sneak peek: camilla engman

if you’ve read design*sponge for any length of time, you’re probably pretty familiar with camilla engman.  if not, well then, you’re in for a treat! camilla’s an artist/illustrator living in gothenburg sweden. both her illustrations and her home reflect that airy, clean and light look that is so typical of swedish style. aren’t those white floor are gorgeous? {thanks camilla!}amy a.

[The armchairs are copies of the Papa Bear armchair by Hans J Wegner. I didn’t knew about the original before I bought the copies. I just liked how they looked. The dog is a Danish/Swedish farmdog, Morran. The cloud on the wall is made by Lisa McNamara. I made the table myself. The lamp and plant pedestal are thrift-finds.]


[The lamp is by David Trubridge. The chairs are Arne Jacobsen, Sjuan/seven. The concrete pot wasmade by my brother]

[Above: Bedroom shelf with Sara Paloma pottery. The print is “Kiss and tell”, Camilla Engman.]



Can you believe it?? I just got her book today and posted about it in my blog. This woman is so talented!!


Oh, white floors, swooons! I love this kind of Scandinavian sensibility – sparse and white (to make the most of the scant sunlight in winter months)…always makes artwork and plants pop so nicely.


Thanks for this. I just started following Camilla, and she’s fueling my newfound love of all things Scandinavian.


She has such natural style, what a beautiful light-filled laidback interior!


love her work, and now her home too! just gorgeous. the white floors are amazing and i love the art wall!


Love that moose painting! Though now that I think about it, it looks more of like needlepoint.

margaret fagan

i’m such a huge fan of camilla’s. thx so much for showing her home.



Hi Camilla. Your home is beautiful! I love those Papa Bears. Where did you get them from?


love the use of plants which few people seem to have these days. so organic. so alive.


I’d settle for copies of the Papa Bear chairs. Even those are impossible to find!

miss liss

Love the dining table nook – the table, the chairs, the chandelier – the concrete pot. What is that plant?


beautiful home, thanks for sharing! what color paint did you use on the walls??? I’m so undecided on white (which I find funny!)


they sell that plant at ikea. i have one. you can’t kill it even if you want (i have over and under watered it and put it in sun and practically no light at all).