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made with love: quick gift wrapping ideas

by amym

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Christmas is in 3 days and I hardly have time to properly feed and bathe myself, let alone write a thoughtful and complicated DIY project. So instead, I’m taking you home with me to wrap some presents. True fact- I have never purchased wrapping paper in my life, it seems so unnecessary when my scrap paper pile is always sky high. I have a proven 3 step method for wrapping presents, a simple paper found at home, a creative ribbon substitute with a tied on embellishment, easy and guaranteed cute every time! –amy m.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

What you’ll need:

– assorted papers, I used wax paper, an inside out trader joes bag and an old map

– a ribbon substitute, I used bakers twine, raffia and bias tape

– a small extra add-on, I used Christmas ornaments, an old postcard and a spare snip of greens

My first present is wrapped with an inside trader joe’s bag, tied with simple raffia and has a bit o tree trimming tucked inside. The utilitarian gift tag is from the stationary store, aprox. $4 for a million. I also used an old map for another present, when tied with bakers twine and Christmas bulbs it looks festive but not “make you gag” holiday. Wax paper, a vintage postcard and a clip-on earring also make a cute present and cost next to nothing. Don’t stress about the wrapping- like your mom said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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  • So pretty! I use a lot of brown paper and baker’s twine in my own wrapping adding vintage holiday stickers. Love the use of vintage globe ornaments too, I’ll have to try that one.. it’s always great to find practical uses for vintage goodies!

  • Almost all of my gifts this year were done this way! I did finally give in and buy some paper on Monday when I realized that I still had a homebrew kit (aka bucket of stuff), and some other giant packages to wrap. Next year!

  • Those are such great ideas! Especially the last one with the clip on earring. I’ve been finding a lot of my flea market earrings missing their mate and held on to them “just in case” the other turns up. I think I’ll be embelleshing some packages with them now.

  • Beautiful! FYI, if accenting your packages with holiday greens, like tiny pine boughs, be sure to wrap or seal them… pine pitch gets everywhere!!!

  • I love these wrappings! Your ‘recipe’ is perfect. I think I will start collecting scrap paper too. I tend to be a ‘tosser.’ I don’t have a lot of room for extra stuff. But collecting papers like this is so worth it. It makes wrapping a gift a creative project in itself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • these are beautiful!

    i think you do the living in posts….you should totally watch “because i said so”…it’s not a classic movie by any means–one of those you don’t tell anyone you watch but that apartment styling is insane and even the clothing mandy moore wears is to die for! check it out! (:

  • I love them all so much. I wrapped most of my gifts in vintage wallpaper, instead of a ribbon I used regular jute twine and attached Christmas ornaments to replace the bow, like the one wrapped in the map.

  • Please post what the Merrie Christmas tag says in full. I’d love to use it on a present very soon. Thanks so much for all you do! I love this blog. Hugs!!!

  • Jennifer who asked about the font: it appears handwritten (see the variation in the d’s) but it reminds me of Harrington

  • Love this. Twine and brown postal paper got me thru the holidays. joyfully, of course. highly recommended. creatively wrapped gifts have got to be one of my favorite things to do and behold. very lovely work, thanks!

  • I was wondering what you used to get the font on the tag in the first photo? Was it a typewriter? I absolutely love it!

  • I’ve always made my own wrapping paper too. When I was a child my mother would make me draw insane scribbles on large sheets of paper and she’d use that for all our gifts… it’s still pretty much the same, but now I sell the paper to her.


  • For years I have been using rug yarn (it comes in all different colors & is easy to tie) for tying up my packages. I even find skeins of it at estate sales for next to nothing so the cost is minimal.

  • I’m just finding your post now and I have to say: GENIUS. I wrap all kinds of gifts and love doing it, but it never occurred to me to break it down into simple steps like this. Fabulous! Sending my readers your way to learn from you!