before & after: jeannie’s dress + joanne’s credenza

i thought it would be fun to kick off before & after day with a bit of a twist: a clothing makeover! clothes aren’t really my thing, but i couldn’t resist this great save from blogger jeannie of make it. jeannie’s loving boyfriend bought her this wool dress but sadly, it wasn’t quite her style. not wanting to return it and hurt his feelings, she decided to turn it into a sweater jacket that was perfect for day-to-day wear. she even found a new use for the matching scarf, which became the black liner for the sweater and its tie. i loved the dress before (it’s totally my style), but i love that rather than get rid of something, jeannie chose to make it her own with a little diy love. she also found a way to “un-shrink” her sweater after a mishap in the dryer, so click here to read her tips for saving shrunken clothes. thanks, jeannie!

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our next before & after comes from joanne of calle pompon. joanne bought this mid-century credenza at a garage sale for $30 and decided to clean it up, refresh the wood and add a wine storage cube to make the piece for functional for her home’s needs. great work, joanne!



I love that she made it her own, but I can you tell me who made the original dress? Lovely!


Hurrah for repurposing old clothes, but I’m weeping for that dress. It’s gone from quirky class to Old Navy rack.


That poor dress! It was amazing as it was! I think you can find that same cardigan at Old Navy…
The credenza, on the other hand, is stunning.


Amazing job on the credenza!! Love the combo of the white with the wood.


I LOVE this credenza! This is the exact piece of furniture I have been looking for. Now, I think I’ll remake a piece instead of buying it new. Gorgeous!


I LOVED the dress, so I’m sad to see it go. But good for her for repurposing something she wouldn’t wear otherwise.


I like the original dress but it would really only work well on a tall person. I love that Jeannie was able to change it to something that she would actually wear. Plus I love the unshrinking tips and the other ideas on her blog make it!


That sweater-dress was fantastic and ultra-stylish, it’s too bad it was turned into something so generic.


Yeah, the ORIGINAL sweater dress was way more original and adorable!!


The sweater dress was very retro, but I love the redesign! Styles recycle every 30 years … and the bold lines are so IN right now. What a great idea!


I agree, the dress was fabulous! I simply wouldn’t have worn it as it was – but I wear the jacket all the time! I’m sorry – there wasn’t a tag in the dress so I don’t know who made it.


Awww, I like the sweater transformation! That dress looks like something the bride of Freddy Krueger would wear, so I like the after much better. It’s much less overpowering than that dress, and I love a good sweater hack. Great job!


How creative and resourceful! Rather than letting the sweater sit in her closet and eventually get rid of it (so what I would do), she made it her own! I love it!


I love all the DIY before/after credenza ideas (on design sponge and apartment therapy). But here in LA, everybody and their brother is getting into calling stuff “mid century modern” and jacking up the prices, even on places like Craigslist.


Just came across this credenza makeover and fell in love! Love the wine storage feature! I’ve linked to it in a recent post. Thank you D*S!

Vanessa Fucci

Where did you get the cube wine rack? I absolutely love the makeover and I’m thinking of trying it myself