before and after

before & after: mcgill dining room + vicki’s outdoor table

by Grace Bonney

normally before & afters on d*s are dedicated to regular folks like you and me, but it’s fun to see what a pro would do every once in a while. so i couldn’t resist sharing this seriously amazing dining room makeover from mcgill design group in toronto. james from mcgill sent over this room transformation that makes use of added wall and ceiling molding, along with a gorgeous dark blue/black ceiling. it’s hard to see the high ceilings in the first image, but even without that height to compare, it is one heck of a new and improved room. it makes me want to start painting my ceilings all sorts of different colors. thanks so much for james for sending this by- click here to check out more of mcgill’s work online.

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CLICK HERE for vicki’s backyard table makeover after the jump!

last but not least, our final makeover for the day comes from vicki karlan. vicki salvaged this folding table and chairs from a junk pile she saw on the curb. after stripping the paint, she had the chairs sandblasted to remove the rust and powder coated them (with the help of tortoise industries in LA) for a whole new look. a cute grey and white house print from f&s fabrics was used to cover the table top and chair pads. now they’re perfect for a spring garden party. great work, vicki!

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  • I’m blown away by that dining room transformation! So clever and so lovely! Absolutely love the ceiling medallion and hanging light. Really makes it more modern.

  • What a beautiful room! I have those artichoke statues, I feel more in style now :) LOVE the ceiling mount, is that custom?

  • Love what they did with the ceiling. The whole room looks amazing! My only note is that the pendant lamp is visually too light for such a heavy looking medallion, but other than that is fantastic!!!

  • I blogged about this a while ago because I just LOVE the use of molding to add texture to the walls. It makes the whole space feel more thought-out. Of course a beautiful creamy white and that dark ceiling help too, but the molding is really what makes that pop, I think. Just beautiful.

  • Oh and I wanted to add that the tricky use of curtains really gives the illusion of a wall of windows and feels much more glamorous. (unless, of course, maybe they really DID add windows?).

  • That garden furniture is wonderful! Is it weatherproof fabric? Or perhaps it doesn’t need to be? (Some people are so lucky!)

  • Don’t get me wrong– I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room transformation.

    However, it almost seems like cheating to post something done by a design firm. Of course my apt would look amazing if I had the resources to hire an outstanding firm. I though the DIYs were about creativity and using what you have to do something by, well, yourself. Not a hired firm.

  • Ummm, I like the dining room ‘before’, much better. It looks like real people might live and eat there.
    Nice rehab on the found table and chairs, it looks great!

  • hey – i know i’ve seen those wall sconces before. any idea where they are from? love them.

  • that dining room transformation is absolutely stunning! i love all of the molding – it looks original to the room & elevates the entire space. don’t even get me started on the dark ceiling, the use of curtains to make the window appear larger & that ceiling medallion! gorgeous!

  • love the dining room makeover, and i really do appreciate that you try to include many different makeovers from cheap to expensive and from subtle to dramatic. thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  • Stunning transformation on the dining room–just my style! Ditto on the wall sconce question. I can’t remember where I saw these, but I’m looking for something similar.

  • I think it’s a brilliant idea to hang those curtains so high and wide – and to have them span the length of the wall. This is a valuable idea that anyone can take inspiration from, so I don’t mind that it’s from a design firm. I think the point of these kinds of “before and afters” is to inspire us to think out of the box and apply what we can to our own interiors. I bookmarked this one – it certainly will come in handy! Thanks Grace!

  • The paint job on the dining room is amazing. Unfortunately there was a charming simplicity about the “before” dining room that didn’t translate to the “after”– there’s definitely a Pier 1 vibe going on.

  • Re dining room– imagine if they had gone with a different rug (instead of a sisal) and had the original dining chairs painted black…

  • WOW. It’s unbelievable how they went from such a plain jane dining room to one that makes such a statement. Well done.

  • Love them both! The dinning room looks very easy to mimic. On a much tighter budget, I am sure you can get the same feel and drama! Simple and elegant!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my gosh, I am so inspired! We have just bought an old farmhouse in total disrepair. My fiance and I both love old things and elegance. These tables and the room are just wonderful. You would not believe the junk we’ve found in our woods. There are some pictures of what we’re doing at http://www.shantara.wordpress.com. We really haven’t got started yet, but I’m posting everything we do. It’s sooooo much fun!

  • wow! that is a serious transformation of that dining room. Amazing! Just goes to show what can happen with some creativity and out of the box thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room…could i do that dark color with not so high ceiling? where are the sconces from? what colors on the wall…I need details, its absolutely beautiful!!

  • Are you freakin’ kidding me with that dining room!? Words fail me. I have had to look at the before and after pics a hundred times to convince myself that was even the same space. Inspirational is all I can say.

  • Where did you get that ceiling medallion??? I love it!! I have tried to find it on the internet and looked throughout this page trying to find some hint.