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sneak peek: allison julius of maison 24

by Amy Azzarito

this east hampton, new york home of allison julius, husband zachary and brother louis marra has gone to the dogs – literally! the trio named their home ‘casa b’ in honor of their family pets (both living & deceased) – boston, beckham, biana, and blanche. they’ve subsequently monogrammed everything with a letter ‘b’ –  from robes for guests to glasses, linens, cocktail napkins and soaps. the biggest tribute of all is a 44″x44″ neon script ‘b’! when they’re not at the beck and call of their pooches brother louis and sister allison, run the chic hamptons design boutique maison 24. it’s proof positive that you can mix business with pleasure! {thanks louis, allison and zachary! and special thanks to marili forastieri for the beautiful photographs.} –amy a.

[Our home is typical Hamptons modern, built in 1991.  The living room ceiling is open the full height of the two floors and gives the space a wonderful, open, airy appeal.  Although we’ve re-decorated over the years and re-built the back deck and outdoor kitchen, what we fell in love with initially, still makes the house ideal for us; a large open living room/kitchen/dining area which is great for entertaining but also separates the main floor guest rooms from the main floor master bedroom and the second floor master bedroom and loft.]

[dining room: our vintage dining table is from Gustavo Olivieri.  It is lucite that has been carved to look like a weathered tree trunk with branches to support the glass top. Our dining chairs are from Fornasetti and are part of a collection of Fornasetti furniture and accessories We’ve amassed over 20 years of collecting. We have white shag area rugs throughout the house, which compliment our vintage furniture and also provide a great contrast to the dark stained wood floors.]

[dining alcove with buffet: The feature here is the Fornasetti black & white Malachite wallpaper]

[The red photograph of the light-box mounted fish is called “Orson Welles” and is by artist Dirk Westphal]

CLICK HERE for the full maison 24 peek and all the photos on one page!

living room: The Georges sofas are also from our Maison 24 furniture collection. They have comfy loose cushions but have a stepped, tightly upholstered back so they always look neat. The cocktail table, with its vintage lucite base and beveled glass top, belonged to our parents. The pair of chairs are vintage Baker and are upholstered in gold-flecked ivory velvet. The black glass chandelier is hand-blown from Murano. Fhe piece above the fireplace is a 1964 Playboy cover screened onto a canvas. The map on the back wall is actually made of license plates by the LA based artist Aaron Foster. The peacock is from the taxidermy shop Deyrolle in Paris.

[The photo above the console is by artist Steven Klein from the W magazine shoot featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Palm Springs. The console itself is polished chrome from the Netherlands and the gold geode lamps are hand turned, hand glazed and made in France. Under the console, there are a pair of Maison 24 Bauer ottomans – the bases are lucite with Tony Duquette Sunburst fabric.]

Group shot at Casa “B”. From left to right: Louis Marra (brother/business partner at Maison 24) Allison Julius, Zachary Julius (husband)

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  • i am GASPING over here!! Exquisite taste! Such creativity, and all that Fornasetti??!! I canNOT handle it! I am in LOVE!

  • That sofa is fabulous.. I was looking for something like that for two years before I found the one I finally bought.

  • stunning! LOVE the b/w curtains in the dining room and the pink chair in the bedroom.

  • I’m surprised they chose that Playboy portrait as the focal point of the living room. I guess it could be considered “campy” if shows like “Girls Next Door” weren’t still on tv and women weren’t still making 80 cents for every dollar a man makes.

  • Where is everything from? Namely, the bedroom chair, the bedroom headboard, the lighting of the bedroom, the love mirror, the mirror on the bedside table, and the eye lamp?

  • Oh Elizabeth, relax and enjoy the holiday season. Not everything has to be so serious.

    Beautiful house, though I’m not sure I could live with my brother in law.

  • I am enjoying the holiday season, and I am relaxed. I wasn’t nagging; I was just in awe of the awesomeness and wondering where it all came from so I could investigate buying some of it!

  • I think when you’re imitating these design periods, it’s important to show what was cool about them (open, airy spaces, colorful and simple furniture) and to be aware of what wasn’t cool about them (1960’s rampant sexism and racism). If they had hung a huge swastika over their fireplace would I be told to, “Lighten up, it’s a pretty motif”?

    • elizabeth

      i get your point, but i think throwing in ‘racism and swastikas’ is taking this to a really unfair level.

      i agree that the playboy poster could be offensive to some, but i don’t see racism in this home. i think it’s pretty unfair to even throw that into the equation in association with someone’s home if it isn’t there.


