Feed the birds, Paul

My grandmother would always say, “don’t forget to feed the birds Paul”.

She loved birds.

She had a pair of binoculars next to the kitchen window so that she could take a closer look at them.

And boy was there birds!

Our garden was filled with them.

Every morning she would go out and place food and replace the pinecones she would make.


What she did was to take the really large pinecones and fill them with a mixture of lard and birdseeds.

Its really easy.

You just take 1 cup lard and melt that in a saucepan.

Add 2 cups of birdseeds( the wild outdoor type) and mix well.

Let it cool off for a bit and then smear the mixture into the pinecones.

I always just do the middle and put white moss in the top or end part.

Then attach a string and hang it in the trees.

I promise you the birds will love it. They will love you as well.

Photos by Studio Dreyer Hensley


Oh, that little birdhouse takes me right back to family ski trips in Marka (which I hated at the time too, but really miss now in California). Just put away Levende Lys btw, which makes my Christmas every year. Looks like you should publish an English version! Love your posts!


I was just thinking about how we used to do this in girl Scouts! But we used peanut butter instead of lard.


Cette petite cabane pour les oiseaux est trop mignonne. J’en voudrais bien une comme ça !


Alicia…lard is available with the shortening – but you can use suet, from the butcher/meat and frozen meat dept. You could even use peanut butter!
The pine cone is a great idea thanks.