love letters

good morning! i thought it would be nice to start today on a love note. these beautiful notes are from mara zepeda of neither snow. as part of her valentine’s day suite (which you can order on her etsy shop through feb. 8th), mara is offering limited edition calligraphed valentines with vintage postage. each oversized envelope will contain a custom (up to 15 words) personal message and stamps selected especially for the person you love. each assemblage of stamps is unique and each letter is a great way to send an sweet love note to someone special in your life. if you want to place an order, click here to check out mara’s selection.

i also wanted to add two more quick notes to start off our abbreviated holiday posting day (we’ll be posting 4 times from now until 11am). first, in honor of martin luther king jr. day, here is a link to some great ways to give back on this national day of service and volunteering. if you have time, i hope you can find a way to give back today and any day you have free time to help those around you- and those far from home.

also, i want to wish ac a wonderful 33rd (or “larry bird-thday” as he calls it) birthday. i’ve been privileged to spend the last 6+ years of my life with him and am excited to spend the next 33 with him. xoxo!


Karen E

Happy birthday to our favorite comic on the side, especially at gift guide time. Have you ever seen Public Enemy in concert? He’s the Flavor Flav to your Chuck D.

ginny branch

emily- i love these! i am taking a calligraphy class next weekend and this is lovely inspiration! merci!