made with love: fabric buttons for haiti


*sorry for all the downtime yesterday, guys! we’re going through some server changes. i didn’t get to post amy’s diy project yesterday so we’re starting with her column today. -grace*

AHHEM. Can everyone hear me? Pardon this brief interruption from our weekly forays into crafting while I bring you a message from…. oh.. my past life college activist inner-self.

Honestly, I’d been mulling over this project for the past week, buying supplies and thinking it through, but i still hadn’t actually sat down to my computer and donated money to a Haitian relief organization. It wasn’t until i started to sift through my photos of the buttons that I also pulled out the trusty AmEx to do what i had intended to do all along.

Sometimes you just need to clear a minute from your day and take care of business. It’s never too late! amy m.

Ways to help:

- American Red Cross
-Doctors without Borders

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

What you’ll need:
– Button kit
– scraps of fabric

– Write or stamp your message

– Cut out circle of fabric and sandwich into button makers.

– Wear with pride.

Catherine V

Thank you for posting a combined DIY project/donations links! I’m loving seeing blogs/bloggers come together to lend a hand.

The best feeling ever is to click on one of those links and make a contribution … And, I’d like to suggest that it be a contribution that “hurts” a little — meaning that maybe you’re willing to give up dinner out a few times or hold off on buying those new pair of boots. It’ll feel good, I promise! :)


This is a great idea. My son wants to raise money for Haiti as a service project. These would be great to sell at his school and our church to do this. What company makes the buttons? We want to get started making them this weekend. Are they a common craft store item or do they have to be special-ordered?

Sherri Levek

Amy, thanks for the great idea! I have a small boutique and I want to make some of these to sell and raise money for the Red Cross. Where did you get the button making kits? Thanks! *Sherri*