michael johansson

good morning! i wanted to kick things off today with these beautiful pieces by artist michael johansson, which i saw over at kate pruitt’s blog. in addition to great diy projects, kate is my go-to source for installation art that blows my mind. earlier this month kate posted about michael johansson, who has such a fascinating way of combining objects into one cohesive and colorful shape. these pieces are my favorite, but you can check out a collection of his work right here. it’s a perfect dose of eye candy for a chilly thursday morning.

also- over at the d*s guest blog nicole put together a post based on your requests for studio apt living! click here to check out the tips and ideas she rounded up for organizing in one unbroken space.



these pieces are truly stellar. taking obsessive compulsive to the next level. makes me want to find the nearest yard/rummage sale.


I love the combination of
colours in each piece but I just feel a little twinge when I think of this as “art”. But then it is creative, a good use of colour and form…Perhaps it does what art is supposed to…Make one think, push societal limits. Thank you for sharing.


It’s like art for the OCD (in a good way)! I love all of the pieces ya’ll posted – there’s a reason my mom always called it “the art of packing.” Thanks for introducing me to such a great new artist.


I should show this to my daughter so that the next time she “cleans” her room she might make her piles of junk look “cohesive” too.


amazing – love the idea of simple shapes and unified color made up of a complex organization of things. Just imagine all of the pre planning to get the correct items to fit just so – really amazing.


oh my god, this guy is awesome. I love the “toys” series too that look like those plastic toys that come in sheets…


WHOA this is great. There’s so much peace in having everything packed so perfectly, space- and color-wise.

Leslie Wilson-Rutterford

Your michael johansson feature made me think of another great artist who does amazing things with suitcases. He’s called Andrew Carnie and you can see a few pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewcarnie/
He’s been doing suitcase sculpture since early 90’s. You would adore his Hedge piece (1993) if you can track down an image. That one is particular ahead of current trends. Happy Holidays!