  • You’re right Grace. I don’t see any racism in this home. The swastika might be a bad metaphor, but I do believe that sexism, like racism, is still a serious problem. We might have an African-American man for a president, but all we hear about Michelle Obama is how she’s dressed. Nevertheless, it seems like we are moving in the right direction. Happy Holidays!

    • elizabeth

      i understand, but i think sometimes people forget that comments like this last forever in google, and it’s pretty unfair to have someone’s name associated with a “racism” remarks in a google search (especially when they own a business) that aren’t applicable to her home.


  • Beautiful home. Am I the only big dog dork who was hoping to see some of the family dogs after the jump? These rooms are so open and airy while still feeling warm. Well done.

  • The truth is that the Playboy magazine image makes me feel bad about myself. I don’t feel like I could ever live up to that image. Naomi Wolf wrote a book about this called, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women. She argues that women in Western culture are “damaged by the pressure to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty.” (Wikipedia)

  • I think it is a very creative, individual and eclectic mix. I like the touch of unconventionality here and there…especially the vintage playboy poster…
    Happy Holidays!

  • Greetings from Maison 24 & Casa B!
    Thanks to everyone who took the time to read about our home and store and share their comments.
    For Virginia and other dog lovers who noticed that Boston & Beckham are not in the photos, we tried, but they were just not up for their close-up that day.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS and wishing everyone a very happy 2010!

  • This is the most fabulous home. It really reflects the owners style and personality throughout. I am a big fan of their store and it is fascinating to see how their home really carries their vision into a home setting. Congrats!

  • While it’s a bit done for me, who will never feel completely grown up, this is a very well done house. I love the Playboy art. I think she looks great and it’s totally in keeping with a house near the beach (she is wearing what looks to be a bikini, after all. And if it’s not, well, who among us hasn’t fashioned an impromptu bikini out of our undergarments?). If it makes you feel bad about yourself then by all means, don’t put it up in your house. I love it and think that looking at a pretty lady never hurt anyone.

  • Objectifying your house and your furniture is one thing, you can easily change those things and choose the objects you like, but objectifying people and their body parts is damaging, because people are born looking a certain way and that is impossible to change without invasive surgeries. Even people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had extensive surgery to look like they do. If even they are insecure, I find it hard to believe that anyone is that confident.

    • brad pitt and angelina jolie? unless d*s turned into to perez hilton when i wasn’t looking, i don’t see why we should be discussing things we don’t have proof of, whether it’s racism or a celebrity’s supposed “invasive surgery”.

  • What I’m most in awe of is that they have white shag rugs and dogs in the same house!

  • I think the Playboy art is great – she’s beautiful. I also think it’s kind of silly to constantly compare yourself to others’ standards of beauty. Would you hesitate to put a painting up on your wall because “I could never paint like that?”

  • To clarify, because my note that I am mellow, I am the Elizabeth who wanted to know sourches, not the anti-Playboy person. I kind of like the poster.

    • Elizabeth

      Sorry you got caught in that confusion- I definitely didn’t think you were the same Elizabeth- I can see your IP on my side so I knew it wasn’t you ;)


  • I view it more of an honest display of women’s lib, not sexism. I think both the playboy cover and the Steven Klein photos are absolutely fabulous for this house. That fish photo may be a bit “fish”ist :)

  • AMAZING HOUSE!! Nothin is out of place or even remotely wrong. Also, how did the comment about swatstikas get published?! Did Elisabeth forget to read the rules under write a comment – OR did the admin even read it?!

    • cameron

      i read every comment that’s published here (i publish them). it’s not against the rules of our commenting policy to mention swastikas. that said, elizabeth and i had a conversation via email about her problems with the imagery in this home, and what is and isn’t appropriate to say here.


  • The Playboy on canvas is a brilliant idea, like a retro nude. I doubt there would have been such a discussion if there was a semi naked man. It’s a beautiful, cool and very sexy home. I doubt politics or sexism played a part to create this sassiness!

  • To some the swastika may represent Nazi Germany but to Buddists it represents ‘dharma’ – universal harmony- the balance of opposites.

    It’s a good example of how the same thing can have different meaning to different people. I suppose the same could be said for the Playboy art.

  • where are the black and white curtains from? do you know of any other places that sell very graphic black and white curtains?


  • I dig the brangelina photo above the console table… does it have a title? It is right up the alley of bedroom art I’ve been hunting! My computer is running slowly, so I’m having a hard time navigating Steven Klein’s website.

    I, too, was shocked by the Playboy focal art, but after looking over the whole house, I think it looks great and goes hand in hand with the funky-vintage-mod design. And the red text has to look fabulous and quirky with the fish print on the adjacent wall. I dig it.