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  • You don’t really need 2 buckets, one is enough. Just fill it completely and let it to freeze – but not completely. That’s the trick. The freezing starts from the sides and once the “wall” is thick enough, empty out the rest of the water, turn the ice lantern over – that’s where the hole will be and enjoy. (If you want greens, they will need to be long and stiff enough to keep to the walls by themselves)

  • My uncle makes some of these every year for his garden, without the greens. They’re so gorgeous lit up! Makes me wish I had a place in the city for them!

  • I made ice lanterns last year and loved it. Thanks for reminding me how cool this project is.
    I really like the leaves and berries. Nice touch!

  • I’m living in Hamburg in Germany. It’s snowing right now! I love this cool project and I’m looking for buckets. I want to make these lanterns immediatly!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Totally gorgeous, but that would require FAR more cold weather than I would be comfortable with. We don’t have very many days in Metro Atlanta that are freezing ALL DAY.

    But if I lived somewhere really cold, it would be a beautiful silver lining to the incredible cold…