bottle opener roundup

yesterday while shopping in the city i kept finding myself drawn towards fun bottle openers. i don’t really open a lot of bottles on a day-to-day basis, but there are so many cute designs on the market right now i thought it would be fun to do a little roundup to expand on the great under $100 bar roundup amy did last year. so, without further ado, here are some of my favorite decorative bottle openers around the web…

[image above, clockwise from top left: crow bottle opener $25, bear bottle opener $13.99, marli bottle opener $26, skeleton key bottle opener $12 each, cast iron wrench bottle opener $30, recycled bike chain bottle opener $10, sten bottle opener $66, vintage brass whale opener $60, brass boot bottle opener $13.95, pop-up bottle cap remover $34.95, mermaid bottle opener and hand bottle opener $9.50, vintage hermes equestrian bottle opener (contact dealer for price), open here bottle opener $6.95, stelton bottle opener $52, cap driver bottle opener $6, crow bar bottle opener $23.95, owl bottle opener $22, splugen bottle opener $45]

[image above, clockwise from top left: bamboo handled bottle opener $28, vintage owl bottle opener $10, fox bottle opener $39, geneva bottle opener $8.80]


Last summer I got anthropologie’s cute little chickadee bottle opener, and it didn’t work. I took it back and traded it for another and it still didn’t work. Go get a glass bottled soda from the bodega next door and test the bottle opener before you drop $15-70 on one.


I bought the bear bottle opener for my husband for Christmas. We tend to collect fun animal utensils for our kitchen so this fit right in!


Loveley. How’s this for strange – for my highschool grad in 1987 my school gave out key chains with bottle openers on them! What a way to encourage new drivers to always have a beverage open. I still have it.


I always notice cute bottle openers cause my guy loves gadgets and loves beer. I got him a Lego one a few years ago but it wasn’t made very well and the opener tab started chipping. Therefore, we’re in the market for a new charming bottle opener! Perfect timing, d*s!


I would love to see a coat rack round up, I am having a difficult time finding a handsome wall mounted one…
Love the crow bar!


(Argh, it keeps saying I’ve posted a duplicate comment and I haven’t!)

I have the top skeleton key bottle opener! Unfortunately, they forgot to send me the ribbon, but that’s easily replaced.

I love the bear & whale so hard. Manly! I bet my boyfriend would rather have one of those over our skeleton key.


I love this. Such a a fun thing to bust out at a party!
I bought the same Anthropologie chickadee opener as Alex. And yes, although the lil’ guy sure is cute and is a conversation starter, he doesn’t work the greatest. Oh well!

Brigitta Ryan {duo}

I love the recycled bike chains. They’re smart.


They are unique and nice designs. I like every piece out there. This is real creative work. I like the mermaid and wooden model bottle opener.


Ditto to Natalie. I have the Anthro fish bottle opener and I was surprised it wasn’t on this list. It is the bomb.


I adore that bear bottle opener. I want one desperately for my apartment. And under $15 what a deal!


anyone got information on an opener called: anchor opener for removing caps from glass containers— anchor cap & closure corp. of canada (limited) –toronto canada. It is old and I would like to know the year it was made and other information.