sneak peek: supermaket sarah

supermarket sarah is one of my all-time favorite sites! the premise of the site is that you get to actually buy art, clothing and objects right off sarah’s walls! so for this peek, we get to look past the walls, and peek into the london home of sarah bagner and boyfriend henrik delehag. not surprisingly, it’s filled with art!  {thanks sarah and henrik! photographer: james gardiner; stylist: elkie brown} -amy a.

[living room above: The rug is from Buenos Aires when I was there on a shoot. “Calma Chicha”. The “Never give up” banner is made by Phoebe Eason. I found the antique chest – now my coffee table – at the Brighton market. I made the figurines on the chest.]

[photo above: The hanging lamp was made in glass by my mother, Susanne Bagner, who is a glass artist.]

[artwork above the mantle: The small paintings of Swedish sauna scenes are by the Swedish artist Ann-Christine Jensmar, the two moustache characters and mason portrait are from Brighton. The Reward poster is made by Henrik Delehag. He lost his sketchbook that he had been working on for years full of beautiful typography spelling my name ‘Sarah’. We were so sad when he lost it. We managed to hunt it down eventually after we fly postered Broadway Market with this £300 reward poster.]

[The silver crown on the toilet is by Fred Butler. The bathroom artwork is all from the Henrik Delehag collection]

CLICK HERE for the rest of sarah’s art-filled peek and all the images on one page.

[The desk is a family piece and I found the chair at a car boot sale.]


[Sascha Kipferling makes a range of these designs using vintage champagne bottles and shades with a modern fabric chord for Supermarket Sarah.]


The old looking chest in the living room is exactly what I’m looking for! I love the things you can do with it and how it matches perfectly in that room. THANKS!


Beautiful* I especially love the mantle and fire place, with Moroccan bound books and old portraits.


What a lovely home (and shop)! I’m particularly struck by the artwork arrangement in the bathroom – very inspired to try something similar in mine.

Lana of Simple Joys Paperie

Loved the home tour! I really like the old trunk in the first photo. I have an old wooden box in my living room similar in color and size. A relative was visiting and wanted to know why I had that old thing for a coffee table. He said people would think we were poor and couldn’t afford better. I told him I suppose we were poor by some standards, but the wooden box was built for me by my dad before I was even a year old. If you look closely, you can see where he wrote on it in pencil: “Hope Chest” and below that “to my doll Lana”. It’s a true treasure to me!

nancy c

i also really really really want that ‘never give up’ banner and have clicked all the relevant links to no avail.


OMG!!! what a lovely place i adore this style very eclectic!!, and cozy!
is very creative and adorable!!

Anne-Claire Rohe

that’s my kind of place! lots of wood elemnts, full of creativity and old fashioned objects (loving the transistor-) and most of all, not overdone! hoorray for people like sarah!


love it all especially the zig zag throw on the couch! Is it homemade? Beautiful