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living in: amadeus

by amym

This is one of the first movies I decided to do when I started this column 6 months ago and I’ve been biding my time ever since. It’s such an epically amazing movie that I wanted to give it my A+ effort, on the off chance that you haven’t seen it. But then I realized, there is no doing this movie justice. More so than any other movie I’ve done do far, it’s a knockout in every way. Acting, music, sets, costumes.
Amadeus, I bow, humbled, before you.

trumeau mirror $675, plymouth stripe and vine wallpaper, wall sconce $187, parasol $50, wig $30, boudoir rouge $15, louis xvi chaise, heels $120, tapestry pouch $56, candlesticks $28 each, vase $20, cameo $28, hair elastic $45.

This post is more of an “Amadeus Lite” or Living In: The first half of Amadeus before sh*** gets crazy. The second half of the movie hits me in the gut, hard. So I ignored it while pulling together this post. Let’s pretend Wolfie and Stanze Mozart made lots of money and lived happily ever after, okay? OKAY?!?

amy m.

see’s chocolates $9, bacchus wallpaper, sword $255 each, resin antlers $128, schoenhut baby grand $1300, bergere chair, cakestand $50, mirror $110, Cardiff tea set teapot $50 & cup $18.

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    • yay! another person who loved it at a young age! this and the mikado were my favorites when i was little and my school friends thought i was a total freak.


  • oh, this is absolutely one of my favorites. i remember getting freaked out by that 1st scene (you know, with the blood) when i was little, but then being totally captivated by the rest!

  • BEST MOVIE EVER! I was thrilled when I saw this post today! “Amadeus” started my life long love of Mozart (and the 18th century in general)! Great job.

  • Mark me down as another who was obsessed with this movie as a child (and as an adult)! I was 9 years old when my father took me to see it in the theater, and I left both terrified AND dazzled.

    Awesome job with this “living in”, Amy!!

  • Oh man, you continue to pick the best movies! I used to love this movie when I was in third grade, if you can believe it! This makes me want to watch it again…
    You’re so good at finding the most perfect details, like that furniture that’s one-of-a-kind, and the hairband, etc…you must be an expert internet searcher :)

  • yes yes yes! i watched this over and over as a youngin (and i guess i wasn’t the only one!). what fun! kind of curious what a living in of the second half would look like- totally completely different.

  • I am so happy you showed clips of this movie, we had to watch it in my History of Music this past semester! I love the clothes and the furniture! Thanks for these awesome pictures!

  • seriously, baby grands can be only $1300?! i don’t even play the piano, and that makes me want to turn my apartment into a bar. time to find a huge snifter.

    (lovely work, amy!)

  • I loved this as a little kid, too (even thought I didn’t really understand half of what was going on). My sister and I would watch it over and over again….in fact — she just had a baby boy and gave him the middle name of Wolfgang!

  • Great movie – I love Tom Hulce in it, though his wife rather bugged me! If I might suggest another movie to live in, Only You with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. is such a feast for the senses! Her wardrobe is fabulous and they travel all over stunning parts of Italy. Beautiful hotels, Venice, Positano, etc.

  • I can’t get over all the stag heads on the walls behind Salieri…makes me miss Domino all over again.
    Love, love this film. What a great choice!

  • Yes, absolutely they lived happily ever after! I loved HER– whatever happened to that actress? Ah, that movie is just brilliant and I love your interpretations. Great!!!

  • This is lovely! I love these posts. I wonder, though, if you’d consider doing one on Marie Antoinette, even though it would end up fairly similar to this one? That movie was made for this, in my opinion. Also, I think at the very beginning you mentioned doing an Amelie post… still waiting on that! My favorite movie of all time!

  • This is my absolute favorite movies next to Flower Drum Song. I saw it three times in the theatre and was what ultimately made make a concious decision not to compose which I ultimately changed my mind 10 years later…

    Anywho, I saw the Director’s Cut and I wasn’t happy with it.

    I don’t remember ever reading about Constanze seducing Salieri in any of the books (and I’ve read extensively about Wofly’s life while studying all his music).

    And wasn’t thrilled about seeing her 1/2 naked in the cut in front of Salieri.

  • for lauren…

    those baby baby baby grands are cute to play around with. i have an upright similar to it.

    i wish a 4.5′ baby grand was only $1300. i played on a 9 ft Steinway that was $80k last week.

  • Adore all the details, though totally unjustifiably… This is the one movie I always want to see, but always forget to put on my netflix. {Shh, dont tell anyone}. Now that I’m so inspired, you’ve completely sold me. Going now.

  • I love this series that you are doing!!! I just discovered it and I think it is such an awesome idea. You have definitely made me want to check out this movie. Also, I’m sure you have an outrageous list going already, but I would love love love to see you do Emma (with Gwyneth Paltrow), The Count of Monte Cristo (with Jim Caviezel), or Mona Lisa Smile. Thanks, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!
    P.S. I linked this post on my blog today. I hope that’s okay : )

  • Ha ha ha!!!

    I can’t believe how many other people saw this when they were kids! I was in grade school when I saw it and I thought it was beautiful and scary and sad and really couldn’t understand it till later when I found a great deal of the of the movie was inaccurate but hey that’s entertainment.

    Love the furniture but the costumes are my favorite though I’d never where one myself I would love my “boudoir” done in those colors and fabrics. Hmmm mmm

    Great choice Grace!

  • I’m so happy to see that others were obsessed with this movie in their childhood too! When I first saw Sex & the City, I was like, Hey, it’s the maid from Amadeus! (Miranda) Maybe I’ve seen it too many times…

    Great post! I love this column.

  • I loved this movie when I was younger too! I couldn’t get over the wigs, the shoes and the hysterical laughter. I love the pieces you put together here..

  • Can Design*Sponge do a Living In: All About My Mother? Almodovar’s art direction and decor is where it’s AT!

  • i’m not even kidding, as i was looking through this i was thinking, “ooh, i really hope she doesn’t cover the downward spiral of amadeus!” haha. but living in might just be my favorite part of the site and i love every single one!

  • oh, fanTASTIC. And nice usage of those insane unicorn princess heels from Mod Cloth. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile, but don’t think I could pull them off. But if I go for an Amadeus thing, maaaaybe I couuuldddd…

    Great post.

  • I love that you posted about this! I just watched this movie a few days ago and have seen it so many times–the color combinations are just stunning!

  • one of my all time favorite movies…its really in my top 10 favorite all time films…
    I loved everything you pulled out of it….
    I loved the time it was set in, such a glittered time of decadence…if it doesnt remind you of the early 2000s then I dont know what does…

  • Wow, I didn’t realise so many people were like-minded about this film, I really loved it as a kid and in fact, was a catalyst for my liking any kind of classical for the first time – I mean at 12, it was all pop man, so, what a break through. Thanks for the reminder.

  • This movie is in my top 10…always will be. I make my kids watch it with me every once in a while…just because I can :) It was a handy reference when my third grade daughter brought a bit of lice (I know!) home & we had quite the discussion about why people wore white wigs once upon a time ~
    O.k. now, on that note ~ back to thinking about the fab! costumes & decor… :)

  • this is my favorite movie of all time… i never really realized how much this movie had influenced my style until i saw this post!! love ittttt

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