Party Flower

You’re going to need something festive to wear to that party you’re planning, aren’t you? Or to give as gifts this season? These party flowers might just be the ticket. These flowers, just like the ornaments from yesterday, are super easy to make, and the best part is that these are made from woolens found at the thrift or secondhand store. Find just the right wool plaid coat or skirt, or a fabric remnant and you can make several of these. The weight of the wool fabric really gives nice body to these flowers. Pin them to anything….pillows…your jacket…even hang them from your tree!

CLICK HERE for the full project how-to after the jump!

Party Flower



-Woolen weight plaid (solids would work too, but the weight of a wool fabric works best)
-Party Flower template (download here)
-disappearing fabric marker, or a pencil to make a light mark
-a scrap piece of wool for the back of the pin, approx. 3″ x 3″.
-pin backs (available at Joann’s and other craft stores)
-matching thread
-handsewing needle
-fabric glue (or some type of strong glue)
-*flower stamens (optional) These can be ordered from Tinsel Trading

How to Make-

1. Using the 4 flower sizes on the template and your disappearing fabric marker (or light pencil mark), trace the amount needed onto the back of your fabric. Cut out carefully. (*Please note that all edges are left raw on these, I love it this way.)

  • large Flower- cut 1
  • 2nd largest flower- cut 4
  • 3rd largest flower-cut 4
  • smallest flower- cut 2


2. The largest flower will be the base, so lay that one right side up onto your work surface, to attach the other flowers to. Next, take one of the 2nd largest flowers, and fold it into quarters, right side facing out.


3. Lay this onto the large fabric flower, the folded point at the center of the large flower, and using needle and thread, make several stitches going through the folded point and the large flower, to hold it in place (this is the only point the flower is stitched down, so make sure its secure). Do this for the other three flowers this size.


4. You will also do the same process to secure the next smaller sized flower, but for added fluff its nicer to turn your entire base a bit, so these aren’t laying directly over the others


5. When sewing on the two smallest flowers, only fold them each in half (not in quarters), wrong sides together. Place them on the top of your flower, side by side, folded sides towards the center. Stitch these with some tiny stitches through their centers. Grab a few of the flower stamens (if you are using them), place them in between these two flowers (at their folds), and stitch down with a few inconspicuous stitches through the center of their stems (if the wire stems are long enough, I like to tie them all together in a knot before I stitch down.)

6. Add on the pin back. Using your scrap piece of wool, cut it into an oval-ish shape. Using your needle and thread, sew a pinback to the right side of this piece, centering it on the wool.


7. Put a few dabs of fabric glue on the back side of this pinback/wool scrap piece, and carefully place in the center of the back of the flower (where all those handstitches will hopefully be covered up). Make simple handsewn whip stitches around the felt oval to secure onto the flower.

You’re done. Enjoy!


Beautiful. My 6 years old daughter has been asking me for a flower to wear. I’ll make couple of this for her!


Thanks for featuring Blair’s lovely project. I have everything on hand for these and a party this weekend, so … perfect!

Christine Schwalm

Too cute! We have a ton of leftover fabric here in my showroom from client projects. I wonder how it would look cut with pinking sheers.


Just lovely! Planning gifts and projects already. Was a larger version of this used as the tree topper in the circus decorations post last week? Seems like a double version of this could work…


Question: Just sitting down to make some of these and there’s something missing:

How many of each flower size do you use? Looks like the PDF is missing the number of pieces to cut for each size flower. There is only a “1” next to the Largest. Sounds like you use 4 of 2nd Largest from the instructions. Other two?

Thank you for sharing this Blair. I’m a big fan of your work!


mixette, you’re right! Here’s how many you should cut of each one (and I’ll get it added to the post as well).

Large Flower- 1
2nd largest flower- 4
3rd largest flower- 4
smallest flower- 2

Kristin Stout

Have you ever seen the Big Shot by stampin’ up? You could by the machine (100$) and the Large scallop die (20$) and a die that has a medium and small scallop circle (20$) then you could cut up to 8 pieces of material at once. I use mine all the time it makes projects like this go by SO fast. Feel free to email me if you want to buy one.
Very cute blog!


I’ve been making these like crazy for work colleagues to put on bags of homemade biscotti–I’ve found I make it one size smaller, using the second largest as the base, then using the tiniest one for both the last layer and the center one. I’ve also been using upholstery fabric sample scraps (not the super thick ones or ones that frey, but the canvas-type ones) and they look awesome.


The template link appears to be broken–can you please fix?? Thank you!!


I tried getting the pattern for the flowers and when I clicked into it a notice came up that I was in the wrong website and what I was looking for was not there. Please help I want to make these for a fun givt for a bridal shower in June.


I want so much to make some of these beautiful flowers, however, the link is not working. Please HELP!!!!


Hello, I love this flower, it looks more than great! i would like to make it but the link doesn’t work, would it be possible you send it to me by mail please, thanks!

Lisa in Lake O.

The link for the flower template does not connect…it says it appears not to point to it correctly. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might go to get a copy of it? I am really looking forward to making this – thank you for your time and effort in sharing it!


hi guys

we’re still working on re-uploading things (our ftp crashed)- i’ve emailed the author of this post to see if we can get another copy of the template to upload.



hi i love this flower .i make this flower . and go to a party.


I like to recycled, in mu country there are some shops with “used clohtes” it have beautiful fabrics, I’ve bought some dresses and I’ve made some bags, flowes, pouch, etc.


Does anyone have a copy of this template they could email me? I am dying to make this flower but can’t get the template to download. It sounds like many others have had the same challenge. HELP!!


Now that jacket season is upon us, I’m thinking this is a great way to dress up a tired old jacket. I’ll be linking on Facebook. Thanks!


hi lauren

d*s has a twitter link in the top right hand side of the site. i tweet at :)



I can not access the link to the flower template, it says that i can not cnnect to the server.
Please help as I would really like to make this flower

Renee D

I would LOVE to make these adorable flowers, but can’t access the link. Would there be any way you could email the template to me? Thank you for sharing!


I just discovered your little party flower and just love it, because it is so easy to make and yet so stylish. Thanks for sharing – unfortunately the link to the templates does not work. Am I too late for it?


Love your little party flower. Thanks for sharing –
unfortunately the link to the templates does not work. Can I still
get it?


hi there, i cant seem to download the template.

HELP please

thanks and these are just gorgeous!


Je decouvre votre blog, il y a un tas de belles idées! Malheureusement je ne comprends pas l anglais mais grace à vos photos je comprends. C est l essentiel!


Is there any way to cut with a single stroke by folding the fabric than cutting out the entire flower round? Hope this makes sense :)


OK I just want to make your pretty flower too but I can’t find the template