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There is one movie, despite 20+ viewings, in which I consistently catch previously unheard funny quips or whispered gossip (and that’s no small feat considering I pay pretty close attention when it comes to movies). Gosford Park never ceases to amaze me. Layer after layer of characters, plot twists, affairs and insanely decorated 1930s rooms fill up one of my absolute favorite murder mysteries.

Gorham candlebra $40, bell $52, air rifle $56, coral necklace $1080, chandelier $599, poison bottles, antique telephone $1500, antique sofa, adoptable brussels griffon, printed portrait $35+, stone mantel $2290.

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I’m a sucker for a classic English country house, but even more so for the dynamic between the servants and upstairs guests . Gosford Park spends equal time focusing on the drama both upstairs and down, and more excitingly, when the two worlds collide. When it comes to decorating, I’m a “downstairs” girl myself. But when it comes time to, oh, I don’t know, being served breakfast in bed, all bets are off.

-amy m.

sampler print $26, kitchen knife $145, vintage apothecary bottles $69/ set of 4, antique pitcher $325, iron bed $499+, carraroe heels $80, umbrella $10, vintage train case $44, antique copper pot $750, wool throw $188, bristle brush $96.

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This is in my Top 5 favourite films ever. Great choice for an inspirational mood board. Although I’m generally a midcentury girl, I do have a soft spot for old English style.


Love this, Amy! Another one of my favorite movies, and I just watched it a couple of days ago. I also catch new things every time, it’s part of the fun :)

Cat W.

Visually speaking, this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Thanks for highlighting this one, and I love the English country era, too!


1. I totally HAVE to see this movie! It sounds fantastic!

2. Love the decor! So timeless and classic!

Jennifer M

I adore this movie, thank you! I especially love the fact that you included the “adoptable Brussels Griffon.”


Love that movie, and totally agree about the downstairs decorating. Upstairs is so overdone and foofy, but downstairs, the clean lines and utilitarian edge adds something to the charm

AsianCajuns (Lauren)

Oh I looooove Gosford Park! My sister and I grew up watching “Upstairs Downstairs” with our mom, and I think it’s responsible for making us such Anglophiles today. You did a splendid job the collages- suddenly I’m wishing I didn’t own so much mid-century ;)


Dang, the shoes are only available in a size 8.5. Broken heart.


i totally love that the brussels griffon made the cut with adoption links to boot! super cute.


I love love love that movie! I own it and watch it over and over again myself! I love the part when the servants are dancing to the piano playing in the various dark rooms…:) You do such good movies. I wish I could afford that chandelier.


I didn’t like this movie the only time I saw it, expecting a Poirot type mystery and getting something else entirely, but you make a very good case for a revisit, not to mention that those interiors are gorgeous .

Lost City

Love this beautiful post of the movie. The adaptation of the props are wonderful! We are so into embroidered fabrics and pillows!


I would also rather be downstairs; except for the riding boots! We needed to put on the sub-titles to catch everything, but love the intrigue!!


I LOVE this movie. I watched it 4 times last week. :-/ I think when it comes to design, I am also a downstairs girl, but I love to look at all of that beautiful stuff!


I LOVE the house from that movie. It’s in a bunch of different films, including Peter’s Friends (where it’s fun to see it gussied up for a contemporary Christmas).

Thank you for reminding me that I need to own this DVD!


Thanks for highlighting “GP,” a visual and intellectual feast! My sisters and I are constantly quoting it … “You’re not very curious, are you?”


One of my top 5 favorite movies! I love everything about this era, the clothes, the cars even the sometimes overly stuffy rooms. Your selection is wonderful!


I’d forgotten all about GP — it’s really sumptuous onscreen, isn’t it? Loving the poison bottle :)

White Peacock

Well, there you are ol’ bean!!
I love this movie too. It is so busy and lush. “Remains of the Day” is excellent as well but Gosford is so quick-witted, it is in a league of its own.


Wow, I just watched this two nights ago and thought this would be a neat movie for Design Sponge to feature! What synchronicity! Thank you!


Oh my! I’m so happy to see this post! Gosford Park is one of my favorite movies ever. I have probably watched it over 50 times and I never get tired of it. No one I know has ever enjoyed it, so it’s lovely to see all the reader support! One of Robert Altman’s best!


Ohmygosh ohmygosh, so wonderful, thank you Amy! I adore this feature.

Also, I think I have a variation on that train case, if it’s a Samsonite. Only paid 15$ too! ;P


How lovely! I didn’t realize Design Sponge sponsored a column like this. I do a similar type of weekly post over at my blog, except I create a new look or outfit from the movie as opposed to a room like you do.

Well, betwixt us both we will be bringing the movies to life in all areas!

Here’s a link to all of my weekly “Reimaginations” if you care to take a peek:

(I am going to be doing looks for the Anne of Green Gables series next. My posts are every Friday morning.)

Sara P

If you like that film you MUST see Upstairs Downstairs. The series has taken me hostage these days and I wait on baited breath for each new Netflicks.


I am so happy someone else noticed the absolute and overwhelming beauty of this movie. I have watched this movie easily 50+ times, and like you I see something new each time.

I miss you, Robert Altman!


Sara P

Wasnt Upstairs Downstairs on PBS like 6 years ago? I loved that show (along with Frontier House and 40s House series that PBS did), I had no idea it was still on!! Is it only done in the UK? I must now go on a search because it was such a fascinating series.

Spruce Austin

Love this flick! Can someone have a dinner party where we can dress up like this!? Especially love the sofa choice, the camel back is amazing!


Thanks for featuring Gosford Park. I own the DVD and never get tired of it.
It’s brilliant!
Have you seen “I Capture the Castle”?
You are going to love the decor and the story.


Like everyone else, I adore this film and have seen it more times than I can count. My favorite part is the look that Kristen Scott Thomas’ character gives the American producer when he says that he’ll reverse the charges on his call coming in from the states.
If you loved GP then you must see the following:
The Duchess of Duke Street
Upstairs Downstairs
The House of Elliot
Thanks for this great post!


Loved that movie – love the picks inspired by the flick, too. If you watch the movie with the subtitles on then it catches all the whispered gossip for you – it also made some of the accents easier to understand.


Oh, Amy, this is fabulous. I have been loving all the film+inspiration you have been recreating. But today, this one is so great! This film is in my Top 10. And I want those shoes.


I just watched this movie and enjoyed it very much. I need to watch it again, and subtitles sounds like a great idea.

If you liked this movie you might like a book titled “The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton. It has a similar setting and is also from a downstairs perspective. It even has a little mystery/crime in it too.


I love that you did ‘living in’ Coal Miner’s Daughter! Such an expected and wonderful choice. It’s one of my favourite movies. Thanks d*s.

Kat from Jersey

I realize I’m a bit late to the party, but thanks so much for this one! One of my all-time favorite movies! Altman was a true genius. This movie just feeds into my whole Anglophile thing in the most delightful way! And didn’t you think the downstairs people were having way more fun than the upstairs people? Also, this movie was my intro to the gorgeous Clive Owen. If you have the DVD, watch it with the commentaries if you get the chance. The one with screenwriter Julian Fellowes is great.