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sneak peek: helena amourdedieu

by anne

when i first stepped foot in the paris home of helena amourdedieu, i was completely in love.  her home was a regular who’s who of my favorite european designers, with great details tucked around every corner.  helena runs agence violette, a paris-based public relations agency that promotes contemporary craft and design.  she represents a wonderful group of designers: kathleen hills, noix de coc‘, la cerise sur le gâteau, les invasions ephémères, and edition paumes (in addition to doing pr, she also styles for the london editions of their books!).  enjoy the rest of the “sneak peek” below, and you can find additional, full-sized images of helena’s home right here. {thanks, helena!}anne

[above: This is my Jieldé lamp standing in front of Lene Toni Kjeld’s hand printed ‘transitional’ wallpaper. You can’t see on this image, but the pattern changes as it goes along the wall…. Jieldé is a French lighting manufacturer that goes back to the 1950s. They have produced their tradition range of industrial style lighting in great new flashy colours. Perfect for bringing life to a room.  Vases : the little yellow vase i found at a flea market in London and to two other vases are from Ikea!]

Here you can see the full effect of the transitional wallpaper :) My tablecloth : from one of my fav homeware stores in the UK : Pedlars.

The birdcage decal by French designers Les Invasions Ephémères : this gave an instance touch of elegance to the plain wall in our spare bedroom. Over our old sofa bed I’ve thrown a vintage bedspread which I found at Spitalfields Antique Market in London.

Our bedroom : I decided to paint our bedroom yellow. It really is my favourite colour. So bright and positive, yet soft at the same time. The birds on the wall are from another great design store in London, Supernice. They are made from vintage wallpaper.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Helena’s sneak peek after the jump!


I live abroad (in Paris, but i’m a Londoner) so I don’t get to see many of my family and friends that often. I like to keep lots of photos of them around so that I feel I see them regularly. it’s nice for my daughter Iris (2 and a half) and this helps her to remember names and faces.


On the wall, I’ve used some scarves to decorate… I’m a real accessories addict – i like to use jewellery and scarves to decorate my house; not only as it looks pretty, but it’s also a very practical way of seeing everything.


On my sofa you can see cushions by Rosa d’Inde, La Cerise sur le Gâteau and Lisa Stickley. The painting on the wall is by London based artist Patrice Moor.


My sister gave me this wonderful wellington boot vase. It’s from Thorstan Van Elten’s store.


And here are a few of my favourites things…… I’m terribly sentimental so love to keep things that are dear to me close by… A painting and a mirror that used to hang in my nan’s house. Pictures of my beautiful daughter Iris; little Japanese ornaments from my dear friend at editions Paumes; a vase by talented French artist Aurelie Mathigot; and the list goes on and on….


My daughter’s room. I absolutely love her room, it’s such fun and so girlie. Here is another vintage wall decoration from Supernice, a floor cushion from La Cerise sur le Gâteau, and a chair from a brocante in Etretat in Normandie.


More from Iris’ room…. The three duck cushions are by English designer-maker Clare Nicolson.  The chest is from a store in Paris 4e (sorry I forget the name!) that has objets made in Africa… it’s made from old tin cans… The little mushroom lamp is from Petit Pan in Paris. A wonderful store for kids.


This is Iris’ Stokke cot… She’s actually getting too big for it now, but as she likes it so much we have kept it. We’ll have to change it soon though!  There is the Bambi cushion by La Cerise sur le Gâteau.  On the wall a sticker by Les Invasions Ephémères. It’s say’s ‘Les fées se penchent sur ta nuit’ or, in english, ‘the fairies look over you at night’. So cute.


My kitchen… the centre of the house! It’s only a small kitchen, but as it opens up onto the lounge it feels much bigger than it is….


My nan’s old dress making chair, I couldn’t stand the thought of it being thrown away, so I repainted it and upholstered with Robert Le Héros fabric. It stands proudly in my bedroom now.

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  • I’ve been dying to have one of those Pedlar’s tablecloths. Ugh, now I want it more than ever! I love the bedspread over the sofa – such a cozy-cool look.

  • I love this home — but I particularly want to know about the piece used to collect all those photos in such a wonderful collage.

  • Hi, I would love to be able to get a message to the owner of this beautiful home.
    I am the PR for Stokke – I would love to let her know that we now have an extension kit for the Stokke Sleepi cot to make it grow into a junior bed. i had the same problem with my daughter – she is so attached to hers that she will not give it up.
    When her little one grows too big for the junior bed the Sleepi can be used as a sofa or transformed into two chairs! I would really appreciate it if you passed my message on.
    Lovely site you have by the way.

  • thanks for all the lovely comments. for the zig zag piece to clip photos to – I got it from a little design store in paris, sorry I don’t remember the designers… I will try to find out. and thanks for the info sian – I’ll check that out!

  • i love the floral touches. Are those plants fresh? I’ve always wondered how to keep flowers/plants on the table year round.

  • The tablecloth is actually made by a company called Anorak (http://www.anorakonline.co.uk), who supply to Pedlars. I’m not a PR for them or anything, just a fan of their product (which tends to be cheaper from Anorak direct than from Pedlars, though I haven’t checked out the tablecloth in particular).

    I’m also a fan of buying straight from the designer wherever possible!