sneak peek: rob ryan’s studio


i remember when i saw my first rob ryan paper cut a few years back and being completely enamored – seriously, he made that with paper and exacto knife?? born in akroti, cyprus, rob made his way to the uk to study fine art at trent polytechnic and the royal college of art where he specialized in printmaking.  since 2002 he’s primarily been working with paper cutting, which translates readily into screen printing and other transfer surfaces and laser cuts.  recent collaborations include paul smith, liberty of london and vogue.  his work often consists of whimsical figures paired with sentimental, honest and occasionally humorous writings that rob admits are autobiographical:  “we all really share only the same one story, my work only tells that story over and over.” so without further ado, enjoy a special peek into rob ryan‘s london studio! click here for additional images. {thanks, rob! (and suzie and hazel)} -anne

[above: Rob sat working at his desk]

The wall at the top on the stairs in the studio is covered in art core so Rob can pin up inspiration and work onto it.

A papercut has been working on for Waitrose

There is a large collection of pencils at the studio.

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Rob collects ladybird books and had some shelves made especially to house his collection!


The view from Rob’s desk


Rob’s wife Lorna makes lovely Denim bears in this is one of his personal favourites. He hangs from the light on Rob’s desk.


A Bruce Springsteen inspired illustration which Rob drew on his bin.


Rob has a vast music collection and listens to a lot of Northern Soul records in particular.

Travis Foster

Lovin’ this post. Great studio tour and a nice taste of what Rob is all about. Love his work. Thanks for the introduction. Bookmarked. :)


oh this is so wonderfully cool, I’ve been seeing his work in stores here in the UK. I’ve been wondering what the character behind the designs would be like. Thanks D*S and Rob!

fifi lapin

love love love Rob’s work and it was lovely to sneak a peek into his studio. I like how he labels the pencils as specifically his in his own studio. Also adore the yellow doors and I’m totally with him when it comes to northern soul


Thank you for showing us Rob Ryan’s studio, he’s my idol and I didn’t know much about him. My husband loves that he’s into Northern Soul!


What an amazing studio! That’s the kind of place I find truly inspiring, i.e. it sparks ideas rather than prompting me to reproduce them literally.


I adore Rob Ryan too! After living in London for two years I decided I would ‘invest’ in one of his prints as a memory of all my lovely afternoons spent browsing the flower market on Columbia Road. Best decision ever! Thanks for this little insight on his life.


Absolutely love the studio and his work!

My favorite part would have to be between the ladybird book collection and they bunny photo!

The photo reminds me of the HUGE rabbit (a 19lbs Flemish Giant) I used to have!


Thank you for this post! I discovered Rob Ryan online within the last 6 months and love all his stuff. It’s neat to see where he works on all of it. :)


oh, much as I adore the sneak peeks, studio peeks are even better!! with all the artists/ designers featured on your site, you could easily make this a feature. I get so inspired looking at others’ workspaces!


When I lost my job as a graphic designer last year due to a company close, the first thing I did was try and line up some great experiences to make the most of actually having free time during the working week. First call went to mister rob who said I was welcome to get in touch with him in a few weeks time-I was so excited. Well fortunately I ended up finding another job to move straight into which was great of course but nooooooooooooo rob Ryan. Gutted. Maybe next time eh?


I love his illustration of The Book of Lost Things!!! It’s so intricate and beautiful!!!


Always a treat to step inside Rob’s magical world. He currently has a gorgeous exhibition on at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, with limited edition works in their wonderful shop.

Kristin - Next door to magic

Rob Ryan’s work is amazing. I love the delicate detail of it, and his sense of wit. Thank you for letting us into his studio and I think it’s an added bonus that he’s in one of the shots. Sometimes, no matter how beautiful and amazing the pictures are of the homes or the studios are, they look like film sets when there are no people. And the fact that he’s sitting by his desk makes it even better. I would love to see more people in the pictures.


blake eames

I second the studio tours!
really fabulous artist! I am amazed at the detail and its fragililty.


It’s wonderful that you were able to get a sneak peek into Rob’s studio. I have been a big fan of him for years, he does amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing!


would love to know where to get those clear pencil boxes ;) for my artist daughter…


wow, great studio. Love his work. I like that it’s not so tidy and it looks very colourful and ‘undesigned’.

jennifer g

I was wondering if Rob designed Starbucks’ x-mas graphics–if not, seems like they ripped off his style. Hope he profited. . . thanks for the peek.


The homes of truly creative people always look great. Probably because they don’t give a damn about interior design ;-)



i literally just went to the starbucks in my neighborhood to check this out. i think they definitely are picking up on the paper cut trend going on, but i couldn’t find anything other than the “wish” cut out that felt too rob ryan-y. i LOVE me some rob ryan, but the rest felt pretty general and influenced by the paper cut love going around right now.



so this is where the magic happens. Love his works and now his temple. I admire his patience into making his work. The detailing is awesome.


The paper cutting trend is so picking up but everyone knows Rob Ryan is the king of paper cutting! He is so wonderful and is work is LOVELY!!! thankyou for the little insight into his world!

Space by Eliana Tomas

my living room looks pretty much like this, as i do my freelance projects in here…
love the idea of having a big sofa in the working space. makes it so comfy!


Piękne studio, aż chce się zasiąść w fotelu i wycinać różne prace