we like it wild: fascinators

The shopping’s done, the table is set, now it’s time to finally devote some time to you this holiday season. Remember you? It’s easy to lose yourself between driving, parking, shopping, wrapping, mailing, traveling, cooking, and all the other ridiculous expectations we heap upon ourselves this time of year. We decided to do something to make ourselves look and feel fabulous this week, and we’re planning on doing it again next week for a New Year’s Eve showstopper, too. Our hair fascinators are a little bit of wearable wildness that will add instant awe to your holiday ensemble.

With a few pieces from the garden (or the grocery store) and a stopover in the hair goods aisle, you can quickly whip up a fascinator of your own. We’re giving you four looks for a variety of possible holiday events and range from easy to complicated.

The Peacock and the Headband are the easiest to master. Both make the most of all the leftover holiday bits you may have lying around. A peacock feather and some poinsettia leaves was all it took to make the Peacock: wrap the pieces together with floral tape for a simple behind-the-ear look for any holiday event. Use a bobby pin to keep in place.

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For something entirely elegant for a winter wedding the Headband, made from a simple string of hyacinths, is perfect. Hyacinths come in bunches of little blooms (they’re a great value) and have a long life on dry land, so this headband won’t be wilting for a long time. After two days, ours still looked fresh as a daisy. Use floral wire to string each flower, nesting one flower inside the next so no wire is revealed. When you reach a good length loop the wire at both ends and attach some ribbon color-coordinated to your outfit.

The Crown was inspired by Scandinavia’s Santa Lucia crowns, minus the candles. This one requires a little more wrapping and a bit more time than the Peacock and Headband, but the results are worth it. We used eucalyptus, bay, and evergreen, wrapping with floral tape and wire continuously until we achieved our desired length, then tied ribbons to the end to secure it when worn. Definitely a bolder look that promises to draw compliments and attention.

Finally, our pièce de résistance and ultimate conversation starter, the Nest, is just what you need for that holiday cocktail party or wild New Year’s Eve you’ve got planned next week. We found the nest, feathers, birds and eggs at our local craft store. Using regular thread we hand stitched a small comb to the back of the nest and feathers and glued some newly hatched babies, some little feathers and a proud mama to top it off. The comb holds the whole family perfectly, so place it in your hair at a jaunty angle and wait for the compliments (and questions) to start flying.

(peacock how-to in the text above the jump)


Love the use of fresh flowers and leaves!! They must smell nice too.

I put my birds on headbands at charmschool.etsy.com…


Beautiful and original ideas that cost literally nothing. I feel so inspired by this. This is what I visit Design Sponge for every day.

ju padilha

I hope you had a wonderful xmas!
it´s been a long time since I found your blog and it is part of my everyday! I’ve never wrote you because my english is not good, I`m from Brasil! but this time I got de courage to do it… because this post goes with the crafts I do.. my Charlottes..headbands made with satin streamer… if you have a little time I wold be gald to recive your visit in my blog!
thanks for share so many nice things all the year!
happy New Year or how we say in Brasil: Feliz Ano Novo!


So wild and beautiful. I love the natural elements of these headbands. It’s not necessarily something you have to spend money on- you can just forage in your garden or local park.


LOVE the peacock pieces! Though I would leave out the leaves and do something lacy or metallic. I think the leaf color doesn’t enhance the feather’s colors.