organization guest blog + non-traditional wreath idea

mantel pix-ds
today i’m thrilled to welcome nicole of well worn to the d*s guest blog! this will be our final guest blog stint until the new year so i’m happy to end with nicole’s theme: organization. after the initial break of the holiday, it’s always nice to use that extra time off to clean up and organize your home (it’s always a new year’s resolution of mine) so this week nicole will take you through your home, room-by-room, with great design-oriented tips for keeping your space organized. click here to check out her first post on bedroom organization.

i also wanted to share this fun wreath idea (above) from susie at rock scissor paper. susie’s crafty hubby used leftover wood scraps from a project to create a surprise wreath for their home’s mantle. i love the earthy meets industrial feel and the way the paper ornaments compliment the color scheme. great work you guys! click here for more info on their mantle project!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter

The abstracted wreath, usually an item that screams abundance, is actually beautiful in this simplified form. It’s a bit more art than decor, a quality I adore.

Ok, I’m rhyming now? Eek, I better stop with that;-)


I purchased the Thank You cards for my wedding from them. Loved them and this idea!


What a cool idea for the wreath…I’m wondering if I can fit in enough time to make one! Would be great on our door!!


What a great idea! Only someone super creative could see a pile of scrap wood and come up with something so fabulous.