hello handmade valentines

if you’re looking for a beautiful hand-written letter to go with your paper flowers, but, like me, you have less-than-desirable handwriting, you’re in luck! the lovely ladies of hello handmade will be offering their services for valentine’s day this year.

shanna and betsy explained that this year they’re “taking a cue from jane austen” and are offering hand-written valentines folded in the regency style of austen’s time. each valentine is sealed with black and white striped washi tape and a wax seal and will feature shanna’s illustrated and watercolored swallows along with a personalized, customizable note in betsy’s romantic handwriting. you can place your order starting today through february 5th, so click here to contact hello handmade to place an order. also, hello handmade will be donating 10% of each sale to the american red cross relief for haiti. *thanks betsy and shanna!


Well done Shanna, that is fantastic! We still need to get together for that cup of tea!

Lost City

Absolutely gorgeous! We love these handcrafted wonders!

We are also donating to Haiti.We are hosting an auction and 100% goes to Yele Haiti!

We love when fellow designers contribute to the world!


These are beautiful, but I must admit I find that font well-nigh impossible to read.

Chroma Lab

I’m so happy to see the Austen reference! The ultimate handmade gift is surely a beautifully written love letter.


GORGEOUS… but wouldn’t you rather have something done in your sweetheart’s own handwriting? Even if it’s messy?


just love these. letter writing has always been special to me but now more than ever. the folding adds so much.


This has so much vintage charm and really gets to my romantic perception of an ideal Valentine’s Day card! I think I’m going to try my own illustration and letter as a personalized gift this year.

Student Hannah

Really amazing scripting. I am so into stationary lately, and I think Valentine’s day is the perfect holiday to spend some design time with. Great, inspiring post!


Ive always wanted a letter press..never found the right one…