before & after: max’s desk + erin’s built-ins

today’s final before & afters belong to d*s readers max and erin. first up is max from wallter‘s desk transformation. max explained that, “i found the desk and chair a few houses from me on the street with a “free” sign. i repaired the drawers, re-assembled them, sanded down the original paint and metal frames, and then primed and re-painted using “american accents” paint from rustoleum. the drawer pulls were removed and replaced with our own wallter hex wall decor and the vinyl upholstery was replaced with “flora” fabric from maharam.” the final result? fantastic! thanks so much to max for sharing this before & after.

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CLICK HERE for erin’s built-in transformation after the jump!

today’s final before & after comes from erin at cultivating home. erin and her husband recently moved into their home and wanted to makeover their 70’s built-in cabinets. using paint and their own two hands they updated the cabinets with a new finish and a much more modern look. well done, you two!



Love these before and afters! Who would have thought that desk could look so great … and the built ins!! SO much better! Great job to Max and Erin. :)


Can you please come and makeover my desk :) I love the cabinet. The mix of white and black plus the rainbow accents in the decorations and books makes this piece stunning!


A lot of people are now trying to preserve the look of the vintage 70s home, and though I do understand that, I also understand updating (owning a home built in 1972 myself). I love the look of the new white built-in!


A lot of people are now trying to perserve the look of the vintage 70s look, and i guess I understand that to some extent, but I’m all for updating (owning a home built in 1972 myself). I love the painted white built-in!


I absolutely LOVE the ‘after’ desk. I’ve never seen pulls quite like that before!


Piper aka one sydney road

what an eye – who would have thought that desk could be so cool looking! i love the use of the hexagon wall decor as pulls…such a great idea (i think i’ll have to use it myself :)

Laura Mary

Can I just say, WHOAH! It’s so cool to see such amazing insight and imagination at work.
I have had desk legs hanging around here for months, not knowing what to make the top from… this kind of thing reminds me that it doesnt have to get complicated! Just do it!


Amazing – you CAN make something from nothing! I love renovating/revamping furniture, but I don’t think I would see the potential of this desk “before”. Great eye and execution!


Love the transformations. Does the white built in have door handles?


Although I think the orange and white chair should have stayed the same, I LOVE the desk makeover!


excelente………good work i like so much adios…desde colombia


Well I have seen lots of before & after but this desk and chair are really stunning. I will re-post this one in Rdekko. Howdy from Greece.

julia gorton

the desk is very similar to a george nelson steel frame desk from the 50’s.

Christine Schwalm

Wow! That desk is majorly impressive. I totally agree with the “Jonathan Adler”-esque comment. That desk would go for $500 or more–easily!


Deja vu! This is nice to see. As a child, I had the exact desk in my bedroom (along with a matching sliding wall mounted book case, double chest and single chest plus a night stand.) The drawer colors were white and “salmon-orange-ish.” The set also had the square steel legs and white formica top. My parents purchased the set L.A. in 1962!