Today’s stellar young’n is 16-year-old photographer and poet Sophie. Spending half her time typing away her feelings on a vintage Underwood and the other time snapping away, her photos are full of light, drama and submission. Here’s what Sophie has to say about her work:

sophie 1
“I have always wanted to create art and beauty. Somehow I stumbled on photography and got a camera. I had finally found a way to express myself without being frustrated– I’m a terrible painter and drawer and all of that, but photography felt right. It’s slowly evolved from there. Now I really don’t know what i did without it.”

sophie 3
“Despite what the dictionary says, I don’t think you have to create beautiful things to consider yourself an artist. Art is feeling and expression and honesty, and if you find a way to create something out of it that evokes feeling in people, even if it is just you… you’re an artist, to me.”

sophie 4
“I have no idea where, but I know I will leave this town. I want to live somewhere where I feel inspired and at peace. I’m ready and eager for something different, and an environment that feels more like me. I just don’t know what the means yet, exactly…”

sophie 5
“Sometimes [I’m inspired] riding my bike down the street without holding the handlebars in summer. Sometimes it’s discovering an abandoned and once-loved place. Sometimes it’s a person with bright red hair and violet eyes. I think inspiration is everywhere.

“I feel so lucky to have a father who has been a photographer himself, because he understands my passion best of all. His
willingness to take me places and help me learn is really unbelievable. My friends, honestly, have not really seen
this side of me… the photographer side. Not in whole. I’m not ready to share it with them yet.”


oo pretty photography… and I really need to take out my dad’s Underwood at some point and photograph it… I’ve been meaning to for yeaars…


I am honestly amazed at the magnitude of talent here. What a bright future these artists are bound to create.


Dear Sophie – Incredibly beautiful work. You are a very lovely old soul.


Wow, so talented! The combination of type and dreamy surroundings are beautiful. Keep up the good work Sophie, you have a bright future ahead!


What an inspirational young lady! I am truly amazed by burgeoning talent and even more hopeful when adults open their eyes and hearts to these young artists. Thanks d*s


Very pretty work. Such powerful emotion only a young, beautiful mind could conjure. You’re wonderful Sophie.


You are only 16 yrs old and shoot/write like THIS?
Wow, keep it have a bright future ahead of you with such emotive work.
stay honest.


Sophie — your work reminds me of everything heartbreaking and beautiful about being a young woman. Do you sell your work???


dear sophie, my name is sophie too. sophies have a lot in common


Interesting shots! I agree, to be art something should evoke an emotion & thought. It doesn’t necessarily need to be pretty. Thanks for posting & I’ll check out your shop.


Stunning work Sophie – do you mind me asking what cameras you use?


All of the photos in this interview were taken with a Nikon D40X.
I also use film cameras; some of those photos are posted on my flickr.



beautiful photographs Sophie! keep it up.

i share the same sentiment having a photographer father. i take photos too, using his very old cameras :)