Resources for Young Talent

It’s time to wrap up a lovely week of inspiring youngsters, and I’d like to thank you all (and Grace!) for allowing me to muse for a moment. In closing, I’ve listed a few fantastic resources for uncovering new, young and raw talent. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find some serious inspiration in the following links, and if not, take a cue from this week’s talent and create your own!

[image credit: dancing mountain flickr group]

Young Photographers United
Flickr Young Photographer’s Group
Youth Drip
Young Photographers Alliance
Worldstudio AIGA
Young Designers Guide

Happy weekend, spongies — thanks for having me! Feel free to visit me anytime on Design for Mankind for more fresh talent from unknown artists.

Sophie S

It’s so great that the internet now allows artistic teenagers to find each other and get their work out there. I’m only in my thirties but things seemed so different fifteen years ago…