diy idea: contact paper chevron wall

this gorgeous (and inexpensive) diy idea comes from stephanie sabbe or sabbespot. yesterday stephanie sent over a picture of a beautiful chevron wall she created- using contact paper! i originally thought the chevron pattern was painted or a wallpaper design, but i was blown away when i read it was everyday, run of the mill contact paper. contact paper is one of those materials that seems to be overlooked as a craft material sometimes, but its possibilities are endless. click here to read stephanie’s full how-to for the project. thanks, stephanie!


i’d love to try this in a woodgrain contact paper with a large houndstooth print!


What a smart idea! I feel dumb for never thinking of it for some of my clients!


I’ve been looking for a wallpaper alternative for my bathroom remodel and this it it!! Thanks for solving my dilemna!


years ago ‘Contact Paper’ used to make wall paper borders.
Old idea that you have updated and excuted flawlessly!


This is great. Why didn’t I think of it? I just painted my living room wall with a chevron pattern. Painting was the easy part. Coming up with how to to make everything look even and aligned was the brainteaser. It took alot more effort than Stephanie’s trick.

According to my father, they used to sell chevron kits back in the 70’s!!!


Stephanie, this is absolutely fabulous!!! I have a wall I have been trying to decide what do do with and this is very inspirational!!


thanks for the creative idea. I’m re-decorating my entire house so you guys are a constant source of inspiration.


I love contact paper, I buy wonderful vintage patterns at thrift stores all the time. I have a nice little collection!


That is beautiful. Not something that I would have thought would look good in theory. But in reality it is really gorgeous.


We just bought a house where the owners used contact paper on the walls and it’s tearing up the drywall as we are trying to remove it. So BEWARE!


ditto the warning: contact paper has an extremely powerful adhesive that will easily rip out a wall. i moved into an apt and started pulling it off the kitchen backsplash. about 8″ square popped off suddenly.

do some research and at least use a blow dryer to soften the glue and peel slowly on removal. it will still be quite a mess.

stephey baker

This is a wonderful how-to! I’ve been designing my bedroom for months and this will finish it off nicely as a feature wall to showcase my headboard – expect I’m going to do the wall a metallic white (it looks pearly) and silver contact paper! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lily Taggard

Do you realize what that will do to drywall when it’s peeled off? Permanent damage. Layers of drywall came off with the contact paper. Been there, done that.