagne to go around! :)

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

Love that this idea is green;-) And, I will make a concerted effort in the New Year to “craft responsibly” but I doubt I’ve got the talent to do so. There’s always 2011, right?


We have plenty of these around the house since bubbly is my favorite indulgence! And I actually had a friend who used these sweet little chairs as place card settings at her wedding!

Nancy Ellis

These can also be made w/ different chair backs (like heart-shapes) but of course you all have already started thinking that way! And if the back doesn’t look right to you, just make it into a table. Add little felt mice and … ok, I’ll stop now! Very nice tutorial.

Kate F.

Darling Amy, what darling chairs! Reminds me of the old DWR champagne-chair contest…The one year I made a comfy-looking cork and wire armchair, Ben liked it so much he wouldn’t let me send it in. It still lives on his desk. I have some corks and wires saved from a friend’s wedding; this is a good reminder that I still need to make them a little chair memento.


I have a collection of these from past parties and you really don’t even need any tools – just some patience and a complete disregard for your manicure.


I’ve seen these and keep meaning to make one but haven’t yet. I don’t generally have any champagne wires laying around, but there’s an artists junk store locally that sells them by the handful. I actually bought a couple with the intent of making a chair (they’d make great gift attachments), but have yet to do it. Thanks for your great tutorial.

Marna Elizabeth

love love love it…im going to get a bottle of champagne pronto so i can try my hands at this one….isnt it strange how everything is best in its miniature form?


Fabulous idea. It was the starting point for developing my own creativity, in fact it was my first (copied) handmade wireart. Later I’ve been inspired by simple things like this. Nice to see it again, thanks for this blog.

twirling betty

These are beyond cute. Given their provenance, can’t you just imagine the slighty sozzled fairies who might rest their weary feet (wings?) on one of these after a big night out?


when i was young, we four regular size chairs in black just like these. i wish i had them. this is such a wonderful project. i may just have to build myself a toy house with these chairs.


I’ve been making these for years! Don’t forget to use the cork as a table to complete the bistro scene!


Oh darn. Now I have an excuse to go buy some champagne. Might have to get 2 or 3 bottles in case I mess up on the chairs. :)

This is adorable! Can’t wait to try it!


Love this idea! I went through an old dresser last night and found one of these from a champagne bottle from my honeymoon that my husband insisted I keep. So glad that the next designsponge post was this idea! crazy how convenient life can be sometimes. Thanks for the idea!


This is a lovely way of starting the day :) I love the chair and the creative mind behind it!


I’ve always wanted to know how to do this! Right up there with whistling loudly with two fingers for cabs and at ball games…


It would be very adorable as an ornament! I would add a little flair by covering the seat with a tiny piece of beautiful fabric!


I enjoyed this post. It is really funny to read your tutorial. The chair is nice and adorable. I like this work.


OMG, where have I been living that I haven’t seen this before? I’m saving the tutorial for the next bubbly event.

Farmgirl Susan

Too cute! I can’t believe I’ve never thought to do anything with champagne cages before – especially since champagne is my favorite drink! This is such a darling idea – and something even non-crafty me can probably manage. If I go digging through the recyling bin I’ll probably have enough to make – ahem – more than a couple of chairs. Or maybe I should just pop open a fresh bottle. ;)

Evelyn Case

Thxs for the things you share with us. I looked at my last sparkling wine (lovely Rose Cava) wire for a long time, then recycled. I will buy another for Napo’s return from Ecuador and make a little mini chair for him to sit on hehehe.


Super cute! Thanks for the idea. I ran right out to make one and posted it on my blog. So fun!


I love this! Can I share this with my mini/dollhouse group?

Candice Diane, Designer&ArtsEducator

So glad you have the time to create this site and tutorial for others to use; I found it (actually the online chat reps @ DWR found it for me) while researching for a teen art class I teach, remembering DWR’s original Champagne chair contest. I made my first wire chair from one continuous piece of copper wire back in 1994, while in an Architecture Grad school, and I gave it to my mother who still has it in her dollhouse. Thank you for passing the work on!