make it! mid century modern e-book

i’ve really enjoyed the way e-books have allowed blogs and other crafters to release fun content that might not have otherwise been published. the team at curbly just released a great ebook called “make it! mid-century modern” that’s full of mid-century inspired projects. i personally love the napkins above the best, but there are lots of great ideas that let you put your own personal spin on this particular style. want to download a copy? just click here to buy ($9.90 – $18) and download/print your own.

*i’d love to go ahead and put a request out for a second book called make it: vintage/flea market chic. i’d love to see the curbly spin on working with vintage or found items. please?



Thanks for the link D*S! Request for flea-market-chic book duly noted. Maybe we can even get a DesignSponge guest article in there?

We’re shooting for February for the next installment, so stay tuned!


Thanks so much! I just downloaded the PDF version & it is beautiful, informative, and exciting. I can’t wait to try all of the projects. I’ve wanted an ottoman like the one in book for ages–it will be first on my list.


my husband and I have started to become obsessed with mid-century modern over the last 5 years, and i’m so excited you posted this!! he’s actually made his own atomic ball clocks inspired by the best… it’s about time someone turned this idea into a book. thank you :) downloading now!