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sneak peek: eleanor grosch

by Amy Azzarito

since we last saw eleanor grosch of push me pull you design, she’s moved into a new home in south philly. and in less than a year, she’s completely gutted the kitchen, the bathroom and redone the dining room. all while living with three guys (boyfriend petey, roommate kevin and brother eoin!) and three cats! what was a labor of love is now becoming a profession! she’s become so good at this interior renovation thing, that eleanor is going pro and offering interior design consultations to anyone needing some help in navigating the potholes of renovations. {thanks eleanor!}amy a.

[I love how big and cheap the house was, but when we got it, it needed a lot of work.  I wanted this particular house because the kitchen NEEDED to be redone completely, and I wanted the chance to wreck and rebuild from scratch.]

[I love the bedroom being so pale and restful.  My old bedroom was very bright and feminine, but since I’m living with Petey I wanted the decor to be a bit industrial looking and very airy and bright.]

[This credenza is another eBay find.  The people who sold it to me (and delivered it in their old station wagon) collect Brasilia furniture, which is the name of this style.  It’s in really great condition.]

[This desk came with the house!  I haven’t done anything to it but bring it upstairs out of the basement, dust it off, and put cute knobs on it.  Unbelievable.  I requested that the people who owned the house leave it instead of moving it out.]

CLICK HERE for the rest of Eleanor’s sneak peek after the jump!

[I got this wooden house on sale at Pottery Barn and have been adding in little bird ornaments as I find them.  It’s funny living with guys and doing stuff like this – they just don’t get it at all!

There’s this awkward space in the dining room between the two radiators that I couldn’t figure out what to do with for quite a while.  Finally, I stumbled upon the idea of putting two cute different-height pieces in-between and I think it’s really cool!]

[The dining room is the last room we did.  I got a great carpenter that I know to install pine v-groove paneling throughout.  I totally love how the Roost wooden animals look against the pine.]

[This kitchen is my baby.  I planned it out from scratch and everything is the way I want it to be.  It was so great to see it come from scrappy crappy dump, through to pile of rubble, and then into its final form – Cinderella!

The tiles are Cuban concrete tiles made in Miami, FL – they make and paint each one by hand, but the prices aren’t what you’d expect.  I paid $8.00 per tile which is expensive, but each one is 12 by 12″ so it’s really not too bad.  We found the cool drawer cabinets at the local salvage yard ($200 each!! ) and were installed as-is.  The rest of the cabinets are from Lowe’s and I have yet to either paint them or stain them.  The sink is from eBay, the fridge is Jenn-Air, and the range is a Bertazzoni in cream (a big splurge!).  Petey picked out the orange color, which is so cute with black and gray!

The whole endeavor cost a lot of money, and the dust made me CRAZY, but it was worth it in the end.]

[I have a small collection of cute figural flowerpots (the large face one was my Grandma’s) and I try to pick up cute mugs and glasses when I go out to antique markets and thrift shops (especially in FL!)]

[These camel ottomans were a thrift shop find when I lived in Tampa.  Man, there’s some great stuff there sometimes.  The tolix chair set for the dining room is another eBay find. (Little tip: I often write to the seller to request a lower price and they usually go for it if it’s “Buy Now.”)]

[Our bathroom is the other room that we re-did totally.  The tile is really cute dimensional subway tile and the marble hex goes really well with it.  The marble hex is from eBay – I got it for $9.00 per sq ft instead of $25.00 by looking around and bargaining!]

[I do have good luck when it comes to vestibules – both houses that I’ve lived in recently have had great tiles in the entryways.  This vestibule has Majolica tile on the walls and encaustic on the floor.  It’s totally that old-fashioned Victorian style.]

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  • I LOVE your style Eleanor! I am big fan of great sidewalk/thrift store finds AND wood paneling – great lookin’ digs :)

  • There are so many things I like about your house, I do not even know where to start.

    Red & Blue cabinets, wall colors, bathroom curtain (may I ask where you got them) & tiles.. and the wood paneling…. dreamy.

  • Its really hard for me to determine whether I absolutely LOVE Eleanor’s home because its a masterful and beautiful blend of antique and mid-century items or because I really LOVE my owl Keds that she designed or because this is first sneak peek where I saw a name and squealed because I KNEW that name–>me–>my brother–>timecube–>Eoin–>Eleanor!!! I think its all of the above. Thanks for this amazing look into a great artist’s abode.

  • It’s wonderful to see and read real personal style – whether it agrees with my own or not. The passion and joy is really apparent in these descriptions. Thanks so much for sharing. One question: the kitchen’s copper ceiling fan!! Where!! Oh my!!

  • This is incredible! Beautiful house! Eleanor, you should be an interior designer!! LIFE! Live it up!

  • Your kitchen sink… it’s underwear is showing! I would put a fitted skirt on it (not fluffy) so I can hide my buckets and stuff, but you are a brave one, letting it all hang out! Now you probably like wood, but I would paint or stain all the wood cabinets in your kitchen black so there are less colors going on.

    However, I love your taste in furniture!

  • Hey, Ladies!

    Thank you so much! I wanted to answer some questions that had come up about where I got various things:

    Ceiling fan: eBay find!! It’s a Duplo Dinamico $1300 fan that I found for $600. Still a lot, but not as much!

    Shower curtain: I made it from IKEA ANNAMOA fabric by awesome designer Lotta Kuhlhorn. Love her!

    The throw pillow is from Urban Outfitters from a couple months back. Got it on sale!

    The paint colors: I’ll get back to you guys on that one…


  • Love the house – would be great to see a wider pic of the dining room with those lovely boards – the kitchen floor is spectacular – wow!!

  • Yes, Urban Outfitters! I knew I saw it somewhere…. and contemplated buying it and/or writing about it on my site.

    Thanks for solving the mystery… my memory failed me and it was truly driving me mad.

  • i WANT this house. perfect in every way. the wood-frame birdhouse is amazing. i need to make myself one immediately.

    thank you for sharing!

  • Stella- I am a friend of Eleanor’s and these pics actually aren’t fully up-to-date. She has a skirt on her sink now (which is adorable), and knobs on her cabinets- painted the front door and LOTS more. This house is HUGE- so it really is one step at a time.

  • looks great eleanor! i still can’t believe how great the kitchen turned out. not that i doubted your mad skills, it’s just so awesome! now come down the street and redo mine!

  • Ooh! My hubby and I have two pieces of the Brasilia bedroom furniture! We didn’t know what it was until I found this page! Fabulous!

  • I have a very similar Brasilia credenza and matching dining table and chairs. I love the way it looks but for anyone considering buying pieces from this line, be warned that it is not great quality. The veneer on the credenza is pretty flimsy and very little of the set is solid wood.

  • One of my favorite sneak peeks ever. What a lovely house, the arched doorways are gorgeous, the kitchen and bathroom renos are fresh and bright. And that blue desk that was gathering dust in the basement — stunning.

  • Ohhh! How great, congratulations Eleanor. Your home is stunning and how fun. Now I really need to visit and say hi when I go back home sometime :) Good job chica!

  • Eleanor, both of your sneak peeks are fab–you have great style! Any chance you remember the name of the chartreuse color in your old bedroom? Also would love to know the green bathroom color in your new home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I, too, wanted cement tiles (a dealer here gets them from an old factory in Mexico) but I didn’t have flat enough floors in the kitchen–used marmoleum instead. Beautiful job!!

  • Sorry Grace- I wasn’t putting you down! I just wanted to let everyone know that she did add some cute stuff in there! Thanks E for updating so people can never doubt you again! ha ha ha! ;)

  • I have been a big fan of Eleanor’s for a while! Her capsule collection for Keds was adorable (and maybe how she paid for that hand painted concrete tile???) nice sneak peak!

  • So how long has this renovation taken you so far? I’ve been renovating a house since I moved in 1.5 yr ago and it seems like whenever I update people on what we’re doing, it’s always the same thing. It takes FOREVER to get stuff done! And people start to notice that what you’re working on this week is the same thing you were working on two months ago. Make me feel better – tell me you had the same issues.

  • Love love love it. The apple green bathroom with the tile is to die for. Love the orange kitchen with the farmhouse sink as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • N. Bassett – I’ve been renovating my 1,100 sq. ft. mid-century house for almost five years now, and I’m still not done! Especially if you do most of the work yourself it’s very slow… for example, I spent the WHOLE DAY yesterday just fixing my bathroom door so it wouldn’t swing open by itself and would still be able to close (this seemingly simple task took 3 trips to the Home Depot). So, feel better- all those HGTV shows exist just to make us feel bad!;-)

  • Oh, yes! It took lots of time, but even more money. I had a lot of help and used a great contractor to get things done. It took less time because it took so much money! I ended up spending about $30,000. Yikes. We did cut a lot of corners by using salvage items and ebay finds, so I think that helped.

  • eleanor, we have the same credenza :) seeing it here – and yours is in FAR better condition than mine – made me smile.

    where in tampa are the camels from? i grew up there and many of the details in my current apartment are from a handful of gulf coast thrift stores. thanks so much for a lovely peek, and best of luck in your consulting – i am sure you’ll have no trouble finding clients after they see your awesome home as exhibit a!

  • what I really like is the subtle repetition of the design in the credenza and the flower pillow. Nice!

  • love your place, especially the two quircky little dressers between the radiators and your shower curtain (and the kitchenfloor and and…)

  • That blue desk paired with that white iron chair is sheer brilliance. I can’t decide which I love more so I am going to put them both in my purse and take them home when I come to visit! Now, if only I could get the vestibule home too … hmmmmmm…. dare to dream! LOVE IT!

  • the kitchen, and especially the tiles, are very inspiring. I hope to create a space half as wonderful as this one someday!